House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–24

19th Teaching (I) – The Sequence of the Emanations

[setting] Father and Mother took Krishna and Radha to the river so they could fish and play. After a few hours, the two children returned to their parents quite tired and sat upon the grass.

Father: Now is a good time to provide more information as to how Brahman renewed the universe. I remind both of you that all Rishis and Sages must remain open-minded as to the essential Brahman and the manner of Creation–there is always more to learn by deep introspection.

Radha: But, Father, you and Mother are the One Soul of this Universe and perhaps much more. Why would you not tell us everything.

Father: My sweet daughter, whom I love as much as Mother, there is sound reason why Brahman is described as the unfathomable , everlasting, pure, unchanging, imperishable Source, the eternal point and infinitude. It is called such because it possesses no demonstrable qualities or attributes. The Rishis and Sages gave it the name Nirguna, which refers to something which cannot be described or qualified. It is an unconditioned totality.

This is why your Mother and I sometimes refer to Brahman as the co-present, eternal, infinitesimal point and unbounded infinitude.

As you remember, Love resides within the psychic heart as the ‘point within the heart.’ Wisdom resides as the ‘point within the mind-brain.’ The two points being reflections of the Cosmic Qualia of Love and Wisdom.

However, in construction of the operational ego, the female is Wisdom at the center and surrounded by Love on the exterior. This is why your beloved Mother is warmer than I am. Moreover, this is why Wisdom is given a female name in many schools of enlightenment.

Moreover, traveling within the dreamtime has shown that female bodies are associated with oneirions, or astral selves, which are similar to the physical form. However, a female oneirion has its center of being in the mind-brain and not the heart and so shares many typical masculine attributes. Man is the reverse in construction and is meant to share in the feminine attributes.

Therefore, much of the preliminary work deals with reintegrating and balancing of the physical and the oneirion bodies so that the operational ego can effectively utilize both Love and Wisdom properly. Such balance is present when you see Mother and I in our Divine Form – joined together as one Being in Bliss.

In every self-aware human being, both of these points are joined together and connected to what the ancient of ancients called the Noble Organ, ārya indriya. For it is the Noble Organ which connects people to your Mother and Father at birth and is the Noble Road, ārya sŗti, leading from the mundane to Brahmaloka.

Krishna and Radha, do you both understand so far?

Krishna and Radha: Yes, father, we understand. Please continue.

Father: Many schools teach that Brahman Thinks and Wills into existence a new universe following an unmeasurably long time of nonexistence. Some say that during a Brahman Inbreath, an existing universe is inhaled such that it is, as if it never had been before. During such quiet time, Brahman sleeps.

Whenever, Brahman reawakens, He notes that he is alone and so recreates another universe with its three worlds so to engage His attention therein. Such activity being a relief from boredom or an opportunity to create a new play so to be entertained.

As we have taught, material universes are birthed and die under natural law by what we call Deflation and Inflation. The end state being dependant upon a fluctuation in a portion of space to absolute zero temperature causing a subsequent phase change expanding so to deflate the old universe, forcing its energy to inflate within a new one.

Deflation and Inflation have never had a beginning nor will they have an end, as they are observables manifesting from Brahman. So Brahman never sleeps and is always active. Brahman, as a the point and the infinitude, has no attributes and so cannot be said to possess Intellect, Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Will, or any other conceivable attribute. This is why we call this state, Nirguna, children.

However, within every universe is emanated a manifest a Saguna Brahman or Atman. While, Brahman is forever without attributes, Atman possesses attributes of an immensely refined nature and power. For Atman is the first to be inhaled during the Deflation and the last to be exhaled during Inflation. Like Brahman, Atman is formless, selfless, and is best imagined as KOPTIC, the First Word.

The first necessary exhalation of Nirguna Brahman consists of space and all the energies necessary so to compose the three worlds of existence, the physical, the aphysical mental, and the transcendental. All emanations happen under Law and not will or intention of Nirguna Brahman.

The second necessary exhalation comprises the totality of the controlling laws for the unfolding and evolution of the new universe.

After the first two emanations, the universe continues to expand outward towards the empty limit. The cooling of said energies allowing order to arise out of chaos. Atoms, molecules, macromolecules, enzymes, and finally life in the cell. There is a aphorism in our School.

When the universe has sufficiently expanded and cooled such that life is possible, the Word, KOPTIC, is emanated automatically from Nirguna Brahman and manifests as a vital life force and innate intelligence working with natural evolution so to continue the development of complex plant and animal life.

Eventually, a creature is born capable of harboring and joining with a soul-seed, a jajñi-atman, and the Word can at last be expressed in its fullness.

Remember Children, for Brahman there has been no beginning nor end for universes are infinite in number, more numerous than all imaginable sand grains on all of the seas. Brahman is the source point which touches all universes and will do so eternally.

Whether, Atman had a first beginning in time, none can tell, but it has no ending, as it has become as the Unborn.

Light is forever for neither Brahman nor Atman ever sleeps or rests. Both are ever-giving, ever-producing.

Atman has no form, but is given form by those who worship the Saguna Brahman by whatever name and whatever form conceived of by conscious creatures. It is to Atman that the Sages and Rishis strive towards, formless or not.
Our school teaches:

The Liberation of self,
Requires the killing of self,
A murder accomplished in Lovingkindness done.

And within Nirguna Brahman
Is Saguna Brahman, Atman,
Say the Sages who have entered into the Unborn.

For with the killing of self,
One Awakens into Immortality,
Having found his true I.

From Immortality one moves into
Timeless-Spaceless Infinitude.
The Unborn and Unfathomable which,

Is both Existence and Nonexistence,
Is neither Existence nor Nonexistence,
Is manifest and unmanifest,
Is neither manifest nor unmanifest,
Is both Possibility and Impossibility,
Is neither Possibility nor Impossibility,

Is both Point and Infinitude,
Is neither Point nor Infinitude.
Is both Individual and Collective,
Is neither Individual nor Collective.
Is both Known and Unknown,
Is neither Known nor Unknown.

There is much to contemplate and meditate upon, my dears. Let us enter into meditation so to contemplate upon what I have taught and to be open for further teachings from the Word.

[setting] Everyone settles into a meditate pose and the scene closes.



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