Teaching on Parables


This post arose over a discussion of whether or not Genesis is a literal, historical narrative or simply a parable.  The discussion arose because another person seemed to take this story literally and so was in great despair over life and was full of shame.  So to help him rise above his issue, I recommended that he treat the story of fallen angels as a bit of nonsense as it is not rationally reliable and unnecessary in today’s world.  Rather, he should work upon optimizing his communication with his God.

By definition parables are not literal, historical narratives.  They are created so to give meaning, purpose, and poetic explanation.  Genesis is not scientifically or literal historical, but only an explanation for what exists created with the understanding available at the time. It is a fictional narrative to fill a factual gap.

Reading allegory into such myths does not correct their origin.

I am in full agreement that parables speak to our inner selves in ways that history cannot do.  Most of what I share are parables.  But, any one parable is not suitable for any one person .  They can elevate one to Mt Olympus and they can force one deeper into the shadows of Hades.

So as long as one does not believe that a parable is historical truth and it is psychologically useful for the person, I would recommend it.  If the parable causes a person to doubt his or her potential for success in his or her life, robs him or her of the nature inner worth given to us at birth, frustrates free choice, or otherwise weakens his or her quest, it is an evil parable for them.

As, I think should be apparent by this time, personally, I have no beliefs or dogmas to support or die for.  I am only a storyteller doing my humble best to help others find a feasible and true path to enlightenment.  What clothes they choose to clothe such enlightenment is not very relevant to me, if it gives them comfort during the process, God Bless them.

But, in the end, all our stories, parables, legends, and fables become unnecessary and will hinder our final union with the God of Our Heart and Realization.

I do not know very much, but I do know that I will never put any man made thought or feeling between my true self and the Godhead.  For accepting all ways and favoring none is the narrow and straight path of return.

So, I imagine that one could say the the strongest belief is open non-belief for it does not follow any one dogma, but all of them in the spirit of open exploration.

Glad to hear that you sneak a second chocolate after dinner.

Love, Michael

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