When, we left the library I told Sister, “Mummy, your birthday is not over yet. We need to take a walk and I will buy you a treat for I saved up some money for you.”

So we strolled towards the restaurant chosen by Sister Agnes Louise and when we got there I took her inside. Sitting in the corner was Sister Agnes Louise with our present wrapped for Mummy. Sister Agnes Louise waved us over to the table and we sat down.

“Today, Anna Marie, we are going to celebrate your natal day. It is our secret, so do not tell the other sisters. But to tell you the truth, this is all Miguel’s idea for he really wanted to give you a birthday party so you will know that you are special to us and that we love you,” finished Sister Agnes Louise.

Sister Anna Marie started to cry for such warmth and joy poured into her sweet heart from the Kingdom of the Holy Family Within. She did not know what to say, but she finally realized that she was really and honestly loved by Grandmother and me. Her father’s meanness was now unimportant.

She wiped her eyes saying in a broken voice, “I love both of you for you two are my real family. I was never a bad little girl, but I was a strong little girl. Thank you, both.”

Sister Agnes Louise and I had tears of joy in our eyes. Sister Agnes Louise said, “Enough. We are here to celebrate the day the Holy Family kissed your birth with a soul-seed, not to be emotional.”

She called out, “Jose, we are ready for Sister Anna Marie’s birthday dinner.”

Jose, the owner of the restaurant, served as our waiter and we all had the best meal in our lives. Well, my life was less than four years, but it was really good.

After our dinner was finished, Jose came out of the kitchen with a birthday cake having 19 burning candles. The waiters and kitchen staff were playing on some musical instruments and singing a Spanish birthday greeting.

Sister Anna Marie did not know what to do for she was so very happy. All she could say was “Thank you Holy Mother, God Bless all of you. I never had a birthday celebration, ever.”

Jose placed the cake on the table and told Sister Anna Marie to make a grand wish and blow out the candles so the smoke and Holy Spirit will carry her wish to heaven. She closed her eyes, took my hand into hers, took in a deep breath and blew all the candles out. Everyone clapped. Jose said, “Bravo, Sister, bravo.”

Jose handed Sister the cake knife saying, “Cut enough slices for all of us here so we can honor your holy day by eating some of your cake. Rita, bring out some Sangria for everyone. Even, our little gentleman.”

So on this momentous day, a miracle was accomplished in old San Juan. For when I looked into Mummy’s heart, I saw that Ariel and Holy Mother had removed every last spec of darkness and pain and replaced it with the purest glow. For the first time in her life, Mummy’s aura glowed with a soft golden-white light which everyone could see at the party.

I saw that both Divine Ariel and Holy Mother were standing next to Mummy with their arms around her neck. I understood why Mummy was glowing, but I said nothing. I looked over at Sister Agnes Louise and I knew that she saw what I saw.

Rita, Jose’s spirited wife, was the first to say something, “Everyone, look the Holy Virgin Mother and the Holy Spirit have blessed this child for she shines with the Holy Light. It is a miracle, Jose, a real miracle. God has blessed all of us. Praise to Our Lord and His Mother.”

Everyone present repeated after her, “Praise to Our Lord and His Mother.”

After things had quieted down and the table was cleared and Sister Anna Marie had stopped glowing, both of noticed that she had been permanently transformed, as she was no longer burdened by her past mental and emotional pain.

When, I looked deeply into her eyes, I saw that she and I were One, Divine, “I-Thou.” Two in manifestation, but only One in Essence. She and I were in the bed chamber with room sufficient only for one unified Ego. I saw that her love for me was now unconditional and that our love had been forever. Truly, the Holy Family brought to all of us, a wondrous miracle.


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