Conversation with a Rose-Croix (40)

An Unconventional, But Delightful Family (33-2)

January 3, 2017 [Unabridged Version]

Gabriel quickly realized that a single day was likely insufficient time to prepare the Resurrection Feast. He closed his eyes for a moment and called upon Merlin so to ask if he would send his kitchen elementals to finish all of the preparation and cooking of things which would stay fresh for several days. Soon the kitchen was busy with bowels being filled, pans clattering, knives chopping, and breads kneading themselves.

Looking about, Gabriel said, “Thank you very much. I am off to find a fir tree to decorate.”

Gabriel went to the shed, hitched a small pony to a long sled, and found a tree saw. Leading the pony out into the fresh snow, he searched for the perfect Resurrection Tree. It took several hours to accomplish his task. Fortunately, the moon was full and the landscape well-lit.

Finally, he located a tree that Alliona would adore. It stood proudly at ten feet, shaped in a perfect cone, and covered with healthy green bristles.

“Thank you, tree. I am going to move you to the inn so you can open the hearts of little boys and girls. I shall cover you in ornaments so you will truly be the Queen that you are.” He retrieved the tree saw from the sled and felled it quickly. It took sometime to pull it onto the sled as the tree was heavy and bulky.

As he labored with the tree, he asked himself, “Why are Alliona and Sophie acting like pubescent teenagers? Is it rational to marry Alliona and Sophie and have two wives? Why the start a real family? Something has happened in the Praetorian Worlds. Need to deconstruct this riddle?”

Grabbing the pony by its bridle, Gabriel returned to the inn. He removed the tree from the sled by the front door, returning the pony and the sled to the barn. He released the pony and gave it some fresh oats. Taking a tree stand, he headed for the kitchen asking the kitchen elementals to help him bring the tree into the main room of the inn and placed it securely into the tree stand. The tree was inside and up in a flash. The kitchen elementals asked if they could decorate the tree? Gabriel nodded yes.

It was quite amazing to watch the kitchen elementals decorate. Ornaments and wreaths appeared out of nowhere and were placed upon the tree. One of the kitchen elementals found some star dust and blew it onto the tree so that it actually shone. The tree was done and evergreen boughs were fixed onto the door and windows in less than twenty minutes. Gabriel had to clap.

One of the kitchen elementals whispered something in Gabriel’s ear. Gabriel replied, “Of course, all of you can stay tomorrow so to make the greatest Resurrection Day Feast in history. And yes, all are invited to share this Grand Holiday with us.”

All the kitchen elementals were smiling, invisibly. They had not prepared for a large party in a long time. In fact, not since Tristan and Morgana were married in Camelot. Another kitchen elemental asked Gabriel if they could invite Merlin, Tristan, Morgana, little Eleanor, and Tristan’s students to the wedding. They are all at the Crystal Cave and have little to do at the moment.

Gabriel said, “Now, that is a great idea. Bring them tomorrow for Resurrection Eve with the family.”

One of the kitchen elementals created a wonderful Wedding Invitation Card and took it immediately to the Crystal Cave and gave it to Merlin. Everyone was in the library drinking honey mead.

Merlin turned to the group saying, “Gabriel is finally getting married. The invitation says, ‘The Ladies Sophia and Alliona, the happiest Brides in the universe, respectfully request your attendance at their wedding on Resurrection Day to the most adorable Groom in existence, our Beloved Gabriel. Please join us as family for our happy day. It also says, ‘be there or be square.’ I have no idea of what the last sentence means?”

Tristan and his students laughed. Tristan explained, “One of these ladies is from Earth, Merlin. It means that if we do not show up we are as boring as sticks stuck in the mud.”

Morgana turning toward Tristan asked, “Honey, isn’t Alliona the Djinn sweetheart of Gabriel? He mentioned her a few times when he visited us. If she is, then Sophia must be the earth girl? I bet that she is one of Gabriel’s students. Gabriel is a heart breaker for sure. I wonder why he decided to marry and why he is marrying a Djinn and an earth girl?”

Three-year-old Eleanor pulled on her Mommy’s sleeve, “Mommy, Uncle Gabriel is an Immortal, remember. He always does what is needed for everyone’s benefit. And he is always honorable. You told me, Gabriel was like Daddy and Merlin. He wants a family too. I know all of them love each other very much for I feel it.”

Suddenly, a beautiful couple materialized in the room. Everyone bowed for the couple were the Prince and Princess of the Most Holy City anywhere, Nouseum. The Princess said, “Do not tell Gabriel, but my beloved husband and I will make a surprise visit at the wedding. Our city owes much to Gabriel, as it does to all of you. Gabriel was never good at inviting his friends. So let us keep this a secret.”

Merlin handed his most recent guests goblets of his honey mead. Raising his goblet, he said, “Dear friends, let us make a toast to Sophia, Alliona, and our Gabriel so to wish them great happiness and success in whatever work they have been requested to do.”

And everyone made such a toast.

The kitchen elemental returned and told Gabriel that his friends would arrive in the afternoon tomorrow. He said nothing, as to the surprise, but did tell his friends. The kitchen elementals joined together and made a very sincere prayer for the wedding party.

The night had passed quickly and the sun would rise in two hours. Gabriel went upstairs to see his brides and opened the door to Alliona’s bedroom. Everywhere, he saw clothes piled everywhere. Many of the candles had burned down so the light was dim. Hanging upon each side of the dressing mirror was two beautiful lace gowns. He thought, “I see they found what they needed.”

The floor around the chair to the dressing table was covered in tresses of hair from Alliona and Sophie, a hodgepodge of brown and blonde. “I see. Alliona told Sophie of the most ancient Djinn marriage custom. When a Djinn female decides to marry, she cuts our long hair so to prove she is a virgin. If she is not, there is a Djinn ointment, which when applied to the proper part of the female body, will return her to the virgin state. There is also a powder which will make them forget all past sexual experiences.”

Gabriel went to the dresser and saw Alliona’s great-granny’s, leather-bound codex with parchment pages covered in old-fashioned Djinn writing. The codex was open on the table to pages 68 and 69. He lite some new candles so he could read the handwritten text. Sure enough, the title of the potion was Virgin Marriage Potion. Reading quickly, as to the ingredients, Gabriel found some seven ointment jars open upon the dresser top. He saw that the names upon the jars agreed with the ingredients referenced in great-granny’s recipe.

Continuing to read the recipe, he found out how much of each ingredient a lady was to use. He read the first footnote which noted that the potion is also effective for human ladies, but they assume Djinn genitalia.

Next to the ointments, Gabriel saw two silver mixing dishes and two stirrers. He had to chuckle to himself, “My word, Sophie really wants to be a sister to Alliona. Not, a bad choice.”

Continuing to read the footnotes, the second footnote mentioned a herb which could be mixed with any alcoholic beverage so to make the nubile Djinn lose her memories of anything to do with love making. The herb jar was also on the table.

He laughed to himself, “I can only imagine Alliona telling Sophie of this custom. I can hear Sophie encouraging Alliona to ingest the forgetting herb so they both will be virgins together. These two are mighty romantic. And then, they cut each other’s hair. School girls they remain. I guess they never realized this makes much more work for their Gabriel?”

Gabriel continued reading the footnotes and turned to page 70 where the last note was written. The note read, “Remember, not only will this potion return your virginity, it will also return your body to how it looked at age 15. Be wary, you might find a temporary episode of great desire for another female, though it will reside in a few hours. It is recommended not to use this potion alone. Gabriel thought, “Now, that was something I did not know. I wonder if it is true. I doubt they read any of the footnotes after the first four or five, considering the empty pitcher of spiced mead.”

Both were in bed naked and sound asleep. Gabriel looked carefully at them and they both appeared to be nubile fifteen year olds. Alliona was lying upon her back with her head upon the pillow and her arm wrapped around Sophie. Sophie’s was lying on her left side with her cropped head resting upon Alliona’s right shoulder. Sophie’s right arm was across Alliona chest just below her breasts. Sophie’s right hemipelvis were lodged against Alliona’s right upper hemipelvis and her thigh was situated between Alliona’s spread thighs. The rest of Sophie’s leg lay betwixt Alliona’s legs.

For a moment, Gabriel saw them as innocent, loving beautiful angels.

Gabriel had never seen Alliona with short brown hair, but she was truly beautiful–especially at fifteen. He felt sorry that he had made her wait so many centuries. Both girls must have been exhausted, as they did not even know he had entered Alliona’s bedroom.

Tears began flowing down his cheeks, as he realized that his brides had spent the full night trying to make themselves perfect for him in every way. “They are so old-fashioned,” he thought, “and I will honor this ancient quality. I realize, soon enough, they will be forced to fight a great battle with me for which innocence must be placed aside. I will not take it away from them and I shall make sure that every action I do is consistent with such beautiful natures. They shall have their babies soon, the Holy Family Willing.”

Quickly drying his tears, Gabriel saw a second old codex from Djinn lore on the bed stand next to the bed. The open page contained a very well-drawn sketch of two fifteen year old girls experimenting with mutual oral sex. He turned the book so to read the cover. On the cover was written, ‘A First Primer For Young Ladies: Female Anatomy and Beginning Lady Sexuality.

Gabriel said to himself, “No wonder, these two are exhausted. But, I must give them credit–they are studious. He quickly glanced at the earlier drawings so to see just what they had experimented with.”

Each had the sweetest smile and Gabriel felt a great wave of love come into his heart. He pulled up the down duvet to cover them and added some wood to the fireplace. He kissed both of them on their foreheads, “I love both of you. Sleep well. We will have a busy day tomorrow.”

Gabriel left the room quietly and returned to the kitchen. He told the kitchen elementals to rest for a while and that he must visit someone and would be home soon.


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