Memorial Day 2018

The Soldier’s Prayer

Dear God of my heart and realization:
As a soldier, I have taken an oath of duty and honor
to guard and protect my fellow countrymen,
even if the price for my oath is death.

But, even more, I pray that my behavior as a soldier
is both honorable and beneficial to all mankind eventually,
and that my behavior is representative of Your Divine Goodness.

Regardless of the nature of the conflict into which I am sent to fight,
I pray, that I never forget that the enemy who stands across from myself,
is a man just as I am a man,
has a family which loves and wants him back home,
has suffered the loss of friends and family, as have I,
is not evil or inhumane for we are one species and one people.

It is inevitable that in war, we shall kill and maim each other,
neither of us will recover emotionally from the horror of war,
we will most likely commit many unpardonable sins against YOU,
but, I pray, that your Wisdom and Love will always be my Guide
and the Guide of my enemy, for this moment in time and forever more.

May this conflict end soon so that all of us may return to our families,
and begin to exercise a true effort to repair our disagreements for the goodness of both nations.


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