EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy

EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy


It is a truism that every attuned student of the Esoteric possesses no inherent issue with any sincerely held spiritual belief which is consistent with the First Order Teachings of the Christ given in the NT. Higher Teachings exist as Christ fed both pablum and meat. But, for the moment such Higher Teachings are not needed.

A spiritual belief system can be sincerely held only after individuals have made great efforts to ‘prove to themselves’ the veracity of their beliefs. Such persons will resonate with ‘what is accurate’ in their system and in the other. They seek similarities of Love and Wisdom in both. They forget minor divergences as both might be in error.

As an aside, persons occupying higher stations in the Cosmic Hierarchy do not consider themselves ‘elite.’ It is better to speak of them, as Confucius spoke of illuminated persons, the Superior Man (Woman). Each one is far superior in Love and Wisdom than those living only in the Earthly-Astral worlds. Oftentimes, they seem harsh to those who are still ‘young in progress’ and even ‘uncaring,’ as they are well-aware of the pitfalls on the path which lead to ultimate death. They are not patient with foolishness, as they understand the severity of mankind’s position and duty.

Becoming a Superior Man (Woman) mandates much focused Work and many years of necessary suffering; but the years a student has clocked in any Spiritual Order is a poor marker of illumination. As I have mentioned previously, many pseudo-students considering themselves as ‘elite’ members, mechanically subscribe to many strange conceptions, which I, as a psychiatrist, would classify as blatant delusions.

So here is the secret: generally, Superior Men (Women) remain silent as to their station, but a few are permitted to provide such information to sincere students in troubling times when Hope is Needed. You will tell them by their words and actions.

So be vigilant, for a day may come when such a Man or Woman decides to enter into your world line for just cause. Do not ‘blow it off’ secondary to egoism–it will happen only once–so do not waste the gift.

Ciao Michael

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