Journal of Lord Yeshua

Dear Readers,  remember this story happened at the age at the end of many ages (sequential universes) and not on our earth and so you only need to look for congruences between the two times the Lord appeared to save mankind.  After all, I was there for both stories but you were most likely not.  Love you.

Chapter 3: The Next Morning

As soon as the sun was shining above the horizon, Ariel quietly climbed out of the bed and put on her new gown. As she was dressing, she saw that all the burn marks and cane scars were gone from her skin. She looked at her sleeping Rav, thinking, “My husband must be a god for my skin is no longer discolored and scarred. But, why would a god agree to marry me? I will find out the answer soon, I hope.”

Ariel saw her crutch resting by the door of Rav’s room, placed there by Thomas, she imagined. Her heart knew how pure Thomas’ heart was and why Rav loved and counted on him so very much.

She decided to crawl to the door so not to disturb her husband for she knew he never had sufficient sleep. When she got to the door, she pulled herself up with her crutch. Fortunately, her room was on a ground floor so she could walk to the kitchen

When she hobbled into the kitchen she asked, “Dear ladies, will one of you bring some beer sweetened with figs and honey, cheese, bread, and some fruits to my room. I want to surprise and please my new husband so very much for he is the kindest man in the world.”

The main cook smiled at Ariel for all the staff knew that Rav had taken Ariel for his sacred wife. To them, she was homely and crippled, but surely her husband must be a god who sees her as she truly is. The cook replied, “It will be a pleasure, Mistress. If you wait, I will make a tray and follow you to your room so you may surprise your husband.”

The two of them returned to the room and the cook placed everything on the table so it looked pretty and then quietly left the room.

Ariel sat in a chair next to the table waiting for Rav to awaken. Her heart burned like the sun giving off its Rays of Love and Caring to the Earth. For her Husband was her Earth and new focus of her life. As she sat in the chair, she closed her eyes and imagined that Rav had given her a child which was growing in her womb. And that she would be able to deliver and properly care for it after he or she was born.

In the midst of her revelry, she felt a soft kiss to her lips and opened her eyes and saw her beloved. I said, “Good morning, Wife. I am honored by your presence. I see you arranged a wondrous breakfast for your lover.”

As I sat down close to her, she replied, “Yes, Honey, you are my lover, the only lover I shall ever have. I made sure that I did not lose even one drop of our seed. By granting my wish to have you marry and love me, I am richer than any miser can imagine. Darling, I thank you for loving me and making me see that I do possess real value in the world. Value, I will prove to everyone one day. I know I have a choice in my life.”

I put my left arm around her and said, “Sweetheart, what you say is so true for you are so much more valuable to this planet than you realized. One day, I will tell you many things and you will understand.”

We turned to our breakfast and Ariel began to feed me small portions. When I protested she said, “Husband, it is my holy duty to take care of you in all matters and today such matters consist of feeding you food and my love. So be quiet and eat.”

I smiled and followed my wife’s orders. I was pleased to see her happy after so many years of abuse by her aunties.

After breakfast, Ariel asked me to see if her female organs had been healed?

Ariel looked at her skin and could find no blemishes. She asked, “Husband, is my vulva normal once again, please look and tell me, please,” as she lifted her gown and pulled it up to her breasts and laid on the bed with her legs apart.

So I kneeled down and looked at her labia and her clitoral shafts. I felt around her introitus and all was soft and firm. I replied, “Yes, Wife, all is as it should be. You are beautiful and perfect everywhere I looked and touched.”

“Can I have our baby, Darling? I want our baby so very much. Making love for our baby sounds so wonderful and spiritual, “ Ariel asked.

“Honey, its seems that it might be possible,” I replied and then lifted her up off the bed so her gown fell down and I carried Ariel downstairs to be with his disciples.

Thomas and John came up to Ariel and John said, “Sister, Thomas and I have a surprise for you. Come with us to see it.”

I carried her outside to the yard and sitting on the ground was a carrier made entirely of cane and twine which had a comfortable chair and was easily carried by two persons.

“Husband, I must sit in my chair immediately. What a nice surprise and present. This is the first present I ever received since my Mommy died. Actually, my first present sent to me by the High God was my Husband. He is so handsome, so kind, so intelligent, and I know he loves all of us more than we will ever know.”

I seated Ariel into her chair and John and Thomas picked her up, she was not at all heavy for she was not very tall and rather skinny. They carried her all around the yard and Daniel and Samuel walked in front of the carrier announcing that a Queen from a faraway land was approaching and so everyone must bow in respect. The other disciples picked up things so to make some noise as they marched around. Soon they returned and we all had a good laugh.

Everyone was delighted as they could feel how special Ariel felt having friends after being alone so many years. They knew her history for Thomas had told them and they were all a little angry with her aunties.

I carried Ariel back into the inn so to share food and beverage with her brothers. Thomas held the brothers back until Rav and Ariel had gone through the inn door.

He turned to his brother s saying, “Every day, our Rav performs another miracle of love and compassion. Although he denies being the Son of the Holy Family, I think he is God Incarnate. But, as he prefers the title Son of Man, let us continue to use it as necessary. Last one sitting down is a Pharisee.”

The brothers scrambled through the inn door and fought so to not be the last seated.

I asked, “Is anything wrong, friends?”

Daniel answered, “Nothing, Rav, we are just hungry.”

During breakfast, I always taught a lesson to my disciples. Today, was no exception. I began, “Today’s tale is about the frog who thought he knew everything.”

Once there lived a community of frogs far away from civilization. They lived in a nice lake full of fish and insects to eat and nice lily pads to sun upon with easy escape into the water if any predators were close.

Now the King and Queen frog had a single son who was extremely clever and spent most of his day traveling around the lake so to observe how all the animals passed the day. He had an excellent memory so it was most difficult to contend with as he was always correct about the lake and its living creatures.

The other frogs called him ‘Prince Know It All’ whenever he was not present. Being correct all of the time made him very proud and haughty and he looked down on most of the other frogs.

So one day, after many complaints from the court, the King swan to visit the Wise frog. He arrived, paid the necessary courtesies and explained the problem.

The Wise frog thought for some time. Finally, he said, “I have the solution. I will send your son a special dream every night until he learns how to be a true frog prince.

The King thanked the Wise frog and swam home happily. When he arrived at the royal lily pad palace he told his wife of the Wise frog’s plan. The Queen wasn’t too sure but was happy that something was being done.

That very night, the Frog Prince had a most strange dream. He was traveling in the lake and came upon another frog with a black hood over his head with eye holes. Whenever the prince tried to learn something new, the other frog interfered stopping the frog Prince from learning something new about the lake.

He had this dream every night for a month and finally went to his father and told him of his dream. The King suggested he swim to the home of the Wise frog and ask what he thinks as he is more clever than anyone else, including, you, son.

The frog Prince acknowledged that the Wise frog was much more knowledgeable than himself and swam to his home as soon as he could.

After paying the proper courtesies to the Wise frog, the Prince told him of his dream. He said that he was most upset and hoped the Wise frog could tell him what to do.

The Wise frog, smiling inwardly, thought for a very long time and then announced, “Young Prince, next time you see the frog in the black hood, ask him to show you his face, then you will know who he really is.”

The frog Prince replied, “Master, what a brilliant idea. I shall do so tonight for sure.”

The Frog Prince did as he said and when the hooded frog showed up he said, “Take off your hood and show me your face. I must know who is opposing me in all that I do.”

The hooded frog let how a big laugh and took off his hood. He replied, “Prince, the only person interfering in your life is yourself. You have never taken time to get to know other frogs nor study your inside self.”

The Frog Prince was shocked when he saw that his enemy was none other than his pride and need to be always correct. He bowed to the other frog saying, “I know you are the Wise frog in truth, but I have learned my lesson. I shall start studying my thoughts, feelings, and actions to see how they arise and unfold. I will work to be present in the here and now so I can be of use to other frogs as a true Prince should be. I will begin to look within more often than without.”

When the Prince awoke he was true to his promise to the Wise frog. He stopped studying the lake and began to study himself so to stop his unwholesome actions and encourage his wholesome ones.

After a few seasons, all the frogs called him ‘Prince Who Cares’ and all of them learned to love him as he loves each of them.

I asked for the meaning of this story. The first one to answer was Ariel. Ariel said, “Husband, what an easy question. The answer is that hubris is not wholesome and should be avoided. Moreover, love for God and man is not to be found studying only the physical world. One must begin to look within for the inner path to Divinity. I imagine you know a deeper meaning, Honey?

“ Smiling she added, “I guess you were the frog Prince in another life, eh?”

Everyone had a good laugh, including, me.

“Brothers, I give you my beloved wife, Ariel. She is a keeper for sure. But, there is a deeper meaning, any takers,” I asked?”

Thomas suggested, “I think the story refers to the untapped intelligence of our personal soul-seed. If we learn how to connect with it, it serves as a channel to the Holy Spirit–the formless comforter and provider of wisdom.”

“Good job, Thomas. I suggest all of you consider the story in your contemplation period before bed.” I finished.

I turned to Matthew saying, “Look at Ariel and tell me what you see.”

Matthew, who was the keeper of the group’s monies, answered, “Rav, I see a delightful angel before my eyes. She is beyond beautiful. She is goddess-like. I see why you chose her for your wife.”

All the other brethren interjected, “It is true Rav, Ariel is the most beautiful woman in all of creation. She was never crippled or disfigured. She appeared this way only because she and her evil stepsisters believed she was ugly.”

Thomas, the wisest of the group, said, “Brothers, it is as you say and as Rav has taught us for such a long time. True beauty and holiness are not seen with the human eyes, but with the eyes of the soul. I bless our dear sister and our Rav three times for showing us such a simple truth by his and her actions.”

Ariel turned towards me with a bright light in her eyes, “Husband, you are the Son of the High God for you work miracles right before our eyes. I know most people do not see these miracles, but your friends and I do, my beloved. I cannot understand why everyone does not love you for clearly you love all of us and everyone you meet.”

I was silent for a moment. Then, I said, “If you open your eyes you will see, if you open your ears you will hear, if you open your heart you will love and love is all that is needed. Let’s pack our few possessions and leave for Tiberias.”

The group did as instructed and soon they were on the road to Tiberias with Samuel and Matthew carrying their beloved sister.

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