Rose-Croix Files. What is a Rose-Croix?

Rose-Croix Files. What is a Rose-Croix?

April 28, 2018

When I served as Rosicrucian Grand Councilor for the SE United States, I was barraged with questions from our members. Some of these questions were answered using a Socratic method, some were by analogy and metaphor, and some directly. I was happy to answer questions, especially when a member truly wanted to understand why he or she asked the question and note his or her response to my answer.

Once at a Conclave, I was asked, “What is a Rose-Croix? How does one come to be a Rose-Croix?”

My answer was direct and to the point for I did not want the member to leave more confused than he came. I replied, “After a member has completed the full studies of AMORC, he is honored with the title Rose-Croix. It takes many years to accomplish such and completion is admirable.”

The member nodded and said, “Thank you, Michael.”

I replied, “We are not finished with this question, Fratre. For being granted an honorary title for completing a difficult course of study is a grand achievement, but in truth it implies no spiritual advancement of your Soul Personality. And without spiritual attainment, you are not a true Rose-Croix.”

The Fratre asked, “Respected Grand Councilor, then tell me how I can become a true Rose-Croix one day, please.”

Smiling, I answered, “Fratre, the Rosicrucian Teachings are no more than a simplified road map for traversing one of the many mystical paths. For example, there are three basic mystical paths available for learning to be a Rose-Croix. First is the mystical path of the Neo-Platonists, such mystics seek annihilation of the individual self within the Endless Infinite. Second is the mystical path of esoteric sexuality such as seen in nuptial relations between nuns and Jesus and Sufis and Allah. Nuptial mysticism is best seen in the relationship between Krishna and the Gopis. Third is sacramental mysticism as best developed in the cult of the Eucharist.

“So first, one experiments with the several forms of mysticism and chooses the path most comfortable. Second, one must read and study the written experiences of mystics from Egypt to modern times. Not just one religion, but many religions. You must take this knowledge and distill the essential knowledge and make it your own. Third, one meditates and contemplates with focused attention and determination. Fourth, the goal is not to escape the pains and pleasures of creation, but to become a Rosicrucian Bodhisattva, an ‘Embodied and Engaged Mystic.

“In other words, until you love your neighbor more than you love yourself, you are not a Rose-Croix.

“If you can accomplish this, dear Fratre, you will become a true Rose-Croix.  Unfortunately, most students are too lazy and too egotistical to accomplish sufficient progress to even be born again.”

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