Another Caveat To Our Love Tale

January 4

Some of the chapters of the current book contain erotic material and are quite unconventional. While these adventures are unlike other matters posted upon this site, the content is as scientifically and metaphysically accurate as I can make it.

The underlying theme of this Teaching is the absolute preciousness of honest, altruistic love between beings.

Gabriel reminds Eleanor, his three year old niece, at the Resurrection Eve party to be presented herein on January 7, Orthodox Christmas:

After all the presents had been distributed, Eleanor said, “Uncle Gabriel doesn’t have a present.”

He quickly replied, “No, Eleanor, I received the very best present that can be given to another. For you have given me all of your Love, and Love is the most precious Gift the Holy Family gave to us so we can share it with others. No worldly gift can compare.”

Fratres and Sorores, if you are able to feel within how every personal interaction in this real tale, even the mildly erotic and unconventional, is actualized by individuals possessing pure love and True Conscience, then, one day you may be worthy to become a true Rose-Croix, an Immortal One.

Train yourself so that the Fiery Love within your Heart burns off the smallness and pettiness of the social mind. Realize your likeness to the Holy Family, become Divinely human.

Blessings, Michael

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