Stop Squabbling

Dear Friends,

It is interesting to hear of so many different spiritual and psychoistic models.  There need be no conflict as such views, as long as they are honestly held, are simply our individual apperceptions arising from our unique life experiences and psychoneurological architectonics.

Remember the Library at Babel and its myriad of windows looking out upon Creation which I continue to babble about.

The key is to understand that every psychospiritual experience is personal and often impossible to objectively verify.  The best we can do is to have faith that our experiences are an image of something richer and more valuable.

Like Ray, I have been with God many times and my heart tells me that Brahman Manifest is the supreme factor in the universe.  God once told me, “What you imagine I am, I am this way for you.  Have faith in what your heart tells you and someday you will understand and love as I do. You cannot prove the higher by the lower.  So there is no need to argue over my image.  Just work to love others as best as you can and then you are demonstrating my love for everyone, dear child.”

We need to stop being so very critical of each other and work together so to find the clearest Truth.

Love, Michael

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