The Ant Who Bragged To Much

The Ant Who Bragged To Much

Once there was a very clever, but not very wise ant. She was just a regular ant, but carried on, as if she was the Royal Queen. Rather than working for the good of the collective, she continually complained that the worker and soldier ants did not need to be ruled by a Queen Ant. A democracy were every ant is equal is far superior to a monarchy. After all, any ant could become a Queen under the proper hormonal exposure.

The Royal Queen was quite tolerant with her worker ants, but eventually she realized that this particular ant was not useful to the nest. So she summoned the clever ant to her throne room for a discussion. The ant was quite pleased that the Queen had noticed her and asked for a meeting. So the ant prepared a long list of what the Queen and her advisors should do to establish a democracy.

On the day of the meeting with the Queen, the worker ant prepared herself so to be as presentable as possible. She even visited the ant nursery so to have the proper pheromones.

The clever ant was lead into the throne room by a soldier ant. She bowed respectfully and began telling the Queen of her grand plan. The Queen listened quietly and when the clever ant was finished said, “What a good plan, clever ant, I think you need to discuss it with Holy Grasshopper so to find out what the priests think. So go ask and return to me with their suggestion.”

The clever ant, thinking she had won the battle, did as she was told. She found the Holy Grasshopper and was ushered into her Presence. The clever ant relied the Queen’s Message to the Holy Grasshopper. When, the clever ant was finished, the Holy Grasshopper ate her.

She told her assistant to thank the Queen for sending such a clever ant to her with a message. “You were right to send this ant to me, my Dear. She is not so clever after all. She does not mean well, but only wants to disrupt.

This Lesson has to do with understanding and respecting the spiritual hierarchy.

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