The 5th Gospel of Gabriel

From the Quintessence Gospel of Gabriel.  This Gospel relates the activity of Jesus from the beginning to the Crucifixion as it transpired.

7.1 And it came to pass that Jesus and Miriam’s son, Gabriel, found the street blocked by a throng of persons listening to a complex, theological sermon from a local priest.  The pair made their way to the front of the crowd and listened for a few minutes.  The sermon was finished and the priest asked for the crowd to tell him what he had just taught.

2 The crowd was silent and at last the Master climbed up on the platform to answer.  The priest moved to stand upon the left side of Jesus.

3 Jesus began, “Once there lived a man with three sons.  The eldest was a Pharisee, the next a Sadducee, and the last an artist.  One day, the man called together his sons and announced that he was going on a journey to the East and would not return.  Looking lovingly at the three, the father said, ‘I have divided my land and orchards into three portions:  the first comprises 90%, the second 9%, and the last 1%.  I shall distribute such depending upon the answers given to one question.’

4 ‘So, children, answer me this riddle.  What is sweeter than a date, more intoxicating than the choicest of wines, more faithful than a beloved herding dog, closer to your heart than anything else, never tells a falsehood, or will betray your expectations?’

5 The eldest son answered first, ‘Father, the Law.  For the Law is from the Lord and tells us what to do in every situation, from birth to death.’

6 The second son answered, ‘Father, the pleasures of the world are as you say. For to eternally indulge is pleasure is never to be sad at heart.’

7 The youngest son answered, ‘Father, I am only an artist working with stone and clay, but I think I can answer your question.  Clearly, the Law is not correct for what good is justice without being tempered by mercy?

8 ‘Hedonism is not correct for pleasure is never forever, but is interlaced with sorrow and pains.  Moreover, the enjoyment of earthly pleasures of the few are bought at the cost of injustice and hurt to others.

9 ‘What I have found to be as you describe is the allowing space within my heart for the voice of God.  For God shows me clearly how to speak and act every moment of my life so to hurt none and benefit all.’

10 Tears appeared in the old man’s eyes and he hugged his youngest child.  ‘To you goes the largest portion, the next to the eldest, and the last to the middle.  Truly, only God can possess all of these qualities and more.'”

11  A man in the crowd shouted, ‘So that was what the priest was telling us.  The old man was wise and so was his youngest son. Bless them both.’

12 The crowd began to disperse, Jesus stepped down from the platform, and began to walk away with Gabriel by his side.  “You see, Gabriel, a simple parable for most is better than the most erudite of lectures. Remember, dear boy.  Give pablum to the simple and meat to the wise.”

From the diary of Gabriel Baal Eyt concerning his days with Jesus.  The original has been stored in the library at Mt Carmel and an English translation may be made public this year.  I will keep you informed.

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