Conversation with a Rose-Croix (49)

Resurrection Day and the Marriage (35-2)

January 12, 2017

Gabriel, standing upon the wooden plank porch with Sophie and Alliona announced, “My old friends, I want to officially introduce the two women I love most in this universe, my darling, beloved fifteen years old Sophie from Earth and our Alliona whom you all know and love. Yes, she and Sophie found Lydia’s potion book and wanted me to see how much they loved me. They wanted to be pure for me. We all know that in the ancient times, a woman’s virginity was one of the most precious gifts a female Djinn can give to her beloved. But, to tell you the truth, they forgot to read Lydia’s last footnote on the other side of the page–Lydia had a wonderful sense of humor.”

Everyone had a good laugh and Sophie and Alliona blushed. They were not embarrassed about the potion and were two excited to be together and to get married to Gabriel.

A very old grannie walked from out of the assembled persons toward the porch. She was dressed in dark green velvet with a hat tilted upon her head. She was very animated and walked without a cane.

No one had seen her for thousands of years and the village elders thought she must have passed. One of the eldest grannies said, “Lydia, you didn’t die. Why didn’t you write your old friends?”

Gabriel whispered to Alliona, “Take Sophie and introduce her to your great granny Lydia. She will adore her.”

As the two brides approached Lydia, she opened her arms wide and they both gave her a hug. Alliona kissed her on the cheek, saying, “Great Granny, this my sister, Sophie from Earth. She is the sister and friend I always prayed for. And look, Granny, Ariel found her for me. So many miracles this holiday season.”

Sophie curtseyed saying, “Alliona and I read a few of your other codices. We found your Primers very helpful and we studied them. They made both of us feel more secure. Thanks, Great Granny. May I call you Great Granny, too?”

“Of course, you may Sophie. For now, I have two beautiful and happy great granddaughters.”

Gabriel came down to give Lydia a hug, “I must thank you, also. But, I wish you had put the last footnote toward the front.”

“Sorry, darling, too much opportunity for fun. But, it is too bad, I never got to use my own potions. You never realized that not only was Alliona is love with you during the Great War, but so was I.”

“Surely, you jest, Lydia. I never knew this. I must admit that in those days, you did cut a most alluring pose when you stood tall by the fireplace with your hand upon your hip. Who knows, I might have fallen for you after the potion,” turning to Alliona, “well, Lydia was as beautiful as you in those days.”

“I knew that you had a crush on my sister Ariel and I was not going to make her mad, no way,” cajoled Lydia. “In any case, I am glad to be here for this wonderful day. I have been away for too many millenniums and now I am home again.”

As the four of them chatted, everyone heard a horse drawn carriage coming up the road. Two heralds on horseback proceeded the carriage. Blowing their horns, the heralds announced, “Dear People, prepare for the arrival of the Prince and Princess of Nouseum with friends.”

Gabriel said, “Come with me to the porch, sweethearts. This is a very official visit and you must act like adults.” Taking their hands the brides returned to the porch and held Gabriel as before.

In a minute a beautiful carriage drawn by six white horses with red plumes upon their heads pulled up in front of the porch. Tristan opened the door to the carriage and a beautiful young lady, a young man with a young woman, and an older man with an older woman stepped down. Tristan bowed and Morgana and Eleanor curtseyed.

Gabriel and his brides walked down toward the new guests. Gabriel bowed and the two brides curtseyed. Gabriel stood up and turning to the visitors said, “My dearest friends, may I introduce my brides. This dark haired beauty is my beloved Djinn bride Alliona soon to become an Immortal. This red haired darling is my beloved earth bride Sophia soon to become an Immortal. I love each of them equally and as much as I love the Holy Family.”

The older man, Caspar, chuckled, “I am sure you love them as much as you love at least one member of the Holy Family. I am looking forward to hearing more.”

A small laugh tried to exit Alliona’s mouth. It caught her by surprise and so she tried to cover it up. Everyone turned to look at her and she just shrugged her shoulders.

Gabriel and the five guests from Nouseum had a good laugh. Gabriel hugged Alliona, “It is not important in the least. I chose you and Sophie, as my Immortal mates because we are perfectly matched and because my life was so lonely before I met both of you. I want our family and I want our babies. OK?”

Alliona was still confused but did not care as long as Gabriel loved her and Sophie and wanted their babies. She said, “OK.”

Gabriel introduced the Butterfly Princess and Caspar’s academic wife, Hypatia. Then, he found a table for all of them to sit and brought Lydia and introduced her.”

Soon the Princess, the Butterfly Princess, Sophie, and Alliona were the best of friends. It wasn’t often that the Princess of Nouseum and the Butterfly Princess could act like fifteen year olds and so took full advantage of the situation. Gabriel, Tristan, Merlin, Casper, and the Prince were standing to the side discussing the situation in Nouseum and the Outer Worlds. But, this is a most private conversation and so I do not report it.

At last, the Pope came up to Gabriel and he introduced him to the visitors. The Pope said, “I think the time has arrived for the ceremony as the signs you told me to watch for have come and gone.”

Gabriel said, “Great go and prepare the pentagram area. Have Tristan’s students make a circumference about the circle and then have the girls have everyone stand around the students. No matter where they stand they will have a front row seat. Come Sophie and Alliona, we must go inside to a private room and I will perform a very short initiation. We will return in exactly a quarter of an hour.” Off went the Pope and the Bridal triad.

The Butterfly Princess, who was an elf, said to the Princess, “Sister, they are the prettiest and happiest brides I have seen in millenniums. They are young, but I can see that they truly love each other and Gabriel with near unconditional love. They are ready for the challenge. Sister, does it remind you of your first days with the Prince on Earth?”

The Princess replied, taking her Sister’s hand, “I see Sister and the love they share is as I had when the Prince and I were human. Maybe, the Great Miracle will actually happen in this sorry Outer World. We shall soon see.” And with that, they went to join the Prince.

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