The primary reason, I am taking the time to share the parable of my life is to demonstrate that all spiritual study is a waste of time, if it is not reflected in your mundane life.  For your daily life is where the compassionate and generous urges of the God of your Heart and Realization are to be performed.  For you do not love your God unless you do your best to love the least of those in unfortunate circumstances.  Yes, we all need Grace, but Grace without good works is hollow indeed.

I tell you of the love I found as a young child, innocent and pure, as I hope my story touches your heart and opens up the closed channel connecting us to the Noble Organ.

I have been a Rav for a very long time and have met many seekers, new and ancient.  During this time, I have learned a most important lesson, the greatest lesson, the lesson taught by the Pharisees and Christians from the earliest times.  If you cannot love your neighbor MORE than your own Ego, you need to try harder.  For the ones the Holy Family choose, so to return as prophets and teachers, and guides, have learned to love as taught by Lord Jesus and Lord Krishna.

So do not waste this incarnation, I beg all of you.


Then, Sister Agnes Louise produced our birthday present to Mummy. Sister Agnes Louis had wrapped it very nicely. Rita brought white roses to the table in a vase. As everyone stood totally enchanted by the miracle of Holy Love, Mummy slowly opened her present. “I never ever had a present before for any reason, but this must be the best present in the whole world for it comes from my beautiful son and his special grandmother. And the best present must come with white roses.”

“Thank you, dearest Rita, Jose, and all your gentle, God-Loving people. To share this birthday with you, makes all the missed birthdays of no importance.”

Rita said, “Darling, open our gift. Let us see what it is.”

Sister Anna Marie took the gift, lifted it up, and turned it in every which way so to appreciate it. She very carefully and attentively looked for where the tape was, so not to tear the wrapping paper. When she found a place to open the gift she gently pried the tape loose and soon the gift was in her plain view.

On top of the Bible was the card that I colored for Mummy and which both Sister Agnes Louise and I had signed. Mummy picked it up and opened it to see the drawing. She exclaimed, “Miguel, you are a very good artist. I can identify myself, I see you all grown up, there is Sister Agnes Louise, and a man with long hair whom I do not recognize. I see I am sitting in a chair nursing a little infant girl. It that our little angel, the baby we will make one day, Miguel. I also see that Holy Mother is with us and everyone is smiling.

“Who is the man with long hair, Honey?”

I answered, “That is Gabriel Mummy. He is with us to celebrate the incarnation of the Holy Daughter Ariel, who is very special to him. Do you like my future picture, Mummy?”

“Oh yes, darling. It is my only dream.”

She passed the card around to the staff. She picked up the Bible and opened it. Inside, she read, “To my beloved Granddaughter on her first birthday. May she always remember the Holy Family.”

Turning to Sister Agnes Louise, she asked, “Sister is this Bible from your Grandmother? It is so precious.”

Sister Anna Marie rose from her chair and came to kiss and hug both of us. Then, she turned to the restaurant staff saying, “I am so grateful to all of you for making such a grand birthday for me. I have never felt very special, but your kindness teaches me that all of the Holy Family’s creatures are special. God Bless all of you,”

As I gazed around the room, I saw that I was not the only one with tears running down my cheeks. Everyone was crying as they shared the joy of Sister Anna Marie.

As for myself, this day remains the most precious day in my life, for this is the day that my soul-wife discarded her past and finalized our eternal bond.

The birthday party continued a little longer. Soon it was time, to return home, Sister Agnes Louise to the convent and Mummy and I to our little bedroom. All of us thanked the staff in the restaurant for such a special day and for sharing in the miracle which occurred. Everyone got a hug from Sister Anna Marie, Rita and the female staff all gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Sister Anna Marie and I walked from the restaurant to the bus stop. I had fallen asleep on the bus and so Mummy carried me in her arms, as I was not very heavy. She undressed me and lay me in our bed. Then, she undressed herself. She cuddled me, saying, “Sweetheart, I must be the luckiest lady in the world for I have found my true soul-partner. I have never felt so loved, as when we are together. Thank you for my surprise party, including, our time in the library. Truly, you and I are as one.”

I wasn’t asleep when she put me to bed so I replied, “I agree, my precious Anna Marie. I adore you in every way you can imagine. But, tomorrow, we must do our anatomy lesson, OK?”

Anna Marie squeezed me very tight, “You are a rascal, my beloved. If I did not know better, I would think you were a grown man and we were married at last. Every night, I pray to have our family. I know you will take good care of our family for you take the most tender care of me already. Goodnight, Honey.”

I replied, “Goodnight, Mummy. I will come into your dreams tonight all grown up. Love you,” Soon, we were both sound asleep, immersed in our common dreamtime.

to be continued

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