EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy (comment to comments)

Dear I. and R.,

Very helpful analyses, thanks.

The fault I see in most spiritual systems is that they are maintained on dangerous premises which remain unproven.  One such premise is the egoistic concept of mandatory reincarnation for all human beings predicated upon the supporting premise of divine retribution (see my earlier posts).

Spiritual schools typically and arbitrarily establish that the screen of spirituality lies between apes and humans. Moreover, such schools presume that all humans attain to immortality of one sort or another (enlightenment or afterlife) and our pets do not.

Does it make sense that the endpoint is absolutely predetermined such that the most loving and faithful of canines (dogs are conscious in many ways that humans are) excluded?  I think not.  Returning to the Divine is only of value if a person is given the freedom to decline such return.

So a sly student realizes that he or she has no more than one life so to activate his or her soul seed so to become a stream enterer, or reincarnate.  Why is he sly?  For he makes sure that he does not waste this life by trusting unproven premises.  (I recommend my post on the Devil in Heidelberg.)

Spiritual schools are useful, but every lesson I received, as to how to attain enlightenment was given to me directly as a new experiment beginning at 3 yo.

All ones needs do is to remain open as a little one and God will send what is needed for those with eyes and ears open.  God does not make it difficult, mankind does.  I am quite sure that the Holy Ghost comes to those who love the god of their heart, Christian or not.

Love, Michael

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