Conversations with a Rose-Croix (71)

For those die-hard vampire lovers, poor deluded soulless ones, I provide some fundamental facts as to the true purpose of sharing blood in the Phenomena, or Astral , World.  At least with the Immortals who watch over our disappointing species.

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.5)

April 11, 2017

After the threesome had arrived at the Erechtheion and the wagons emptied, Gabriel employed some Magick so to manifest a nice dinner for all of the company. Other than Gabriel, Sophie, and Alliona, the remainder of the crew was elementals materialized so to perform all necessary services. Elementals do not mind serving others, as this is their function. Being materialized is a great gift for it allows them an opportunity to experience the human world. They are quite devoted to Gabriel for he is most kind and appreciative.

During dinner Gabriel explained the basic duties for the elementals during our sojourn in Athens. He explained the purpose of our journey and how everyone is a player in our real-life Play. About an hour was spent answering some important questions. At last, Gabriel rose from his seat and made a toast to everyone and the success of the Play. Then, everyone was off to his or her sleeping quarters.

Sophie was so tired from the stress of the day that after returning to their sleeping chamber she lay down upon the bed and fell immediately asleep. Alliona took Gabriel by his two hands, saying, “Darling, I find this Play to be incredibly entertaining and enlightening. However, Sophie is trying very hard to fill her part in the Play, but I think spending all of her time in the phenomenal world is wearing her out. She never told you, but she was very sickly as a child and so gets overly tired when she does too much. Her pregnancy is much more difficult than is my own. I think she is anemic.

“She was afraid to tell you for she knows that you have great expectations of her. She is fearful that she will be unable to continue playing a goddess and will disappoint you. She is still very young, even though her heart is much older, Gabriel. I think, her caring an immortal daughter is too difficult for the human constitution. It is different for me, as I am Djinn.”

Gabriel replied, “Alliona, we have been lovers for thousands of years and our hearts are well integrated. It is good that you remind me of Sophie’s humanness and the human weaknesses. Sometimes, Immortals forget how it was before immortality. I am thinking that you need to give her some Djinn blood which will allow me to reset her hormonal-metabolic system so to have more stamina. Are you game, my precious?”

Alliona, replied in a tender tone, “Of course, Beloved, but may I ingest some of her blood so to mix with my own? For the sharing of blood will complete our bond.”

“The better the bonding, the stronger our mutual love. Your blood will help Sophie understand my amorous plans without taking such personally. Alliona, you are the best mother, I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

Alliona beaming, lifted her head and kissed Gabriel upon his lips. Then, the two of them removed Sophie’s gown and laid her comfortably upon her back. Gabriel placed some medicated honey drops into her mouth so to take her into a deep state of relaxation.

Gabriel uttered an Enochian magical phrase. Gabriel raised and held Sophie in a sitting position and Alliona kneeled upon the bed so that her left nipple was level with Sophie’s lips. Taking a sharp dagger, Alliona cut into her areola at the base of the nipple so that it began to produce copious blood. Alliona brought her bleeding nipple to Sophie’s lips and Sophie spontaneously began to suckle and take the blood into her system.
Sophie suckled Alliona for some nine minutes before stopping. Alliona removed her nipple and Gabriel laid Sophie upon her back. Alliona seemed to be in a trance, “Come, husbands, drink from my breast for I want my essence to live in you also.”

Gabriel drunk from Alliona’s breast for a short time, long enough for Alliona to experience a spiritual orgasm. When the convulsions subsided, she bit into Gabriel’s neck to draw his blood.

Alliona took the same dagger and cut into Sophie’s right areola as she had done to her own. She leaned over and began to suckle Sophie’s cut nipple until she had as much blood as she needed so to be blood-bound to Sophie.

When, finished, she said, “Husband, drink from your wife’s breast and give her blood from your neck.”

Soon the ritual was complete and Gabriel healed all wounds. Sleep came upon both.

The next morning Sophie was up with the morning birds. She went to the bedroom window and separated the curtains so the Sun’s rays could stream onto the sleeping Alliona and Gabriel. “Get up, sleepy heads, rise and shine. I want to tell you of my wonderful dream. I am so full of energy and I have no more doubts about my abilities to be the best wife in the world, well, one of the two best wives in the world.”

Alliona, shielding her eyes from the morning sun, said curtly, “Sister, it wasn’t a dream, it was a Magick ritual. I am glad you are feeling stronger for you suckled my bleeding nipple much too hard. Worry not, Sister, our love is many times stronger this morning than it was last night.”

Sophie ran and jumped upon her naked Sister and they both woke Gabriel. Gabriel arose as quickly as he could, picked up his robe and escaped to the courtyard outside. Alliona and Sophie laughed like the fifteen year olds they still were and climbed under the covers together.

Later, after all three had bathed, they met in the court yard for strong coffee with cream. Sophie remarked, “Honey, I did not know the ancients Greeks had coffee?”

Gabriel replied, “They don’t, but I always enjoy my morning coffee and so if Magick is needed, Magick it is. It really is a shame, but I cannot introduce it to our new city, or tea. I will share it with our city visitors though. I will say it is from our home country.”

As the two ladies sat down around the small table in the courtyard, Gabriel explained, “Later, this morning we will take several chariots to the Agora so to decide where we will teach. Iris will arrive for dinner with us at sunset.”

Sophie replied, “That will be pleasant, husband. Iris is clever and has a strong soul.”

Alliona glanced quickly at Gabriel and winked. Gabriel almost choked on a piece of Attic fig. Then, both of them had a good laugh. Sophie sat simply confused.


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