EsoBites: The Essence of Prayer

Every man, woman, and child are able to pray.  Prayer is innate to human psychology.  Today, I want to offer an accurate and essential definition of prayer.

PRAYER is a living, conscious communication with God, a God conceived of as personal and present in experience, a communion which is in the form of a our evolutionary relationships.

Three elements are present in religious prayer:  First, the person praying sincerely believes he or she is speaking with the God of his or her Heart and Realization.  Second. such God is intimately personally present and attentive.  Third, that God and the person experience a true heart to heart communication.

Reflecting upon the above definition, it is clear that classical, mystical contemplation and absorption are not PRAYER, as the mystic seeks the impersonal, Highest Good, or Highest Beauty, and desires to loss his or her personal identity within such.



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