Conversations with a Rose-Croix (41)

An Unconventional, But Delightful Family (33-3)

January 4, 2017

Gabriel vanished from sight, traveling high into the Upper Worlds. He stopped in a flowery meadow and called out, “Ariel, we need to talk.”

A beautiful young lady appeared next to Gabriel with long blonde hair curled into two braids and circled like serpents on her head. Gabriel’s eyes brightened and he grabbed her and gave her a big hug and kiss on her lips, saying, “Little Sister, you know how important you are to my heart and how much I adore you. You look ravishingly beautiful as always. I have missed you terribly.

“Stop, it Gabriel. You are my little brother, not my lover,” laughed Ariel.

“You don’t have a lover, Ariel. No one loves you more than I love you, excluding, your Holy Mother, Holy Father, and your Holy Brother. And if you were to forego being the Eternal Virgin, I would wed you. Afer all, I am the only Immortal who has fought by your side with full knowledge that he could actually be killed by doing so.”

“Oh, Gabriel. What you wish can never be, my darling boy. But, if I were not a member of the Holy Family, if I were your Alliona or your Sophie, there is no other man I would consent to be with as an Immortal Spouse. Come, let us sit on the grass so you can lay your head in my lap and I will sing to you,” she replied.

Ariel and Gabriel sat down and Gabriel put his head on Ariel’s lap. It had been a very long time since he had been with her and he loved how she smelled–like Osmanthus flowers. She always intoxicated him. She sung an ancient song.

After the song was finished, she said, “Gabriel, you know that I will incarnate on earth in the future. You know that I chose Sophie to be my earthly mother and you my earthly father. I know that you and Sophie truly love each other and you love her almost as much as you love your Ariel. But, Mother and Father want my Brother to return with me so to moderate my lioness nature. This is why I granted Alliona’s wish after all these centuries. Her love for you is as pure as I have ever witnessed. She was wanted to be your spiritual wife since the Great Djinn War. Whenever, you were away from her, she cried herself to sleep every night. But, she is a good trooper for she never interfered in your assignments. And she has followed in my footsteps and taken care of her village always.

“I will give her a corporeal body and she will be come to be an Immortal, as will Sophie. I know you love Alliona equally to Sophie. Alliona will bear the physical vehicle for my brother, as the combination of her Djinn egg and your sperm. People will think that a miracle has occurred for you fathered identical twins, other than gender, from two different woman. The divine birth story is way out of date.

“When, we reach responsible age the Holy Ghost will bring our Divine Consciousnesses into our vehicles and the project shall begin to see if mankind can be saved. Sorry, I ruined your riddle.”

Gabriel sat up saying, “I understand. I like this plan very much, darling. And Ariel, thanks for finally telling me that you really do love me in a special way. Knowing this at long last, is sufficient. Give me a kiss and I will be off. A real kiss?”

They both stood up, “Oh, Gabriel, you are most exasperating,” said Ariel. But, she did lean forward and gave him a real kiss and held him close to her, “Gabriel, I have never done such a thing before. I liked this kiss and I have finally felt the desire of a female Immortal for a male Immortal. Funny being wet. But, enough is enough. Get out of her before you ruin creation. You are a very naughty Brother, but one I love most dearly.”

What she failed to disclose was that had brought Sophie’s physical body into the Djinn world unbeknownst to Sophie or Gabriel. Sophie had never realized that Gabriel’s three bodies were always present. This is why he had reminded Ariel that he could be been killed in the Great Djinn War. She had given Alliona a physical body two days before. They would discover the ‘miracle’ soon.

Gabriel found himself back in the kitchen and the brides were up. Alliona knew about kitchen elementals and could speak with them. Sophie and Alliona ran to kiss him and he found that he loved them much more than before. He understood that this was the only way that Ariel could be his lover. She would love him through them. She is infinitely clever!

Alliona spoke to Gabriel and Sophie, “Every year, Gabriel was with me, he would find a beautiful tree for the inn and every year I prayed to Ariel that this year he would ask to really marry me. At last, my prayer has been answered. And, I am glad that my prayer was not answered right away for now I realize that I also needed to be with the most precious Djinn sister in the land, Sophie.”

Before Alliona could say anything else, Sophie said, “We have been waiting for you. Do you like our new haircuts. Alliona said we have to have short hair to prove that we are virgins.”

Both girls turned around for Gabriel. Gabriel said, “I adore your new haircuts.”

Alliona said, “And, Sophie and I have a very big surprise for you for our wedding night, but we are keeping it secret till then, right, Sophie?”

Sophie replied, “Right.”

Gabriel smiled, “I will look forward to your surprise. Did you find what you wanted to wear as weddings dresses?”

Alliona said, “Yes, honey, both of us are stunning. Every man will be jealous of you.” Both rushed upstairs to get their gowns.

Gabriel asked the kitchen elementals how long this girlie phase would last. They shook their invisible heads and did not have an answer. He replied, “I guess we will find out one day. I must admit it makes me feel like younger in some ways.”

Sophie and Alliona returned dressed in their lace wedding gowns. The gowns were simple, but the lacework was immaculate. Each dress fit perfectly and every curve was visible. Gabriel was silent for a moment for he was dazed by how beautiful they looked. Surely, Ariel was with them. He stammered, “My word, I have never seen two more beautiful woman, ever. And ever, is a long time for me. I wish it was our marriage night, already. And I mean this, my darlings.”

“See Sophie, I told you I know how to excite Gabriel by addressing his taste in female fashions. We are stunning brides, indeed.”

Gabriel reminded his darlings, “Go put on some other clothes for my friends. They will be here soon. See the kitchen elementals are putting out bread, cheese, pickled vegetables, and cold cuts. Now, scat.”

Giggling, Sophie and Alliona, hand in hand, hurried to change.

Gabriel thought, “It is going to be interesting. Everyone is going to know that Alliona used the old Djinn magic on Sophie and herself. I must admit they are really fifteen and definitely act that way. The good news is that they will grow up soon, I hope. Soon I will have two students to take back to Damascus.”


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