One day, when Sister and I were having a lesson with Sister Agnes Louise, Mummy excused herself, as she had to go to the restroom. Seizing the opportunity, I asked, “Sister Agnes Louise. Mummy’s birthday is coming soon. Do you know no one ever celebrated her birthday. Everyone should have at least a small birthday party, I think? I remember two birthdays and they were nice.”

Sister thought for a moment and replied, “Well, Miguel, nuns do not celebrate birthdays and do not get presents. But, then again, Sister Anna Marie is not yet a nun and she had a sad childhood. I think that you and I can go to old San Juan and make a surprise birthday party for Sister. It is our secret, OK?”

I hugged Sister Agnes Louise saying, “You are the best granny in the whole world!”

So Sister Agnes Louise and I quickly planned a date to have a party at a small restaurant in old San Juan. It turns out that Sister Agnes Louise had many friends in the old city.

“Sister Agnes Louise, what can we give her as a birthday present so the other nuns won’t be suspicious,” I asked?

Sister replied, “I have a very old Bible which we can give to her. You can draw a birthday card and put it in the book for her. She will like this very much. What do you think?”

I said, “You are so clever Grandmother. But, I want to take her to the public library in the morning on her birthday. Can we have her party near lunchtime? Neither of us has ever visited the library. She would like this very much.”

Sister replied, “OK. I know a nice little restaurant who makes birthday cakes close to the library. I will be at the restaurant so when you two are finished with your study period, you can bring her to me and we will surprise her.”

“OK, Sister Agnes Louise, lets shake on it,” as I held out my right hand and shook Sister’s right hand.

And so our secret plan began. The time passed until a few days before Mummy’s birthday when it was time for our plan.

After a few months working with Sister Anna Marie, I was able to read the Bible and other sacred text quite competently. So one afternoon, I asked Sister Anna Marie, “Mummy is there a big library in San Juan? I want to look through some reference books?”

Sister Anna Marie seemed a little surprised at my simple request for she had learned that my requests were not as innocent, as they sounded. She asked, “Honey, why do you want to go to the public library? Is there a particular book you want me to check out for you?”

“No, I just want to look through some books so I will be more educated,” I responded quite innocently.

“Miguel, I am curious as to exactly what areas of knowledge you are interested in?”

“It is a secret Mummy. It is a special present for your birthday which will be pretty soon so I want to give you the best birthday present ever.”

“But, honey, libraries do not have birthday presents.”

“Yes, they do have the best birthday presents, Mummy. You will see that I am correct when we go to the library. So will you take me or do I have to go all myself and get stolen from you?”

“Now, I would not want you to be ever stolen from me, my love. I will ask Sister Theresa if we can go to the library the next time we visit San Juan. Are you happy now?”

“Yes, Mummy, I am very happy and I know you will cry for joy when you finally figure it out. For I love you more than anyone else, Mummy. Plus, I already asked Sister Theresa and she said we could go on Saturday morning, which is your birthday. I do not think Sister Theresa even knows this?”

Sister Anna Marie gave me a hug for she liked my little surprises. Silently, she prayed, “Thank you, Holy Mother for placing Miguel under my care and under Sister Agnes Louise’s also. I pray that my love for him is as pure as you would desire.”

Finally, the day came for us to go to the Public Library. After we exited the bus, Sister Anna Marie told me the history of the Library. Then, we walked through the front doors. She asked me, “Sweetie, do you need to go to the bathroom? It would be wise to potty first so I can pay full attention to your present.”

I replied, “Good idea, Mummy. Let’s go to the potty.”

Sister Anna Marie always took me to the ladies room, as she was always worried about me. I did not really mind. She would unbutton my shorts, pull down my underwear and stand me in front of the potty. She would hold my penis so the urine went into the pot and not onto the floor. When, I was done, she pulled up my underwear and shorts. Then, she would go potty. It was no big deal.

Of course, we washed our hands and dried them with paper towels.

Sister Anna Marie took my hand and we walked into the main reference area of the library. I said, “Mummy, we need to go to the medical reference books which have pictures and talk about the human body. OK? You need to ask for directions.”

We walked up an attractive, reference librarian. She said, “Good day, Senorita. My son and I need to look at some books in the medical reference section of the library.”

The young lady looked up from her work saying, “Hello Sister. I wish you a good day. You have a son?”

Sister Anna Marie realizing the slip of her tongue quickly responded, “It is not my natural son for I will be a full nun one day. I have taken care of him since he was very little and so I feel like his mother.”

The librarian smiled, “I am sure you are a great mom.” Turning to me she said, “Hi, my name is Elena. What is your name?”

I smiled and responded, “My name is Miguel. Sister Anna Marie is my real Mummy in heaven. I love her like a Mummy.”

The librarian replied, “Then, you are a proper gentleman, young Sir. The medical section is located in a small reading room at the end to the hall,” pointing with her finger.

We thanked the young lady and turned to walk to the reference room. The young librarian turned to an older one saying, “Look at the little boy and the Novice walking away from the desk. They are so cute together. Maybe the little boy was correct when he said that the Novice was his real mother in heaven. Pleasant idea, any way.”

The elder librarian replied, “The Lord works in mysterious ways, Elena. God bless them both.”


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