Conversation with a Rose-Croix (70)

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.4)

April 8, 2017

True to their words, Sophie and Alliona kept Gabriel up most of the night in Tantric bliss. Moreover, both had insisted that Gabriel not warp time and space so to make love to each separately at the same time. Rather, the girls wanted to always be together when Gabriel made love to them for they wanted feel each other’s love and desire. In other words, they wanted to be two corporally, but one emotionally. And in truth, they were emotionally one being in many ways. Gabriel thought they were making great progress.

Phoebus had risen above the sea and a sleepy Gabriel, Sophie, Alliona, and the ship’s crew began unloading equipment and goods from the boats. It was an arduous morning as it required many trips since they only had the small boat and Gabriel did not want to use any Magick.

Soon everything needed for the group’s stay in Athens was loaded onto four horse-drawn carts and everyone was properly arranged and the group began its trek to Athens so to arrive close to noon. However, their activity had been noted by the harbor master and he sent his servants to inform the city magistrates. Being servants, the news was spread rather widely amongst the populace so that people were waiting outside the gates for the group.

Rumors flashed, as flares from the Sun or volcanic eruptions, as to who is this group? Why are they attended by such a large army cohort? Why was the High Priestess of Demeter seen with the city magistrates and two female military officers? Were they Amazons? Did they really come from the Isle of the Blessed? Whom was the unknown philosopher-king who remained hidden? Was he here to protest the trial of Socrates?

Being that Eugenis’ entrance was no longer a secret, the city magistrates had stationed soldiers along the boulevard from the City Gate to the Erechtheion. Waiting outside the City Gate were the Athenian notables chosen to ride in the chariots so to demonstrate the visitors came in peace and in goodwill.

When the troop arrived at the city gates, they found Iris waiting patiently with her driver in her chariot. She and her vestal virgins had risen with Phoebus so she could be bathed, scented, hair prepared, and dressed in her most transparent linen gown. For our dear Iris was much cleverer than Sophie and Alliona had imagined in the Temple of the First Ones. She was not going to turn down an offer by Apollo to become immortal, permanently youthful, have a child, and be with Demeter and Kore.

Iris descended from her chariot and walked the short distance to Gabriel’s chariot. The sun easily penetrated her gown displaying all her charms to the world. The movements of her arms, torso, and hips were perfectly synchronized and captured everyone’s attention. It almost seemed that she floated toward the Triad.

None could divert their eyes from Iris for her beauty was truly captivating and seemed to radiate from every part of her inner and outer being.

Reaching the Triad’s chariot, she bowed down and said sweetly, “I welcome you to our fair city and wish you ultimate success in your project.”

Gabriel descended from his chariot and went to Iris so to return her to standing, smiling he replied, “Greetings fair Iris. We thank you and the magistrates for allowing us to sojourn here for the next nine months. This will be a year Athens remembers forever.”
The moment Gabriel’s hand touched her own, she felt a delicious warmth spreading rapidly throughout her body, her heart rate increased, and her breathing stopped for a moment. She was sure that her prayer to Aphrodite had been answered for she felt filled with love and desire for a man for the first time in her life. For a short moment, she saw that she would be with Apollo, Demeter, and Kore and that the triad would become a tetrad.

As Gabriel escorted Iris back to her chariot, Iris noted something very new to her, an increasing moistness between her thighs. She did not understand, but enjoyed it very much.

Sophie turned to Alliona as Gabriel returned Iris to her chariot saying, “She is a clever woman, Sister, she has captured our husband’s attention with her charm. What do you think, my love?”

Alliona replied, ”Yes, Sister. Our dear Iris possesses a great power which our Beloved will know how to exploit. Don’t worry, Honey, the three of us are as one in so many ways. I have known Gabriel’s heart for thousands of years and his love will never diminish for you and me. I know she will not be a part of her family unless you and I choose for this to be so, because of our love for Gabriel and the fulfillment of his plan.”

Sophie laid her head on Alliona’s shoulder saying, “I love you, sweet Sister. I will allow my little fears and jealousies to depart. I will always be safe with you and Gabriel.”

Alliona turned to face Sophie and kissed her on her forehead, “Yes, Sister, you will always be safe with Gabriel and me.”

After returning Iris to her chariot, Gabriel summoned the Athenian notables to his chariot and introduced Sophie and Alliona to each one. Even though, both ladies were dressed in military dress and armor, the Athenians, who had been dazzled by Iris, were speechless in the presence of Alliona and Sophie.

One of the gentleman, an older, distinguished scholar whispered to the man to his right, “Demetrius, these ladies surely must be goddesses for their beauty is Form and not matter.”

His friend replied, “I agree. But, if this is so, then Eugenis must be a great god for he has two alluring wives. The Greek they speak is as cultured as you and me. Their vocabulary may even surpass ours, old friend.”

After the necessary introductions, the notables ascended in the first six chariots, behind the lead chariot of Iris. The caravan penetrated the city via its open gates, exactly in the manner previously described by Sophie and Alliona.

As the caravan began, Gabriel commented to his Beloved wives, “It is good that our Iris is in the lead chariot for her beauty, though mainly misinterpreted as carnal, will excite desire into the hearts of the populace which the music and gifts will convert into a more holy form of desire so that we shall we perceived as Divine Beings when our chariot comes into view. Being perceived as Divine is a necessary ingredient for the success of our efforts with Athens. Remember, if anyone asks, you must declare that we are only Teachers from far away. This inconsistency will only fuel their beliefs.”

Sophie and Alliona responded, “Yes, honey, we understand. Do you have any special plans for Iris? We are curious.”

Gabriel laughed, “Sweethearts, of course I have a plan for Iris. She is a most necessary ingredient to our plan so to modify the future so it is less aggressive. I know you two are a mite jealous at the moment, but it is unnecessary. Divorce is not an option for Immortals for division is never an issue. I will never love any other woman more than I love both of you. Your hearts are wiser than your heads, my darlings.”

Sophie, who was more worried than Alliona, replied, “Husband, I admit that I am disturbed by the natural beauty and cleverness of Iris. She truly is prettier than I am. But, Alliona says I am foolish to worry for she knows you better than I and realizes that your heart and mind are fully given to both of us.”

Gabriel put his arm around Sophie and kissed her lightly upon her full lips, “Honey, Alliona is correct. Immortality is a curious state for mortals to understand, though our actions always conform to the most elevated levels of True Conscience. My love for you and Alliona is unconditional and can never be replaced or substituted. You are safe, Sophie. As you experience the early phases of immortality, you will understand the significance of our Triad to ourselves and mankind.”

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