After, we found the medical reference room, which was absent of other people, praise the Lord, I took Sister to a table next to the window which had two wooden chairs next to each other.

“Mummy, we need to find some anatomy books which show pictures of sexual organs and explain all about making babies,” informing her of the purpose of our mission.

Sister Anna Marie was silent for a moment and then she whispered in my ear, “Honey, we can’t look at such books. What would Sister Theresa say if she knew what you wanted to do? No, we cannot do this.”

I stood firm and replied, “Yes, we can do this Mummy. I know neither you nor I know how to make a baby. And, if we do not know how, we won’t be able to make our baby when I am all grown up and we are married in church. It is very rational, Mummy.”

Sister Anna Marie was forced to agree and so she and I looked for books with pictures of male and female sex organs and how babies were made. After, we had located some good ones, we took them back to our desk and began our scientific study.

“Mummy, we shall begin our study with females so open the proper page and we will learn what everything is named. I will read quietly, Mummy, as I am the man of our house and so I am responsible for you.”

Sister Anna Marie replied after hitting me with her elbow, “OK, Husband. You may read to your Beloved Wife and Mummy.”

Mummy and I located all the parts of her vulva. I also read the text as to what each part did. Mummy was a little shy at first, but soon was fully engrossed in her birthday present. After, we finished with the female, we turned to pictures of the male. We looked at flaccid and erect.

Mummy said, “Honey, I think your erect penis is much handsomer than these pictures and it will be even bigger when you are a man. I like it very much, honey, which is why I like to look at it.”

I replied, “That is nice, Mummy. I want always to be handsome for you. I want to look at you after our bath and name all of your parts. I know you must have the most beautiful vulva in the universe.”

Sister smiled and look downward as I made her feel shy. I said, “It is OK, Mummy. Remember, we are married in Heaven.”

After part one of our project was finished, Sister Anna Marie said, “Let us find some books showing how girls and boys change as they grown up.”

“Good idea, Mummy.”

So we returned the first set of books to their places on the shelves and found a book showing photos of how puberty changes our genital organs. We studied the pictures and the text together.

At last Mummy said, “See Honey, I stopped changing before I developed any genital hair and periods. The book said it was because of a hormone problem. But, to tell you the truth, I like not having pubic or underarm hair and periods. I am sorry, Honey, but you and I cannot make a little baby girl to love. I hope you are not angry with me?”

I placed my right hand onto her left hand saying, “I love you, Mummy. And even without babies we still will make love, because we love each other. Right, Mummy?”

Sister looked into my eyes and some tears gathered in the corners. She said, “I am the luckiest lady in the world for I feel such precious love and acceptance from you, dear Miguel. Sometimes, I think you must be very, very ancient because you always know what to say and do. Yes, we will make love together in the eyes of the Holy Family.”

After, we finished with our developmental lesson, Sister Anna Marie said, “Miguel, I want to find out how babies are made. How to make love. Let us go find some books.”

We searched for the proper books and Sister Anna Marie read them to me very quietly, even though, the room was empty of other persons.

She whispered, “Honey, to make a baby your penis must be very hard and it goes into my vagina. The book says when I am sexually aroused, I will produce juices and so I will be wet so it is easy to go in. The book says that either you must move in and out and I must climb on top of you and kneel so your penis is inside of me and I can move up and down. This is very helpful information.

“And you were absolutely correct, Honey. This is the best birthday present I have ever received. How did you know that I wanted to learn how to make a baby?”

“Mummy, it was rather obvious to me. For you told me in your dreams. I know you get wet in bed sometimes. I am a clever boy, remember?”

“Yes, Honey, you are a clever boy. Let’s find a book showing different ways to make love, OK?”

As we left the library, Sister Anna Marie kissed me on my cheek saying, “Miguel, you were correct. The best present I ever had was our visit to the library. And you were also correct for you told me that libraries have birthday presents.  Yes, we have many experiments to practice.

“Take my hand, my precious. I love you so much for you are my savior on Earth.”



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