Counterpoint: Metaphysics and Science

Greetings, dear friends.  Sorry about my lack of posts, but extremely busy with constitutional litigation.  However, I think it important to discuss what I see as an unnecessarily  and nonproductive intellectual interaction between scientific and metaphysical (often religious) epistemologies.  Commonly, intellectual discussions between metaphysicians (usually theologians) and scientists are conducted adversarially, rather than cooperatively and the outcomes are nonproductive and enhance existing hostility.

For in truth, science and metaphysics are simply alternative methodologies for dealing with knowledge of the origin, construction, and operation of physical and aphysical (psychospiritual) worlds of existence and being.  Science preferring the physical and psychological and metaphysics the psychological and the spiritual.  Please note, that the human (and perhaps other conscious creatures) psychological world(s), in which both the physical and spiritual are imaged and realized,  is the common link.

A homey analogy may be found in a simple bar magnet with its opposed N and S poles. As the polarity of the magnet arises from temperature-dependent orientation of relativistic, spinning, electrical quanta by the earth’s magnetic field, the polarity of N and S are intrinsic to the magnet itself.  In other words, while opposed electrical charge exists, independent magnetic monopoles do not.

Likewise, scientific and metaphysical epistemologies arise and share a common dimension, the psychological (which is where our attentive center of observation is located).  Therefore, from the perspective of the Institute,  the proper discussion format is one of counterpoint, rather than an adversarial debate.  Moreover, such format needs to be remembered and applied in your explorations of existence, contemplations, explorations, and modeling.

Give it a trial, you may discover that your useful knowledge and tolerance are much enhanced.

Blessings from the Institute.




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