Akashic Journal Lord Yeshua

Chapter 6: Ariel Tells of Her and Her Mother’s Prior Lives

I saw the old Rabbi and greeted him, “Dear Friend, it has been a good day with the Kyrios, has it not?”

The old Rabbi replied, “Every day with the Kyrios is blessed, but I would agree that this day was an especially auspices day, indeed. Come, my son, we shall have a nice celebration indeed.”

So we left with the Rabbi and asked for a few brothers to remain at the square to speak with the villagers for a little before coming to supper.

Simeon quickly volunteered followed by Barnabas and Stephen.

Soon, our group found themselves seated on wooden benches at a large wooden table resting under a pleasant grape arbor overhead. The Rabbi introduced his wife, Martha, of fifty years to everyone, and her cousin, Anne, Then, he took the two to sit next to Ariel.

The Rabbi’s wife asked Ariel to tell her of her life and how she came to be crippled. As the men chatted, Ariel told her story. Soon all were listening.

“Dear Mistress, I was given up by my mother, may she rest in peace, after my birth as she could not produce any milk. I was nursed kindly by a lady who had lost her own child. I do remember being loved by her and her husband, but one day when I was about two, a beautiful lady knocked on our house door and took me away from my wet-nurse.

She kneeled down and said, “Sweetheart, I am your Mommy and it is time you came home to live with me. After your birth, I could not keep you for I feared that my wicked father would hurt you. I brought you still wrapped in your swaddling clothes these godly people to raise as their own.

“I told them that one day, I may be able to come back and take you to our home, but I did not know then. I was heartbroken to leave you, darling, because I already loved you so very much.

“These good people understood my situation and accepted that one day I may come back. They also agreed not to tell you if I never came back.”

Mommy had big tears in her eyes and my heart felt all the sadness in hers and I hugged her, saying. “I know you are my mommy because we both have red hair and blue eyes.”

I turned to my stepparents and gave each a hug and a thank you, “I feel I must go home with my Mommy. But, I love both of you and will never forget.”

“I was taken to a house carved out of rock where Mommy lived by herself.

She took me by my hand into her bedroom which was very spacious. The walls of her room were filled to the roof with bookshelves full of old scrolls and codices. I said, “Mommy, I have never seen so many books. Have you read them all?”

The lady was very happy when I called her Mommy. She sat in a rocking chair and placed me between her knees. She said, “Your real name is Ariel and not Rebecca. Do you like the name I gave you, daughter?”

I replied, “Yes, Mommy, I like that name very much. Will I live with you in this room full of books? Will you teach me how to read? I would like that very much.”

As I resembled the lady and she seemed rather nice, I continued to call her Mommy automatically. Everything, I called her Mommy her eyes would light up with joy and love for me. In hindsight, she was starved for affection and love.

Mommy reached out with her arms and brought me to her and kissed me on my lips. Daughter, I missed you so very much that I cried even when I read my books. I know you will come to love me, sweetheart.”

I replied, “OK, Mommy.”

Mommy said, “Ariel, I want to tell you a story about you and I. I am not as pure as I once was, but I will always love and care for you. I hope you will continue to love Mommy when she is very old and not forget her?”

I interjected, “Mommy, but you still are pretty. I want to grow up to be just like you.”

Mommy answered, “No, Ariel. You will not grow up to be like me, I will never allow this for I have had a very bad life and I want to spare such a life for you.”

“I was brought up by very traditional father and he insisted that I read and study the Torah with him. I enjoyed being with father before my mother left him for he paid attention to me. He was also extremely strict. A rule was a rule and if one broke a rule, one must be punished.

“But, he changed after mother left him for an officer in the Roman army. He never forgave her and punished me for her. After that, he stopped studying the Torah and eventually turned to the dark arts.

“Some nights, he drunk too much wine and would tell me that woman are the daughters of Satan and are not to be trusted. Sometimes, one must be very hard on them so to keep them from doing evil and going to hell. He told me that he did not want me to go to hell so he will keep Satan away from me.

“When I was a young girl, he would just make me stand for hours in the corner if I broke a rule or clean the floor for many hours. But, as I got older the punishment became sexual. This started when my breasts began to grow.

“So whenever, I did not put a codex or scroll back properly, or not clean the house well, or went outside with him, he would make me undress and kneel and place my head on the bed and spread my legs. He would take his hand and spank my labia so they would turn red.

“As he spanked me, he would say, this is what makes woman evil for this place you have causes men to fornicate and sin. When he decided that he had spanked me sufficiently, I had to lie on my back with my legs spread and fondle myself and stick my fingers into my vagina saying, ‘This is a bad place, it makes me bad if I listen to its temptations.’

“The first time we did this, father took my fingers and showed me how to masturbate myself. I think I was eleven years old.

“I had to fondle myself long enough for him to have an orgasm. If he did not have an orgasm, he would pull down his drawers and penetrate me. It was not very pleasant.”

“But, you are young and I will wait until you are older to tell my wicked life. But now, I have my baby and I am happy.”

I put my arms around Mommy saying, “I don’t really understand much about your punishments, but maybe if I love you enough, you will forget about your father and love me and we will be happy.”

Mommy looked at me and tears came into her eyes and she replied, “Oh, Ariel, I hope this comes true and we are happy together. Come, let us go to the kitchen and have a bit to eat.”

We went to the kitchen and ate supper. As it was already dark, Mommy lite many candles in the bedroom. She asked me to stand in front of her and she removed all of my clothes. She made me turn around so she could see all of my little body.

She said, “My Ariel is so pretty, just like her Mommy was a long time ago. Go lay on your back and spread your legs so I can make sure that your place is clean and fresh. I want to make sure no one hurt you.”

I did what she asked and she separated my labia and held a candle close so to see it. She said, “Your place is very nice and Mommy likes how it looks very much.

“Now, honey, we shall wash for being clean going to bed is very nice indeed”

Then, Mommy undressed and she showed me how to clean very well, especially my genital area, by showing on herself. After we were clean and dry, we climbed into bed after putting out all of the candles except one by the potty. She pulled me up and told me, “Mommy wants you to suckle her breasts with her big nipples. She knows how to make milk now and so she needs to feed you.”

I did as she asked for I wanted my Mommy to love me. When she was asleep I fell asleep next to her.

Most of the time, Mommy and I had fun as she taught me how to clean, cook, and mend clothes. I also learned much about herbs for illness as this was her profession. Mommy liked to teach me for I was a quick learner.

Every night, she would make me undress so she could see how I was developing. She would feel my breasts and my labia as I got older. As I did not know any better, I did not mind as she always said, “I have such a beautiful daughter.”

Every night Mommy and I would wash each other with particular attention to our private places. She would say, “Ariel, your private place must always be clean so God will not think you are a whore. Understand?”

I always replied, “Yes, Mommy clean me good and I will clean you well.”

After, a few years, she would fondle me sometimes, as I suckled her. She gave me many orgasms. Sometimes, she would kiss me in my place and she taught me how to kiss her in her place. I never knew there was anything improper to our behavior. By then, I did love my Mommy and trust her.

Sometime during the day, I might feel an urge to be with Mommy and I would ask her if we could go to bed and play with each other.

She was most pleased when I asked her. She would reply, “What a nice idea. I think today. I would run to our bedroom and get undressed.

When I was older, Mommy allowed me to please her the same way.

She taught me how to read and understand many religious manuscripts and we would discuss the meaning most every day. I enjoyed doing this as Mommy was so smart and patient with me.

However, if I misbehaved or was messy, she only scolded me and would not punish me as her father punished her.

Mommy was very proud to take me to the market and tell everyone that I was her lost daughter. It seemed reasonable as we looked very much like.

Mommy and I took many caravan trips because of her business and she always brought guards to protect both of us and our trade goods. She gave them generous tips so they were always loyal to her.

When I was thirteen and beginning to develop, Mommy told more of her life of abuse.

“Ariel, you are old enough to appreciate how much Mommy was abused and degraded by her father. My father always told me that he was doing what I wanted him to do because I was evil and dirty like my mother. After one is abused and forced to enjoy such long enough, they believe that they are truly evil and beyond the reach of the High God. I was ashamed and I knew I was an animal, just as father said.”

“This is how he convinced me, honey. It is horrible and I felt ashamed for many years and tried to make repentance for my concupiscence. This is why I don’t want you ever to be like Mommy.

“Sometime after the sexual abuse began, he began purchasing rare grimoires and magical equipment. He constructed an area for evocations and sacrifices. He made me watch as he practiced and help with the animal sacrifices. He forbade me to wash and would paint my genital area with fresh blood daily.

“He made an altar to the Dark One and would place me on top of it and make me have intercourse with rams and mastiffs as part of the ritual. He would have sexual intercourse with both of my orifices. I was terrified all the time.

“By the time, I was thirteen I was fully developed and looked like a grown woman, he would bring wicked men to our house to participate in his unholy rituals and force me to please them with my three orifices. I hated it very much, but if I did not do a good job, he would punish me in many sadistic ways, but never to destroy my beauty.

“Later, father would allow demons to have sex with me and it was so disgusting. But, I had to obey or be punished in worse ways.

“One day, he was very angry with me for refusing to do as I was told and took me to the pen where he kept his Rottweiler and Mastiff dogs. He told me to undress. Then, he put a leather collar on me and threw me into the kennel which held the males.”

Father said, “Now, you may live with my dogs, all males and one female amongst them. You will eat what they eat and urinate and defecate as they do. I know you insist on cleanliness and you will not be able to clean yourself unless you learn to lick yourself.”

“So, Father put me with the dogs which was OK as they knew me very well and were not dangerous to me. So I slept and ate with the dogs.

“Every morning, Father gave the dogs and me raw meat to eat. He would watch us eat and would whip me if I did not lay down on my naked stomach and eat the meat off the floor.

“This went on for about a month. It was not pleasant, but at least I did not have to service anyone sexually. Father provided our morning and evening meat and placed fresh water in the water trough. Then, he left.

‘Father began to put wider and wider wooden sticks in my anus so to slowly stretch it without tearing it. As my anus was kept stretched all day and night except for a few hours so I could defecate. Father made me defecate squatting on my knees like a real dog.

“Soon, my sphincter became very loose and would not seal itself and was easy to expand. This made it very difficult to control my bowel movements and so my feces would expel itself when I sleep.

“He also began spreading a dreadfully smelling poultice in my genital area and into my vagina. He reapplied the poultice several times a day.”

Father told me, “Bitch, this poultice will cause you labia to swell, lengthen, and turn bright red as much blood will flow into your labial skin. In a few days, your labial will be very plump and hang down more. But, best of all, it will lengthen and widen your clitoris so it stands out more prominently when it is erect.

“The changes will take about two weeks to finish. But, if I stop applying the poultice, your anatomy will slowly revert to how it is now. Never know, I may sell you as a virgin. I will be back for some oral satisfaction later.”

“Of course, we had to drink the water for it was warm in the kennel. At the end of the first month of abuse and towards the afternoon, I notice that some of the males were particularly interested in my genital area. A few tried to mount me, but I just moved away.

“As the day passed, I noticed that all the dogs had erections and became more aggressive with their mounting. If I tried to move away, they would growl so I stayed on my knees. Then, the alpha male mounted me and penetrated my vagina. At first, I winced, but soon I felt a great heat in my vulva and his penis seemed to excite me very much. I could not help it, but I wanted his penis and his ejaculate.

“So, I allowed him to have intercourse and when he ejaculated a large load of semen into my vagina, I had an orgasm. I wanted more and so I presented to another male and he satisfied his needs in my vagina which pleased me so very much.

“One male came close to my mouth and so I took his penis in my mouth and let him go in and out of my mouth and throat until he came. I drank down his semen for it tasted so good.

“I spend all afternoon being mounted and giving fellatio. It was a matter of chance whether the dogs penetrated my vagina or anus. After many hours, we rested. My tummy was full of semen, my vagina and womb were full of semen, and my colon was full of semen so I passed semen for several days afterward. During this ordeal, Father watched me with pleasure. ”

Father told me to lie on my back and spread my lays so to inspect my transformed clitoris and labia. He poked around with his finger saying, “Looks very nice, Daughter. Your clitoris will never be flaccid and you will hold it whenever you are not being penetrated and always be foundling yourself and penetrating yourself.”

He returned in the evening with our dinner saying, “Daughter, you did not enjoy giving yourself to my friends so I made you enjoy giving yourself to my dogs. The reason is that I found an herbal combination which increases sexual desire so much that all discrimination as to looks or species disappears. Plus, it is addicting and after a while, you will do anything for more of the herb. I will think of things for you to do and maybe give you more herb.”

Father told me, “Every day you will have the poultice and your medicine. I will only give it to the dogs and other animals when I want to show you off. You will be perpetually aroused and will have to masturbate most of the day. I will give you dildos and other things to relieve your distress.

“If you are very sweet to me and thank me for making you better and more wicked and begging me to return the demons to you, I will give my female dogs the herb and let you please them with your tongue and clitoris. Oh, I forgot to tell you, that one reason why your labia are so big and firm is the poultice formed male testes inside and you have a hole at the end of your clitoris to ejaculate semen into female animals.

“You and I shall experiment on creating mythical animals being human on top and animal on the bottom.

“Father was correct, I became addicted to this herb. Father brought many people to watch me have sex with the dogs and other animals. Donkeys, rams, horses, stray dogs, and cattle, male and female. He fed the herb to all and all was crazy with lust. His demon friends brought many hideous creatures for me to lust after. Needless to say, my vagina was well-stressed and smelled like an animal. I even growled like one, for if I spoke words, Father would punish me.”

“Soon, I would thank father every day for changing me and ask him to spank and squeeze my labia very hard so to make me ejaculate into a cup which he held so I could drink it. Every day, I worked so to stretch my back so I could perform cunnilingus on myself and clean myself, while I was being penetrated in my vagina or anus at the same time by humans or demons. My gentleman visitors liked to see me do this very much.

“Honey, I see you wince as I tell you this, but I am almost done. I am ashamed that I came to love living with the dogs and my abuse no longer seemed like abuse to me. I know, I was very sick in my head.”

Mommy had tears in her eyes but continued.

“This went on for a number of years.

“One day, Father opened the kennel door saying, “Your punishment is over. Go upstairs, clean and yourself. I need you to get used to being a human so I can sell you to someone as an attraction in his circus. No more living with the dogs and you may speak as much as you desire. Now, you shall only service humans and demons.”

So, I renewed my old career, but at least I was clean before and after sex and could eat normal food. Father found that I no longer needed the herb as masturbation and self-abuse had become a deeply ingrained habit. Every day, I would apply the poultice, I had come to love so to keep my pseudo-male member and testes for I loved to ejaculate into my mouth or female vaginas.

“After using the poultice for so many years, I had achieved a well-sized clitoris. I liked it I could take it all the way to the root and feel my cum shooting down my throat. I discovered that I could bend it so to ejaculate in my own vagina. I often wondered if I could get myself pregnant.

“Because of my improved mood and experimental efforts, Father was a little kinder to me. He loved to take my clitoris and place it into my vagina and have double penetration. This turned out to be quite popular with our customers.

“One day, he brought four little girls to me to violate. This I was not fain to do and after much arguing, he returned them to their parents. I may be a wicked and disgusting harlot and sodomist, but I refused to hurt young children. I would not budge even after having my clitoris burned in hot water and my vulva beat until it bleeds. Or tied up so I could not masturbate all day and so was in great agony for relief. So, at least I had retained some decency.

“I was not allowed to wear clothes unless we had a show to do where I would do a sensual dance and masturbate before begging everyone there to defile for as I deserved to be defiled for I enjoyed fornication and other sins so very much.

“When Father went to the market, I would sneak down to the kennels and make more babies with the female dogs and help them care for them. Soon, I started to leak milk and so Father let me fornicate with the bitches as much as I wanted.

“Even though it was not my fault, Ariel, I hated myself for what I had done so to demean myself and my soul before God. I knew that no one could ever love me or even want me, pretty or not. I was disgusted that I enjoyed my abuse.”

I took Mommy into my arms and held her. I replied, “Mommy, you were never evil and God never turned God’s back on you. The medicine your wicked father gave to you made you become insane as if a lady demon possessed you.

“I love you, Mommy. You are the best and nicest and funniest mommy in the whole world. If you were wicked, you would not have come back to retrieve me and been so kind and loving to me. It breaks my own heart to see what you were forced to endure. But, you are the strongest Mommy in the world for you overcame all of this.

“And God sent an angel to be your husband so you could make me, Mommy. And, your labia and clitoris are pretty like mine and when I see them I want to kiss and lick them. You smell so clean and pleasant and you taught me how to be clean and pleasant. I am very proud that you are my Mommy.”
Mommy hugged her daughter replies, “I am blessed to have you for my daughter, Ariel. I know that you are special and came from God.”

Mommy continued, “One day father went of a trip for a few days, so I stole his money box and found a passage in a caravan. I dressed like a holy woman and so no men bothered me.

When I arrived here, I changed my name and made up a new history. I invested in medicinal plants and soon was selling them in many markets which made me very rich.

One day, I woke up on a moonless night and a shining angel stood in front of me. He told me that he was an angel, technically a djinn, sent by the High God.

The djinn said, “I shall give to you a girl child when you produce an egg. Yes, women, like all animals, produce eggs to be fertilized by men. Birds and reptiles all lay eggs. Your eggs are very tiny and do not have a hard shell.

“Some female animals can produce other females without being fertilized by a male. This is not uncommon in lizards. So, I will not have to have intercourse with you, which I know you cannot tolerate because of the evils did to you.

“All, we need do is to lie together and I will send into you the soul of a child of the Holy Father and Mother. When you awake in the morning, you will feel that you have conceived. If I am favorable to you, I will stay until the child is born so to protect you and the child.”

“He was a very handsome man, intelligent, and even-tempered. He asked me to me to marry him and I agreed. He really was a nice and kind man and I was pregnant with you, honey. I was finally happy.

“Just before, you were born, your father told me that he loved you and me very much. But, he had looked into the future possibilities and saw one very bad future.
Your father was about to go on a long journey and said to me, “Wife, I am going to give you one wish. A wish you can only make with your dying breath. I created a little rose tattoo on your left inner wrist so you will not forget.”

Just before you were born, his physical shell was killed by bandits and so he was not there when you were born. I was so depressed that I could not make any milk for you so I found a family which just lost a child so the mother could feed you.

I was sad for many months, but I missed my baby girl and finally went to find you. So here you are with me.

She said, “Honey, I love you very much and am happy at last having my baby back with me. And, I can make milk now so I can feed you. I hope you like suckling me, Ariel, for it gives me such joy to have your lips on my nipples. Do you like it, honey?”

I did like suckling her and I said, “Oh, Mommy. I love sucking your nipples and feeling how much you love me when the milk comes into my mouth. You won’t ever stop suckling me, will you?”

Mommy replied, “Of course, not my love. And when you have babies one day, I will suckle you and you will suckle my grandchildren”

Many days later, I asked Mommy, “Mommy, I never want to stop making love with you for I love you so much. You give me the best orgasms with your tongue and fingers. But, Mommy, won’t I have to sleep and have sex only with my husband after I am married.”

Mommy replied, “ Do not worry, all three of us may make love and sleep together. Won’t that be nice?”

I ran to Mommy and gave her a big hug saying, “Oh, Mommy, I will like this for you could show me how to kiss a penis and make it give me pudding to swallow and how to have it inside of me. We could have babies together, Mommy. I wish we could make our own baby. I would be the mommy and you could be the daddy. Would you like this, Mommy.”

Mommy answered, “Let’s go to bed and I will pretend I am the daddy and you can be the mommy and we will make a baby. OK?”

And Mommy took me by the hand and we played pretend.

All of a sudden, Ariel turned towards me asking, “Darling, was Mommy an evil woman for loving me as she did? She was always kind and nice to me. I don’t want to think she was an evil woman. And she was mistreated so much that I think she didn’t know any other way to show me I was important to me. I miss her so much and love her so much. Will Holy Mother forgive her, Husband?’

I quickly got up from the bench and stood behind her, “Wife, Holy Mother never was angry with your mother for she had a good heart. She was just confused because of her sexual abuse. I know she loved you more than anyone else.

“I assure you that your Mommy is in the Golden Isles with all other good folks. One day, I will take you to visit her and you will see. OK?”

Ariel answered, “I feel better knowing that Holy Mother loved Mother and watched over her. I bet she even found the nice man to be my father, as she found you for me. Oh, Yeshua, I love Holy Mother so much and pray to her every day. And even more, now that she gave me to you.”

I heard Holy Mother whispering in my heart, “Son, do not worry, for Ruth is Ariel’s real mother as Miriam is your real mother. Someday, she will discover the truth and realize that Love is the Mother of all of us. Father says hello.”

“Honey, one last question. Do you still love me in the same way as before, or not because, Mommy and I made love to each other and Mommy had to have sex with demons and animals? I am worried now.”

I kissed her on her right cheek saying, “Ariel, Ariel, I love you even more for you loved your mother so much that what she felt was good for you, you did. You were a good daughter and you are the best wife Holy Mother could give to me. After hearing your sad story, I find that I love your mother so very much and would have liked to live with you as her son and your brother. It would have been fine for all of us to make love together and make babies. Holy Mother has already forgotten such matters and so should you.”

“Husband, do you really mean what you just said? That, you would have liked being my real brother and have come from Mommy’s vagina. And drunk her milk and kissed her so she would have orgasms? You would have been my younger brother and I would have kept you clean like Mommy would have taught me? Oh, Husband, Mommy would have been so happy and you could have sent her evil half-sisters away and Mommy would still be alive.”

I smiled, “Oh, course, darling. Mommy had a heart of gold. Maybe, she never told you I was your real brother? If one must judge, judge yourself and not the life of another.”

Ariel replied, “I hope we will have a daughter so Mommy can be reborn and I will be Mommy and she will be my beautiful daughter. Is this possible, Brother, I mean Husband?”

I replied, “It can be as you wish.”

Ariel turned to Martha, “Mistress, do you see me as evil?

Martha reached over and took Ariel’s hands into hers and the old Rabbi stood next to them both. The wise Rabbi said, “Your real mother loved you so much that she gave you to others so to protect you. Then, as you were not with her, her heart began to break into pieces and she came and retrieved you.

“Your mother didn’t know any better and did what her heart told her you would like for she wanted to make you feel loved. Some people would say she violated God’s Commandments, I say, God gives different Commandments depending upon his love for each of us,” answered Isaiah.

“Rav is correct, your dear mother is happy in the Golden Isles and wants you to visit one day. If she were my mother, I would be proud of how strong she actually was to keep love alive considering her childhood. Don’ you agree with Martha?”

Martha agreed, “Yes, Isaiah, Ruth was a godly woman in all ways. Child, be proud of her, be thankful for the love and learning she gave to you. And thank her for making you deformed and crippled to protect you from repeating her life. I think your Mommy was one of God’s angels working in our sorry world.
“Child, I think it would be good to finish with your story and put it where it belongs, in the past, past, past.”

“Yes, Mistress, I will do this,” answered Ariel.

Things changed one day when a man arrived with Mother’s two sisters. I found them most uncouth and ill-tempered. The man told Mommy that he was done with his daughters and was leaving them with her.

The two sisters hated mother and me. They slowly began to poison Mother, while pretending to be sweet and kind to both of us. It was much too late to do anything by the time mother discovered their treachery.

On the night of her death, she and I were in our library bedroom and she said, “Ariel, my beloved. Mommy is going to die soon and I know that your stepsisters and father will force you to do filthy acts for the enjoyment of wicked persons. They will make you violate innocent children, fornicate with three men at one time, and allow males of all species to violate your private place.

“I will not allow them to do what father did to me, never. So forgive me, my sweet daughter for making you a cripple and deformed. This way no man nor beast will want you carnally and you will be safe. Escape as soon as you can and move far away and practice medicine.

“Precious, you are the only person I ever loved and I know you love Mommy. It breaks my heart to change, my beautiful angel into something ugly. But, your face shall always be pretty. Please do not hate me for changing you. Please forgive me.”

So mother cast a spell and when I awoke in the morning I found I was a cripple and deformed. Mommy was dead. My evil aunties were so happy because now they had all Mommy’s money and things.

They were very happy when I fell from a great height and destroyed my right knee making my leg stiff. They told me a demon must have pushed you so you cannot escape, Thereafter, I was essentially a slave to them.

I was told that my job was to do all the chores around the house, all the shopping, and clean everything. That I would be whipped and burned for any disobedience or error. Moreover, my punishment would be more severe the more errors I made.

I did my best to obey, but on many days, my aunties would allow me to clean up and then make it dirty again. Then, they would hit me with canes so I would bleed. Sometimes, they would burn my breasts and labia with hot sticks.

One of my jobs was to gather and clean the bedpans. One time. my aunties made me smear their feces all over my front, my face and my hair. They made me fill my vagina and mouth with feces. They liked it very much when they made me cry.

Another time, I remember that they boiled some chicken eggs and let them cool enough to be handled and started filling my vagina with eggs in their shells. Whenever another egg would not go inside, they just pushed until some broke inside. They refused to allow me to remove them for several days, as they said the smell of sulfur fitted me very well.

Many times they would push raw eggs into my vagina and then use a stick to break them so the contents ran down my thighs and dried. They would never allow me to bath and so I always smelled bad.

They would attach straw or grasses to a suitable stick, then they would stick it into my anus so they made me act that a pet dog or a pig for a few days.

They would make me do things with them which I did not like. They would make me lick them in their privates and they would do the same to me. They would stick things into my vagina and I had to tell them that I loved them and liked such abuse.

One day, when they were out, I went into Mother’s room and found her chest of gold, pulled it outside, lifted it onto a cart, harnessed the horse, and rode away as fast as that poor horse could go. I traveled a long time and finally came to Japha and bought my little house and yard and started doctoring and giving away Mother’s gold.
One night Mother came to me in a dream. She said, “Ariel, I am fine and I see you escaped at last. I am very proud of you and glad we hide our money for hard times.”

I asked her, “Mommy, I miss you so much. Will you lie with me so I can suckle and lick you. And, Mommy stayed with me until morning and we pleased each other all night as we did when we live together.”

So I worked in Japha for three years before my Beloved came to our village to teach and heal.

On that auspice day, when I was twenty, I was shopping for food in the market and I saw Rav teaching. He stood up so tall. He was so handsome and so gentle. I listened to what he taught and I knew he was a wise and considerate man. I am sure I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

I stopped my shopping and bought some bread and cheese and I began following him so I could see him from afar. It was very hard for me to walk with my bad leg and crutch, but I did not care for my only desire was to see and hear him talk. I knew I was too deformed and ugly to be noticed by him, but I loved him still.

I went from village to village for a few weeks. I slept outside most of the time. No man bothered me because I was deformed and ugly. I traveled with my Egyptian hounds, Poverty, and Humility hauling my little medical cart.

Then, one day, my Mother appeared before me, saying, “Sweetheart, this is the man you are to marry. He is like your father, a good and honest man. He is close to God. Be brave and speak with him. I love you, Honey. Go.”

Mother disappeared and I gathered up sufficient courage, or I should say, my love for this man made me walk up to him after a sermon. As I struggled to reach him, I saw Brother John talking to Rav and it seemed that Rav rebuked John for something.

I did not understand why such a spiritual man would wait for me to walk to him so to speak with me. I finally arrived and he just touched my lips and I started to sob. He came to me and I sobbed and sobbed in his arms. But, I felt safe and secure in his arms.

He asked me why I sobbed and I told him. I asked, “Rav, may I travel with you so to be safe from my evil aunties?”

He picked me up and said, “Come, child. I will protect and care for you.”

I asked, “Is OK for me to love you and pretend in my mind that I have a husband who loves me.”

And, you know what, Mistress? He told me that he would marry and love me and that one day I would no longer be deformed. And, he took me as his lawful wife. An ugly and deformed woman so to love her. It was then that I knew he was God’s Son and he came to bring Light, Life, and Love to the world.

Today, he cured me for I gave myself and my will to him to do whatever he wanted with me. I even told him he could drown me if he wanted. For I had found true love on earth and nothing else mattered.

So in nutshell, this is my life story up to now.”

Everyone had tears streaming down his or her face, as I finished my sorry story. Martha, “Darling, do you have a birthmark under your left arm?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do.” Ariel lifted her garment so to show the Rabbi’s wife.

The Rabbi’s wife replied, “Child, I was your old nursemaid and father supported both of us. Your real mother gave you to us to care for. She was crying so much because she had to leave you. We had lost our child and so had milk to feed you. Father and I were so happy to have a beautiful child at last.”

She turned to the old Rabbi saying, “Isaiah, this young lady is our lost daughter, Rebecca. Look under her arm and you will see her birthmark. God be praised. It is another miracle.”

Isaiah stood up from his chair and went to see the birthmark. He looked, then he hugged his adopted daughter saying, “Rebecca, Rebecca, can it be true? Has God has returned my darling daughter to Mother and me after so many years. God be praised.”

Then, Isaiah turned to Rav saying, “Truly, you are the High God’s Son. I know you knew that we were Rebecca’s foster parents. You found us because she told you a little of her life. Tell me this is true, please tell me this is true.”

I stood up and went over to the old couple and put my arms around them, “Yes, it is true. When, my Ariel and your Rebecca told me her story, though not in as much detail as she told all of us this evening, I searched for you and knew you were close and so we visited. Moreover, I wanted for you to realize that your daughter was safe with me and returned to wholeness and happily married.

“Father’s greatest desire is simply to bestow upon his children the greatest joy and pleasures imaginable. To accomplish such, it was necessary for Mother to create a creature whose greatest desire is to receive, to possess, to control. But, to receive from Father and Mother without feeling shame, we must learn first to only receive joy and pleasure for the sake of the Holy Family. I will tell all of you more of this with dinner.

“So now you understand why I do what I do. I am a Son of God for I have learned how to bestow much as Father and Mother bestow. To give only for the sake of giving is the greatest pleasure on this planet.

“Come, sit next to Rebecca for the remainder of this blessed evening.”

Thomas and I stood up so that the old Rabbi and his old wife could share space with their lost daughter. In my heart, I prayed to Father and Mother, “You know that I was not absolutely sure where Ariel’s wet-nurse lived. But, my absolute trust in my Holy Family, lead me to where I needed to go and what I needed to do. Things will be done on this Earth as they are in Heaven, now that Ariel is whole and by my side. I will tell her more as time goes on. I love you Both.”

It was time to eat so Martha and Ariel rose to bring the food to the table, helped by a cook who was Martha’s sister and lived with the old couple.
As the food was served, Thomas turned to me saying, “Rav, I guess you couldn’t keep your secret anymore, could you? Pleasing Ariel was too great a desire.”

I put my hand on top of Thomas’ saying, ”You are correct, dear friend. Pleasing my sister has been my goal since the beginning. I cannot undo the pain she and her mother had to suffer for our spiritual mission, pain which neither volunteered to suffer, but I can expose her to as much happiness as I can for she is very close to bestowing for the sake of bestowing. She will be with a child soon and this child will be a boy who you must help Ariel raise, Thomas. Promise me.”

Thomas answered, “I will do anything you ask, Rav. If need be, I will be as a father to your future son and I will provide and guard Ariel. But, why do you ask such a thing from me.”

Tears began falling down my cheeks. I replied, “Thomas, I cannot remain in the flesh with you for too many more years. I have seen the future and it requires that I die. I am not sure about Ariel, but she may die also. So you must raise our son and teach him everything I will teach you so the mission will succeed. I have looked far ahead and I see a great body of persons, a community, who love one another and live in Heaven with the Holy Family while on Earth. It must come true, it must.”

Thomas assured me, “Rav, you are my dearest friend and I love you probably as much as Ariel loves you, but differently of course. I will never desert you and I am dedicated to this Mission from On High. Trust me.”

I replied, “Thomas. I trust you. You must lead the children back to God when I am gone. But, I know that Ariel will always be there to comfort all who follow the Light. Maybe, not in person, but in their hearts for sure. Let’s forget the future and enjoy our present time and place.”

After the courses were settled on the table and the wine saucers filled, Ariel stood up to give the blessing. She explained, “Father, Mother, and Auntie, this blessing was written by my Husband and it is a good blessing for it reduces all of God’s Commandments into one commandment. So please listen, as I give our blessing for today our Rav has given everyone a gift.
“If we could do what this blessing requests we would all return to the Source of Creation. May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat, who are oppressed, and are damaged so not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So, Mote, It Be.”

Everyone said, “Amen.” Then, the food and wine were passed around as needed. As dinner progressed, Martha noticed that Rav was not eating very much. She enquired, “Son-in-law are you not feeling well for I see you only taste all the dishes, but do not really eat.”

I smiled, “I have been called many names, some pleasant and others not, but son-in-law is a new one. I rather like it. May I call you Mother, Martha. I know Ariel wants me to call you this as she wants permission to call you such. And Father also.”

Martha answered, “Of course, you may call me Mother and Isaiah Father as Rebecca wishes. We are most proud to have you as our son, right Father.”

Father replied, “Yes, Mother, it is how it should be. I do agree with Rebecca that her Beloved, our new son, did compress all of the spirituality into one blessing. For it is written in our Scriptures that he who serves the least with a gentle and generous heart has served God.”

I thanked them both, “Thank you for your kindness to my precious when she was young and thank you for your kind words. It is true that I do not each much food for I am always rather full of manna. So I just taste things for sensory pleasure. And this is a very tasty dinner indeed.”

As the moon was quite full and dinner completed, Timothy asked, “Rav, don’t forget that we need our dinner lesson. I really look forward to such lessons.”

I replied, “Thank you, Timothy. I did forget, as I was thinking back upon how much the hand of Mother was guiding our actions since we met Ariel. But, enough. I have a nice lesson to share which is related to a very wonderfully prepared meal such as the one Martha and Mary made for us this evening.

Once upon a time, a man decided to invite his very best friend to come to dinner at his house. They were very good friends and the man understood all the foods his friend liked and disliked. He even knew about his favorite wines and desserts. So he drew up a list of provisions and went to the market so he himself could pick out the very best available.

He returned home with all his goodies and sent his friend an invitation that he must come to dinner tomorrow night as he was preparing his favorite foods and had found his favorite wines. He told his friend that he very much needed to speak with him as he missed him very much.

The next evening his friend arrived and was astonished at the beauty of the serving table. His friend saw that the food included his favorite fruits and sweets, vegetables, and meats. His friend tasted the wine and discovered that it was his very favorite.

As he looked at the wonderful meal his friend had prepared for him, a wave of deep shame came into his heart. He thought to himself, “What a wonderful friend, I have. He is always happy to please me with foods, gifts, and conversation. I know he loves me very much.

“But, I have not been as good a friend to him. I am a little stingy and opinionated. Sometimes, I am too busy to visit him. How can I accept his generosity when I am so miserly?

Now, the host was very astute and could often guess what another was thinking so he said, “Preparing a pleasing dinner for you brought much pleasure to my heart, dear friend. But, seeing you enjoy my efforts would be even more pleasing.”

The man thought about the situation and said, “If I eat the dinner, not for my own pleasure, but also because I will give you pleasure, then, let us both enjoy the food and drink.

And so both received the Holy Light for the sake of the other and Creator.

As the moon was high in the evening sky, I announced that it was time to return to the inn. I promised Martha and Isaiah that we would stay in the area for several weeks so Ariel could visit with them.

Isaiah protested, “My son, please stay with your new parents this one night. We have a spare room for special occasions. We would love to have one night when our whole family sleeps together. We three are the last of our lines and you two are our future. I beg you to stay the night.”

Martha said, “It would be such a gift if our Rebecca took your seed in our home this fine night and became pregnant.”

Ariel looked at me and I said, “An excellent idea. Rebecca will conceive our son this very night. Just in case anyone is wondering, Rebecca, is physically and emotionally normal in every way possible, thanks to the Holy Family.”

The disciples arose, thanked the host and headed to the inn behind Thomas. As they walked, Thomas remarked, “We all live such a wonderful life.”

He began to sing a little ditty and eventually, everyone joined in,

Every day gets a little brighter,
for the sun rises even higher.
Oh, thank God we found our Rav,
miracles of loving faith one after another.


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