Chapter 2: The Miracle of the Beggar Maid  Part 2

I knew Mother was speaking with her and I realized that Ariel had found me, proving that our connection was legitimate and divine. So I took a cloth, water, and soap and bathed every part of her. At first, she was very shy, but soon responded with joy to my touch.”

As I gently washed her skin, I asked her if she trusted in love with all her soul?”

She answered, “Yes, Husband, I trust in your love with all my soul. I believe your love is the key to my future in every way. I know that Holy Mother gave you to me to cherish and comfort and take care of always.”

I noted to her what I saw, “Beloved, I see that your aunts beat you on the back, buttocks, and thighs many times for you have scars. I see they burned you on your breasts and labia. You have healed rib fractures. Still, they did not damage your face. I wonder why?”

“Sweet Husband, you are so gentle when you touch me. I like it very much. I am sorry. I am sorry my skin is not smooth and unmarked. I want to be perfect for you, my Beloved. I want you to feel my love for you is pure and sweet, I want to make you the best child ever. This is the first time in my life since Mommy died that I have felt safe. Thank you for accepting such a deformed woman for your wife.

“Husband, do such wounds decrease your desire for me as a wife? I wish I could be whole and perfect for you for you deserve such a perfect wife.”

I replied holding up her hands to my lips, “Ariel, still you do not understand me very well. When I look at your naked body, I see it as you were meant to be. By washing you with soap and love, I see that you have perfect breasts with pretty nipples. You have a beautiful face and neck. Your hands are slender and so gentle with little animals–I can see this in you. I see a pure and loving heart which cannot hate anything.

“Even, as you now are, I find you to be the most beautiful woman on this planet. One day, I will give you babies for I want my children to come to life in only one womb, your womb.

“I am so sorry that they tortured and hurt you, Ariel. Like you, I have no hate or malice towards such defective and soulless creatures, but they need to be taken care of one day. But, do not worry for they shall never hurt you ever again.”

Ariel threw her arms around my neck saying, “You want me to carry our babies, in my womb. Oh, Husband, I know you cannot be human for your love is too refined. I shall honor you, dear husband and tend to your needs for as long as I live for I know you want me just as I am. Husband, I love you with all of my being. I know there truly is a God for God sent you to me to love and take care of. Yes, Husband, I shall only see myself as you see me, perfect and beautiful and this is sufficient.”

As I washed the dust from her body, I prayed to my Father to allow my touch to return her skin to its original state. As I washed her, I knew that her skin would lose its scars and discoloration. My heart thanked Father for Ariel’s sake.

Then, Ariel asked, “Husband, may I wash you?”

I replied, “Yes, honey.”

So Ariel washed me as best she could and was not shy to touch and see my manhood respond to her so heartedly. After we both were well washed and clean, I carried her to the bed asking, “Ariel, shall I make love to you as my wife?”

She replied, “I have dreamed of making love for a long time. I know we cannot have intercourse, but show me how to make love and how to please you, husband.”

I replied, “For the moment, it is my duty to please you, Beloved. So just enjoy and learn.”

And I did teach her how to be pleased and to feel the sweetness of corporeal and spiritual love. Then, we slept.

As the sun was setting, Thomas knocked on the door. I arose and placed on a clean garment and opened the door. He saw a smiling Ariel in the bed. His first thought was, “At last, this poor woman feels loved. I would say she feels loved like a beloved wife. Rav works many miracles and loves truly in so many ways.”

Thomas said, “Here is a new gown for your wife, Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes.”

I replied, “Thank you, my dearest friend. It is such a pleasure being with you for your thoughts are always kind and giving. Someday, you will sit with the Holy Family and be fully at peace. But, first, I will consecrate the foundation of my spiritual church to you so to build with your own hands and those of our brothers.”

Thomas left and I gave the gown to Ariel and helped her put it on. Then, I found a band for her hair and arranged her hair nicely.

When I was finished, I told her, “Ariel, tonight I will tell my friends that I decided to marry and chose you, for within your heart lives Holy Father and Holy Mother. Do not be shy. Brother Thomas is happy for you and so will the rest. And before we eat, I will allow you to read the blessing from my notebook.”

Ariel looked up most surprised, “Darling of my heart, I would be so honored to do this for you for I want to learn everything about your High God.”

I replied, “Sweetheart, I learned much more about your life when we made love for your heart was fully open so I could read such. Your love for me means you cannot keep any secrets from me. Do you understand?”

Ariel answered, “Yes, Husband, I understand. I will always act so you will be proud of your wife.”

I smiled knowing what she said was an absolute truth to her.

In my head, I heard Mother say, “Son, Father and I are most pleased with you for finding your sister. I do not have to worry about her anymore.”

I carried Ariel downstairs to the dining room and Thomas pointed to two chairs he had left unoccupied. I helped Ariel sit at the table and remained standing.

I said, “Brothers, I have decided to take a wife to love and cherish and she sits to my left at this table. Her name is Ariel and she is to be respected and helped when needed. Perhaps, some of you see her as homely and not desirable. I see her as she truly is, perfect of form and with a heart so pure it puts all of us to shame. Who would like to toast our sacred marriage?”

Thomas began to stand up, but John placed his arm onto Thomas saying, “Thomas, please let me make the first toast.”

Thomas remained seated and John stood up and lifted his wine saucer,

“ Brothers, today when Ariel approached Rav, I asked him to forget her and come with me to the next town. Rav rebuked me, and rightly so, for I felt that I was more important than the crippled lady.

“Now, I understand how all knowing and all loving our Rav is within. His eyes saw beauty and love in Ariel, where my eyes saw deformity and ugliness. I am still ashamed for my lack of faith in Rav and his rule of kindness to everyone as best as you can.

“So, I give, and I hope each of you will give, an essence promise to Rav and Ariel that each of us will care, protect, help, and cherish Ariel as a true sister. And I further promise to give my corporeal life so to protect her from all evil.

“So I toast both of you as to your marriage and I promise to treat Ariel as my own sister forever more.”

All the brothers repeated the toast one at a time. Ariel was smiling a big smile and felt wanted and important at long last. Rav had tears in his eyes as he felt the love being given by John and the others.

After everyone sat down, I gave my notebook to Ariel and asked her to read the blessing so supper may begin.

Ariel found the blessing on the proper page and read clearly and distinctly, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat, who are oppressed, and are damaged so as not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So, Mote, It Be.”

As she finished reading the blessing she knew that I was so much more than what I claimed to be. She realized that I actually believed and practiced this blessing in every encounter I made. I truly did not consider myself above anyone. My ego was without conceit nor pride. Only a true son of God could be so openly and honestly noble.

Ariel made an essence promise to Holy Mother and Father, “Thou who created everything for our benefit, I give you my essence promise that I will do my very best to learn to love as my Husband loves. One day, I pray that he and I will be joined as One, as you two are joined. Amen.”

The supper went very well for everyone and all drunk a little more wine than usual.

During dinner, a young serving maid approached Ariel asking, “Mistress, I am very shy and afraid to ask your husband for he is a great Rabbi. I have a mother who is very ill and I am afraid she will leave me soon. I have no husband and so I will be alone and I will miss her so. Would your husband heal her?  I know the High God lives in his heart and he can heal her.”

Ariel interrupted Rav’s conversation with Thomas, “Honey, excuse me, this young lady needs you to favor a request.”

Rav turned toward Ariel and the young girl saying, “Come, Salome, give me your hands and look me directly into my eyes.”

Salome did as Rav asked and he took her two hands into his, asking, “Child, do you and your mother love the High God with all of your hearts and try to live honestly and devoutly every day?”

Salome answered, “Yes, Rabbi. Mother taught me to love and trust in the High God since I was first born.”

Rav bent so he could kiss Salome on her cheek, “I think your mother is at the inn door. Go to her and hug her. Bring her to me to speak with, please.”

Salome’s mother entered the room fully healed and excited. She saw Salome standing next to Rav and ran over to them. She told her daughter, “Darling, a short time ago, I was praying that you will find a good husband, as I was not long for this world. I shall an angel standing before me.”

He said, “Arise, Mother, for the My Beloved Son has returned you to full health. Go tell your daughter for she is worried sick about you.”

So, I arose from my bed, dressed, and here I am. Turning to Rav, the lady fell to her knees and placed her head on my arm crying, “Thank you, Rabbi. Truly, you are the Son of God. Thank you.”

I smiled, as a bright light shone around my head. I replied, “Go home and pray and thank my Father and Mother for your health. Also, they found a good husband for your daughter and you will live to enjoy many grandchildren. Go now. God Bless both of you.”

Salome and her mother left for their simple home.

Ariel and everyone else in the inn dining area heard every word and all had tears in their eyes. The inn was so silent that one could hear everyone’s hearts beating.

At last, Ariel broke the silence, “Husband, I do not understand what just happened. How could the mother be healed before the daughter asked?”

I answered, “Never allow the limitations imposed by time and space to prevent you from doing good works. Remember, all of us are the working hands of Holy Father and Holy Mother. When your faith is stronger than you reason, all is possible.

“The mother is healed because the daughter had absolute faith in the love of the Holy Family and the mother only prayed to bestow a husband on her daughter. I interceded because of her faith and because of her mother’s unselfishness”

The old cook from the kitchen blurted out, “May the Holy Family bless and keep all of us safe and give us the strength to persevere regardless of our suffering.”

I said, “In the Divine Names of the Father and the Mother, I bless all who are present. Faith above reason is everything.

“I think now is a good time to go to bed. I have decided that tomorrow we leave for Tiberias. Ariel and I stood and I carried her to our nuptial bed.

While the other brothers left for their rooms, John said to Thomas, “Friend Thomas, let you and I spend this night building a light carriage so we can carry Ariel with ease up hills and through sands. I am sure Rav will approve.”

Thomas replied, “You really do love our new sister! I can feel it in my heart. Let us go get cane and twine and finish it tonight.”

The two brothers left to the yard.

Ariel and I arrived at our room and I undressed her and pulled down the sheets of the bed.

She looked up to me with her big, doe-like eyes asking, “Husband, please make love with me tonight, please. I want to become one with you so much. I want you to be in my space where two are truly one. I want to feel your seed going into my womb.

“I saw such love in the eyes of the mother and the daughter and I want us to have such in our life.”

I saw that her desire was more spiritual and carnal. I replied, “Ariel, I told you that you will die if you give birth to a child before you are totally healed. I will be able to save the child, but not you. Are you sure?”

“I am sure, Honey. I will not die for I know that I am yours forever and that Holy Mother wants us to have a son. I have as much faith as does Salome and her mother. Come and give me a baby, now.”

I marveled at her faith and trust she had for me and my Parents. I answered, “Ariel, tonight we will see if we can bring another divine soul into this universe. If you pay close attention, you will feel the presence of Holy Mother and Father, as you enjoy the pleasure I will give to you, because I love you, sweet Wife.”

Ariel and I made love more sweet and tender than any human can imagine. I was so gentle with her and did not rush her. The room was filled with orbs of light and angels singing.

And Holy Mother and my Mother brought Ariel’s mother to show her how good a job she did raising her daughter so she could enjoy the honest love of a husband. Ariel’s mother was now at peace.

Moments before I was ready to place seed into her vagina, Ariel reached climax saying, “Fill me with seed for our son. I adore you, darling. I feel your seed, I feel your seed. Come all the way into me and stop.”

As Ariel was about to fall asleep in my arms, she said to me, “Husband, I am well pleased with you for giving me such divine pleasure. I am so happy to have your seed within my womb. Thank you for accepting and loving me. I will never forget.”

Then, she turned her heart to the female voice she had heard saying, “Holy Mother, I will be the best wife to Yeshua and love him always. Soon, I will give you and Father a beautiful grandchild. Watch over my husband and Mother, please. And if I need to be sacrificed for his work, so mote it be.”

Thomas and John finished the carrier, as whatever supply they required just showed up in their hands, another one of Rav’s endless miracles.

After the carrier was finished, Thomas turned to John saying, “John. I know none of us fathom why Rav does many things. Perhaps, one day he will tell us. But, my heart tells me the Rav married Ariel, not only because he adores her, but because she is an important part of our ministry. Watching how he treats her tells me that he really loves her in a most special way.”

John replied, “I agree, Thomas. I am sure one day all of us will know why they are married. I am sure Rav will remove all her physical deformities so her physical appearance matches her heavenly appearance when the proper time arrives.

“When, I watch her, I think she doesn’t even care that her body is so damaged and would follow us on her crutch if she had too. For her, loving Rav and feeling loved by him is all that matters anymore. I am sure she would sacrifice herself, as all of us would, to assure the success of our ministry.”

Thomas nodded in agreement, “Friend John, I have never seen a purer, more authentic, and deeper love than she shows for Rav. It is almost as if she is no longer upon the physical and is with Rav on the spiritual. I think this is why we saw her in her spiritual form. She is utterly beautiful and untainted.”

John added, “Doesn’t she remind you of Rav’s mother, Miriam. Sometimes, when she is with us, I see her in her full spiritual beauty. I know she is sinless. In any case, let us share a repast together and await the surprise.

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