Month: October 2017

Counterpoint: Metaphysics and Science

Greetings, dear friends.  Sorry about my lack of posts, but extremely busy with constitutional litigation.  However, I think it important to discuss what I see as an unnecessarily  and nonproductive intellectual interaction between scientific and metaphysical (often religious) epistemologies.  Commonly, intellectual discussions between metaphysicians (usually … Continue reading Counterpoint: Metaphysics and Science

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–23

18th Teaching – The Way of Vŗşņi (Vrishni) [setting] Krishna and Radha arrive for their morning lesson with Father and Mother. Krishna attends with a fully-developed, periorbital hematoma, or ‘black eye,’ around his right eye. [Mother] I see that you have been fighting at school … Continue reading House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–23