The Akashic Journal of Yeshua-4

Darlings, remember such biographies are meant to be entertaining and provide deep insights to those who desire them.

Chapter 4: On The Road To Tiberias

Tiberias was a two-day trip which would require one-night camping. The route was hilly, but the Brothers took turns caring Ariel. As Ariel had not traveled much, she was very excited and asked so many questions of Rav. Rav patiently answered each and every question.

Thomas loved to watch Rav interact with people for he was always calm and collected and never seemed to get angry. Plus, it was pleasant to see that Ariel had never lost her child inside, even after being abused and degraded for so many years. Though he had never asked, he guessed that she could be no more than twenty (and he was correct).

Our group had covered some thirteen miles by high noon and so I decided that it was time to rest and have some bread, cheese, and beer. I located a nice spot under some tall trees and everyone sat and opened up the food bags.

Ariel asked, “Husband, may I give the blessing again. It is such a good blessing for it reminds all of us to be humble in all things and to consciously do this because it is the way of the High God.”

I smiled saying, “Go ahead, Wife. Give the blessing.”

Ariel blessed the food and beer and everyone broke bread and cheese within their community of friends. Ariel had never known any real community with the witches and was sure that they must be in heaven.

After the food was finished, our group was disturbed by the sudden appearance of the wicked aunts. They moved quickly so to take back Ariel, who was in a fright, but they could not grab her or anyone else. Frustrated, they turned angrily to me.

The eldest yelled, “We have come to claim our rightful property, our ugly sister. We own her and not you,”

I did not bother to stand up. In the kindest and softest voice, I answered, “Actually, neither of us own Ariel. She is a free woman and can choose who she wants to be with and where. Moreover, Ariel is not your niece nor your rightful property, as she was stolen from me originally. By the Law, she is my wife and so if anyone has power over her actions, it is me. So, you may leave any time.”

The witches were taken back by my firmness, They thought, “How would he know this? I will ask.

“Rav, who is your mother?”

Rav answered, “My mother is named Miriam. I am sure you know of her.”

The witch knew that I was the twin brother of Ariel and a deep fear creep into her heart. She knew that I could end her existence with just a thought.

So she replied, “Of course, Miriam of Nazareth. Nice lady.”

She turned and said to her sister, “I think it is time to leave. We will leave our spiteful and homely sister to her new husband.”

They vanished is a whirlwind of dust.

Ariel anxiously turned to me saying, “Are they really gone? Gone for good, I mean. I am so afraid of them, Honey.”

I put my arm around Ariel saying, “She is not gone for good, but she can never separate you from me for Holy Father and I forbid such separation. However, the witch is very powerful and will interfere in our ministry as best she can. Her only desire is to destroy my person.

“But, she is a foolish witch and foolish witches never come to a good end. Though she thinks I stole you from them in truth, she does not realize that I need her wickedness so to accomplish my mission on Earth.

“Also, I declare to you that you were ordained to be my wife and mate and I searched for you for many years. This is why you followed and listened to us teach for many days so to overcome the evils that the witches perpetrated upon your physical vehicle.
“Today, I have come to understand much more than I understood before. I cannot tell you anything more, but I will share the following.”

Turning to Ariel, I continued, “Most precious wife, the pain and suffering you experienced with the evil witches was not an accident, but a most necessary test for you.

“The Most Holy Father needed for you to be born from your mother as I will explain one day. The Most Holy Father knew you and she would suffer, but he knew you were strong and hoped that you could tolerate such without filling your heart with hate. And, my love, so you did and your beloved mother did.

“So my dear friends, remember this lesson. Sometimes, the Holy Father sends onto us great suffering, not to torture or demean us, but to overcome such suffering so to become closer to Him and Mother. To move closer in kinship to the Holy Family.  Since, most of the time we do not know whether or not, He sent us suffering, or it is just poor luck, it is good to think so for it makes you stronger.

I stood up and lifted up Ariel saying. “What I just told everyone is absolutely true, darling. I have searched for you all of my life and when we met I knew whom you were. Now, I know why Holy Father said you will regain your heavenly form one day on Earth. Still, I wish I could have saved you many years ago.”

Ariel and the others were quite confused with the turn of events. However, Ariel’s happiness increased, as now everyone understood that I had not married her purely out of pity and principle, but because I needed and loved her.

She thought, “I have found my purpose. My life is looking rosier with each passing hour. He must be the Son of God. My husband’s will shall be my will, his goals my goals, his destiny my destiny. So help me God.”

When all the provisions and blankets were repacked and Ariel was sitting in her chair, I went to the front of the carrier and Thomas to the rear. We lifted up the chair and placed one end of each pole upon our shoulders and began to walk towards Tiberias.

Soon Ariel started singing a modified popular song of the peasants during harvesting and all joined in. They sang happily, “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Tiberias we go, to preach good tidings to one and all. Heigh ho, heigh ho.”

The remainder of the trip was uneventful and Ariel kept everyone well entertained with stories and songs. How she knew them no one knew, except myself, and I would not say.

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