Conversations with a Rose-Croix (42)

An Unconventional, But Delightful Family (33-4)

January 5, 2017

Eleanor ran into the room first, “Daddy, Daddy, Sweetie is a beautiful horse. When we met her, she kissed me on my cheek. We wrapped up in blankets Alliona brought and I sat next to Sophie and held her hand and Mommy sat next to Alliona who was the driver. It was sunny and nice and I saw animals everywhere. And look at Mommy, she turned into a young girl too.”

Morgana, Sophie, and Alliona came into the room laughing and pushing each other. Tristan’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. Morgana appeared to be the same age as Sophie and Alliona. He remembered how she looked when they both were much younger.

Morgana ran and threw her arms about Tristan and began kissing him, “Honey, we had a great time together. I feel like I am fifteen years old again. I love you very much,” looking at Sophie and Alliona, “maybe more than they love Gabriel.”

The two girls stuck their tongues out at Morgana and all began to laugh. Merlin turned to Tristan, “Let us pray that it shall pass in a few days after we return to Camelot. Just enjoy her. I am sure she will be more amorous than usual, like the good old days, eh?” Merlin backed away before Tristan could slug him.

“My word, the spell is affecting all of us. I will do what I can for the males, the females I cannot do anything,” Merlin said some words in Enochian and things seemed to stabilize for the men.

Sophie said, “Morgana and Eleanor come watch us try on our wedding gowns. In fact, Alliona has so many clothes upstairs we can play dress up if you want. I am a good seamstress. Last one upstairs is a monkey.” Sophie grabbed Alliona’s hand and they began running upstairs and Morgana and Eleanor close behind.

Eleanor was shouting, “Sophie is a monkey, Alliona is a monkey. Not Mommy and me.”

Gabriel turned to Merlin, “Are you sure this is going to work out? It is not going to go well at the wedding, I am afraid.” Looking upward, he implored Ariel, “Keep their bodies fifteen, if it must be so, but make them as they were yesterday, at least. They were young and mature. You owe me some mercy, sister.”

Tristan remarked, “I didn’t know Ariel was your sister, Gabriel?”

Gabriel replied, “It is a very long story. I will tell you later. I think we all need to get drunk so to survive.”

Unbeknownst to the trio, Ariel did agree to return some maturity to Sophie and Alliona before the wedding. Not, as to appearance, but as to demeanor.

Gabriel excused himself and went into the kitchen to see how the food preparation was coming along. The head kitchen elemental said, “Milord, all shall be ready.”

“I have another favor to ask, dear friend. I think the whole village is coming. I know you will have sufficient food and libations, but the great room may be too small. Would it be possible to invite some carpenter elementals to the wedding and festivities? I need them to construct a large tent outside in the front and I need some fire elementals to make a small sun for the evening so everyone will be warm,” asked Gabriel.

The head kitchen elemental replied, “Consider it done. Is there anything else you require?”

Gabriel answered, “No, I can do the rest. Thanks again. I am going to make all of you visible during the party so you can really feel like you belong. I have decided to allow some old Elf Magick into this universe for tomorrow only. I want this day to be remembered and honored in Djinn and elemental histories.”

The Djinn world was not a magical world, as is Camelot, some of the Outer Worlds, and Nouseum. Generally, magick is prohibited, but Gabriel possesses the authority for certain exceptions.

Gabriel had thought about using the Elf Magick for a few days. He said to himself, “I know I can do it without opening any portals.”

His thoughts drifted onto Ariel, “I spent so many centuries with Ariel during and after the Great Djinn War. I surely understand her complexity, better than most. I remember catching her looking at me with a certain longing, but she always denied it. I do not think she understood, because she was Divine.

“I did coax her into a real kiss, because I was sure that Ariel had absorbed some of the joys and sorrows of the Djinn. After all, the Holy Family manifested all of us so we carry their likeness. Her kiss told me everything. Part of Ariel aches for a Djinn life. She has yet to incarnate so any experience would have to be vicarious. The best she can do is to share in the holy love between myself and my precious treasures. She will know and I will know, no others.

“It will be good preparation for her future incarnation in the human world.” Gabriel’s musings were interrupted by Sophie.

Sophie, dressed in a most interesting and somewhat revealing costume, requested, “Honey, we have finished our dress-up and are going to do a fashion show for everyone. Please go back into the Great Room and tell Tristan and Merlin. I need you to move the tables out of the way and line the benches up across from each other so we can walk like real models so you can admire our costumes. Everyone, including the kitchen elementals must sit and clap. I will also act as announcer for us. The girls are all so excited as they never heard of fashion shows with beautiful models. I am teaching them.”

Off rushed Sophie to get the girls and off sauntered Gabriel to the Great Room.

“I need everyone to help move the tables back against the wall and line up two sets of benches so they face each other. We need to construct a fashion ramp, walking path, or catwalk, beginning at the kitchen. Also, I have been ordered to insist that the kitchen elemental be allowed to enjoy the dresses.”

Tristan began laughing, “Surely, you are kidding. Morgana and Merlin never heard of a fashion show. I am sure no elemental has ever heard of one.”

Gabriel replied, “I understand, but since it is the eve before my wedding day, we are going to comply. Any way, Morgana is fifteen at the moment, I am sure she wants to be a fashion model after Sophie explained to her how beautiful and graceful they are. Use your brain, man.”

So the Great Room was prepared and Gabriel sent the head kitchen elemental to inform the girls.

Everyone was seated, including, our lovely kitchen elementals, who are no longer invisible. Everyone looked and there before them were a bunch of happy, rosy-cheeked, and chubby grannies dressed in cooking aprons. Eleanor ran over to hug everyone, announcing, “Look, how many Grannies, I have Mommy. I love all of them.” All the people stood up and clapped for all the now visible kitchen elementals, who were really grannies.

In a minute or so, Sophie appeared by herself.


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