Esoteric Questions to Ponder-12

Background:  The physical universe first manifested as a small, 10 dimensional, cube of 10 (-33) centimeters per side, the time required to move from the previously deflating prior to the current was 10(-43) seconds, and the amount of energy as mass was 10(-5) grams.  Shortly, the potential volume available for the energy of the universe to occupy, but never attain, was established with the addition of sufficient energy to equal the current energy (dark included if it exists).

During early creation, no quanta were able to form as the temperature was to high and so everything existed in an indeterminate form of energy which is isotropic, homogeneous, and undifferentiated.  The closest analogy would be pure, uniform vibrational heat of the geometry of occupied 10-d space.  

I posit that there are three distinct energies in the universe, material, vital, and conscious.  Each consisting of some form of quanta.  The material world, we all acknowledge as humans, the vital, or astral, worlds we experience in our minds (visions when awake or dreams when asleep), and an upper conscious world.  A Rosicrucian might say, ‘My body is in the physical, my personal self is in the astral, and my intellect is in the upper world.  

Question:  Presuming, we include the three energies in the term ‘Cosmic,’ allowing the Cosmic to manifest in three correspondent forms:  Cosmic Matter, Cosmic Life Force, and Cosmic Mind, and given the following reasonable premises:

In the early universe, no electrons, quarks, neutrinos, or photons existed  and so the universe was without form and so could be said to be in Chaos.

As no form was present, the living Cosmic energy had no vehicle, as no cells existed, and so no physical life was possible until the universe cooled to about 2.7 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero.

As cells were not yet in existence, no nervous system (and the imago operators) were possible.

Subsequently, in the beginning it appears that all three energies were differentiated and only could manifest as the energetic universe expanded into its potential volume and cooled.

which of the following is More Likely accurate:

(1) The Cosmic Mind has grown from an undifferentiated and chaotic state, incapable of awareness and acting, from Planck’s Moment, into a highly intelligent aphysical entity capable of knowing, observing, presence, transcendence, intending, and caring which mankind can access (mankind created the Image of the Cosmic)


The Cosmic Mind has always existed as a highly intelligent aphysical entity capable of knowing, observing, presence, transcendance, intending, and caring (as it does not correspond to anything within our Universe (God made God’s image)?

Support your answer!

Have fun, Michael

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