Conversation with a Rose-Croix (47)

Resurrection Eve–The Holy Night Before Marriage (34-4)

January 10, 2017

During his brief sojourn from his beloved brides, Sophie and Alliona had been busy. They had read through great granny’s potion book and found the two recipes Gabriel had said would be within. They mixed the necessary ingredients. Then, they took sponge baths, dried each other, and applied the mixtures as specified in the potion book.

Sophie said, “Alliona, let’s look some more in your great granny’s clothes trunks. Perhaps, she owned some fancy negligees.”

“Honey, what is a negligee,” asked Alliona?

“A negligee is a very sexy nightgown the new wife is to wear on the wedding night, which in our case is a tonight in advance.”

“Sophie, Djinn do not make such gowns. All you will find are simple, but pretty, plain or with nice embroidery. I will find two for us,” replied Alliona who began searching and located two beautiful cotton gowns. “See Sophie, how pretty and soft they are?”

Sophie took one of the embroidered gowns and tried it on, “These are nice. Honey, put yours on and let’s look in the mirror.”

The images formed at the mirror’s surface showed two young ladies. Sophie possessed loose ringlets of light, red-gold, blonde hair reaching past her mandibles. Eyes a shade of dark blue, nose straight, and the shape of her face, typical of female film stars on earth – like a gem. Her skin was without wrinkles and her cheeks had the cutest freckles about her nose. When she wrinkled her nose she reminded everyone of a rabbit. Pulling her gown tight, the mirror showed a hidden, but a perfectly balanced figure.

Alliona and Sophie were of the same stature and body build. They could exchange clothes with each other and still all was perfect. Alliona’s hair was jet-black and fell in waves below her mandibles. Eyes green as emerald, nose straight, and her face was rectangular with a strong jaw and full lips begging to be kissed. Her complexion was quite pale. She had a small beauty mark on her rosy cheek about one and one-half inches below the outside corner of her left eye.

After agreeing that the nightgowns were becoming, both climbed into bed with the goose down duvet pulled up to the waists. Alliona produced another old codex bearing the title, “Primer Preparing for Marriage and Womanhood.”

“Look Sophie, and here is the part about making love with your husband the first time. I think we need to read it? What do you think,” asked Alliona?

Sophie replied, “Your great granny sure was prepared. We do want to do everything correctly, right?

Alliona nodded and they stared reading the book together and looking at the inked diagrams for about 30 minutes. Much discussion was had, of course.

Gabriel returned to the Inn and walked upstairs to Alliona’s bedroom. Opening the door, he found his beloved brides sitting up in bed with the goose down duvet pulled up to their waists. Each was wearing a simple, white cotton nightgown with embroidery. Gabriel said, “Now, these nightgowns are traditional Djinn wedding night wear. Good job.” He asked, “What are you two reading?”

Sophie putting the book under the bed said, “Nothing honey. Just something we found in one of great granny’s old books. We’re finished.”

Alliona and Sophie climbed out of bed and Alliona asked, “Gabriel will you please lift up the foot of the bed and hold it up for a moment?”

Gabriel, curious, lifted up the foot of the bed about sixteen inches and Sophie and Alliona began to pull a rug over the wooden floor towards the foot of the bed. The rug held two walnut wood cubes approximately a foot on each side. They placed one block under each leg of the foot of the bed.

Alliona said, “OK, Honey, you can lower the legs onto the wood blocks.”

Gabriel lowered the bed, tested its stability, and asked, “Why did we place the foot of the bed higher than the head of the bed, ladies?”

Sophie placed her hands upon her hips saying, “Gabriel, you should know the answer to that question. Sister and I want our legs to be higher than our heads so that after you give us seed, it will flow where it is suppose to flow. We want our babies.”

Gabriel looked at both of them seeing that they were serious. Keeping a straight face, he replied, “Good idea, ladies,” but thought to himself, “I hope the potion is designed to work under earth time and not Djinn time.”

“Sophie said, “Gabriel, great granny’s book, said the new wife is to ask the husband to  close his eyes for his bride when she removes her nightgown.  Alliona and I are going to remove our nightgowns and climb into bed. After we naked in bed with the duvet pulled up, we will tell you. Then, we will close our eyes and you can get into bed naked. OK?”

“Why do I need to close my eyes, I already know what Alliona and you look like naked, remember? OK, fine. My eyes are closed.”

The three were in bed and Sophie asked, “Gabriel, how can you make love to both of us at the same time?”

“Sophie, all I need do is to wrap together our three world lines in space-time and then we make love all together.” answered Gabriel.

Alliona remarked, “What a clever use of magick, honey. I love you so much.”


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