Chapter 7: Further Discussions with Ariel

I am sure some readers will find this chapter and the previous one scandalous.  The good news is that they are absolutely correct!  It is meant to demonstrate how our biases and small-mindedness negatively affect many of our opinions, blinding us to what is valuable and precious.  These two chapters are intended to give you an opportunity to put such biases to the side and see what is really important. If you succeed even a little bit, you took a first step to seeing as Christ sees.

Chapter 7: Further Discussions with Ariel

I was sitting at the table in the outdoor kitchen as the sun rose. I realized that Ariel had been exposed to a most unusual parental upbringing, which turned out to be very loving and healthy as to effect but would be cursed by the general population. I needed to do something.

So, I returned to our nuptial bed in the home of Ariel’s stepparents, Isaiah and Martha, undressed, and climbed back into bed with Ariel. Then, I gently woke her by kissing her on the lips.

She woke up saying, “What a grand husband, I married for he is kissing me upon my lips so to wake me. I love you Yeshua, I think as much as I love Mommy and the Holy Family. I will never take you for granted, ever. Make love with me again, honey, please.”

“Beloved, the story of your life with you Mother was appropriate to tell to all of us last night for we all understand the many facets of love. If I were your brother and Ruth was my Mommy, I would have loved to drink her warm milk and suckle her clitoris and drink her fluids. I am sure I would have loved to place my penis in both of your mouths and vaginas and given you sweet pudding to swallow. I would have been delighted to give babies to both of you.

“I feel the depth and high quality of your love for each other and why it came to be expressed sexually as well as emotionally. If your Mommy was alive this day and you wanted us to make love to her together and have me give her a baby to love with your baby, I would not refuse. I would take Mommy as a wife equal to you, honey. Do you believe me.”

Ariel replied with enthusiasm, “Oh, yes, Honey. I know you would love and honor Mommy and make love to her and marry her so she finally has a husband to love and care for. I know Mommy was sad because she was so afraid of being penetrated by penises, but she wanted one to love so very much. She told me this many times.

“Mommy would have loved you, darling, I am sure. She would have been so happy to know that you loved her, desired her, and thought she was a womb for your baby. I wish Mommy was here, my Precious so you could marry her also and give her the love I could not give her and keep all of us together forever.”

“But, Ariel, I am not as other people who do not understand the Eternal Goodness bestowed by the Holy Family to those who love as They would like given the particulars. I do not care about human morality, I care about what True Conscience has to tell me. I think you and Mommy are both holy and can learn to love as Father and Mother love those who desire Their Love.

“And if Mommy wants to sleep with you and I when we visit her in the Golden Isles for she loves us both, so be it. If Mommy wants a spiritual child to come out of her womb because I made love to you and her together, so be it.

“If two women or two men truly love each other spiritually, then what they do carnally, as longs as it is not harmful, Father and Mother do not condemn.”

I did not have the heart to demean the Holy love shared between her and her Mommy. So, I said, “Ariel, do you want me to take you to visit with your Mommy so all three of us can make love and be kind to each other? Personally, I think it would be very healthy for your Mommy to love and desire a child from me. She is a good Mommy and I want her to help you raise her grandchild. What do you think?”

Ariel hugged my neck and said, “Husband, Mommy already told me that she loves you so very much as she sees how much you love me, even when I was deformed and crippled. Mommy asked me during dinner last night if she was worthy to be your wife too. Mommy thinks she is too dirty for you to love her. I know this is not true. Will you tell her when we visit that your heart knows that Mommy is without sin as you said I was. Please, Husband, I want Mommy to be as perfect in her mind as she truly is in her soul-seed.”

The next moment, Ariel and I were in the Golden Isles naked as we left our bed. Mommy was lying in her bed naked when we arrived. Ariel jumped on top of Mommy and kissed her and kissed her and kissed her.

Her mother was extremely beautiful and appeared no more than thirty years of age. Ariel resembled her mother very much, though her mother was a little taller and her breasts plumper. Their nipples were identical.

Ariel said, “Mommy, Yeshua brought us to visit you so we could talk. I told him that you loved him very much and wished that he would have rescued you from father so he would be my father and my husband. Mommy, tell him how much you love him, that you love him as I love him for he is Pure Love. And, Mommy, he is the Son of Holy Mother and Holy Father and he says that you are sinless and that he loves you too.”

Mommy started crying for being in the presence of Yeshua opened up her heart and all the hurt and shamefulness burst out from it and she felt innocent once again. She said, “It is true Yeshua, I love you with all my heart and I wish that I could be your Mommy and your Holy Wife and share you with my perfect daughter. We would take good care of you and the babies you give so to love and raise.”

Turning to Ariel, she said, “Is this not true Daughter? We would be good wives and good lovers for our Husband. And the three of us would make wonderful love to each other.”

Ariel replied hugging her Mommy, “Oh, it is so true, Mommy. If Husband is inside of you, I can suckle you and kiss you with my tongue, right?”

“Of course, you could. Or maybe I would give you oral love when our Husband is giving me seed and we can switch when our Husband is giving you seed,” finished Ariel.

Ariel and Mommy looked at me with such innocence and honest love. But, I saw passion also. I climbed into bed and told Mommy, “Darling, I love you for you are without sin and I want to kiss you all over and give you the unique pleasure that a male can give to the female he desires with all his heart and loins.”

Mommy replied, “I love you for you freed me of my past horrors. I have never had a man inside of me since I left father for I conceived my daughter by Immaculate Conception. I feel the natural cravings arising in me, but they are only for you, darling. Come kiss me everywhere and raise my excitement to a peak and then come inside of me and make love with me as your darling Wife.”

“Mommy, I am going to watch Yeshua please you, just watch. For I want you to feel what I feel when he makes love with me and gives me seed. I am in heaven and I want you to be in heaven with both of us,” inserted Ariel.

So Mommy and I made love, as Ariel watched. She did tell me everywhere her mother liked to be kissed and sucked so it was quite efficient. As Mommy neared climax, I saw many angels surrounding use playing wondrous music and said, “Ruth, open your eyes and see the angels surrounding you and celebrating our lovemaking. I know you are ready to come, as am I. Release all else, but remember you are loved and sinless, come now, my love, for I will give you another daughter, whose grandmother will be my Divine Mother.”

Ruth screamed as she came in love and clutched me to her chest as she felt my seed spurt into her and strike her cervix. She arched her spine and then fell back down on her bed.

After a few minutes, Mommy said, “I am at last free of my horrible past and know that I am loved by you, not because I am beautiful outside, but because I am pretty inside as well. Thank you, Husband. I am your ever true wife and Mommy from now on.”

Ariel asked, “Did you like it, Mommy?”

“Oh, yes, Daughter, it was great. As my daughter and I always do things together, I pray that you will make love to her as I watch so I can see how beautiful both of you are,” asked Mommy.

I made love to Ariel as Mommy watched, thinking I must be unique for I am the only person I know who has three different wombs I came from.

When Ariel and I finished, I said, “Mommy, we will visit you often and you can come to our bed, which is also your bed, whenever you want to make love. How does that sound?”

Ariel and Mommy replied together, “We love you Husband for you are Pure Love, the love which comes without judgment.”

When, we returned Ariel was so happy that I married Mommy and gave her a baby also, as such had been her greatest wish as a child to have a sister.

I finally said, “Ariel, you must never ever speak about the childhood of Mommy and yourself as people will never understand as I do. OK?”

“I understand, Husband. I will not tell the story to anyone else unless you ask me to do so. But, you still are Mommy’s real husband and love her as you love me, right?”

“Yes, Ariel, Mommy is my mommy and my wife just as requested,” thinking that human beings can be extremely complicated creatures.

Ariel replied, “Honey, I am lucky that I can love you as Brother and as Husband. In this way, I can love and adore you in two ways rather than just one. I know Mommy loves you as much as I love you and she is happy at last. She visits me almost every day to check on me. She is such a great mother.”

Still, the unusual form of love Ariel and her mother shared was a joy for me to see and experience for it truly was altruistic and special.

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