Conversation with a Rose-Croix (48)

Resurrection Day and the Marriage (35)

January 11, 2017

The sun was up, but it was still early when a kitchen granny knocked upon the door saying, “Ariel is Born. Time for breakfast. There is much to do. Get up everyone. It is Holy Resurrection Day and the Marriage.”

Alliona was already awake feeling much loved and cared for. The night had been magical as Gabriel did wrap the three world lines into one world line. The ‘elevated foot of the bed trick’ had done its job for Alliona could feel seed deep inside her physical and kesdjan wombs. She understood that three of them had become a true trinity, fully connected in space, in time, in the astral, and soon in the Upper World of True Soul. She replied to the kitchen granny, “Truly, Ariel is Born.”

Gabriel quickly arose, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and was in the great room with most of the guests and staff. All the Djinn said, “Ariel is Born.”

Gabriel answered, “Truly, Ariel is Born,” thinking to himself, “I hope no one asks me about last night. It will be difficult to explain.”

Back in Alliona bedroom, Sophie asked, “Alliona, where are those two little plugs that great granny’s book told us how to make? I do not want to move until I have one for I will want all of our husband’s seed to stay inside of me.”

Alliona reached over to the bed table and picked them up, “Here is yours, sister. Great granny was a genius. Think how smart her Mom and Dad must have been?”

Feeling safe with the situation, they got out of bed. Alliona said, “I like how we smell, Sophie. Strawberry, peach, and Gabriel. We do not have to take a bath, do we.”

“Of course not, honey. We smell perfect for a wedding,” replied Sophie.

So they brushed their teeth, washed their faces, and combed each other’s hair so to remove the effects of a rigorous night. They were in the kitchen promptly, greeting all with the standard Resurrection Day greeting, “Ariel is Born,” to which all responded, “Truly, Ariel is Born.”

Everyone had a simple breakfast. Afterwards, Gabriel said, “Let’s all go outside and enjoy the sunlight.”

He opened the front door and people followed him outdoors. Majestically, Primavera shone, the air was fresh, bees and birds were in the air, flowers bloomed, and it was green and light everywhere. Morgana, Tristan, and Merlin walked up to him and remarked, “Nice bit of Elf Magick, Gabriel. Isn’t this a ‘Magick Free Zone?”

Gabriel smiling replied, “Not anymore, at least for the rest of the day. It is a time for seeming miracles for our Djinn friends.”

As they were enjoying the spring weather, the old village Pope arrived with his wife. He found Gabriel and said, “Ariel is Born,” to which Gabriel replied, “Truly, Ariel is Born.”

Continuing, Gabriel commented, “The weather is great, must be another Resurrection Day Miracle, eh, Father?”

“Aye, Lord Gabriel, tis a genuine miracle. And, all for your most unusual wedding. Do you know why it occurred? When do we practice for the ceremony,” finished the old Pope?

“Aye, Father, I know the reason and you will find out soon enough,” answered Gabriel, “I will get the brides and we will practice near the pentagram under the little sun. Back in a flash, so to speak.”

By the time the Pope turned around to find the pentagram under the little sun, he saw Gabriel and his two beautiful brides standing next to it. He thought, “Well, Lord Gabriel did say in a flash, and that was a flash.”

Gabriel explained the ceremony to the Pope and his brides. The Pope was quick with learning ceremony and had the words memorized and all the movements by the time the practice was finished. Gabriel asked Alliona and Sophie to get dressed in their wedding gowns as the first guests were to arrive in at precisely noon, apparent solar time. Looking at the sun, he said, “Darlings, you have 90 minutes to get prepared. Off with you.”

Grabbing hands, the two ran back to Alliona’s bedroom to prepare. Gabriel took the Pope and his wife into the great room for some hot apple cider and cakes. On the way, he whispered to Merlin, “We need about 500 chairs and tables all around. Leave a 13 meter diameter free space around the pentagram. Today, I have declared this immediate area to be a ‘Magick Zone.’”

With the advice of Morgana and Eleanor, Merlin made a very nice table and chair arrangement with white table cloths and vases full of the most beautiful red and orange roses–one color for Sophie and the other for Alliona. Tristan was in the kitchen with the grannies speeding things up with some minor magick.

The villagers began arriving around 11:30 A.M. dressed in their finest going to church wear. The village grannies were chattering about only two subjects. The first was the Resurrection Day Miracle of Mother Spring bringing forth her gifts to their village in the midst of the wintery months of Father Frost. The second was the Marriage of the Great Lord Gabriel to their Alliona and a young lady from far away. And, he was marrying them both, oh my, oh my. What could happen next?

Tristan’s students and Alliona’s young ladies were helping the kitchen grannies bring out hot apple cider and cakes to snack upon. Everyone was eager to see Lord Gabriel and his darling brides.

At exactly noon, apparent solar time, a horn was blown and everyone stopped talking and oriented toward the Inn doors. Both doors to the great room opened and Gabriel, dressed in a , navy-blue, military jacket with light riding breeches and high black boots, walked out with Sophie and Alliona each holding one arm. The ladies in the crowd stopped breathing, when they saw them. Both were dressed ‘to the tee’ in their lace gowns with long diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, and crowns woven of small white flowers by one of the kitchen grannies. No one in the village had ever seen a diamond, much less diamond jewelry.

One little girl said to her mommy, “They are like real princesses, Mommy. They are just beautiful.”

Everyone recognized Alliona immediately, but she looked so very young and her hair was cut short like a virgin. The ladies looked at each other and an old grannie told everyone, “She must have found the potion book of Lydia, Ariel’s little sister. This spell was used a long time ago whenever a grown Djinn lady wanted to marry. As only virgins are allowed to have a church wedding, a nonvirgin needed a miracle so to become again a virgin and return to the traditional marriage age of fifteen. Both must have done the ritual. Poor Lord Gabriel. But, they must both love him very much to do what they did.”


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