Conversation with a Rose-Croix (39)

An Unconventional, But Delightful Family (33)

January 2, 2017

NOTE: This is meant to be bubble gum genre.

They had arrived back home entering the room arm in arm. Gabriel was reading an old book by the fireplace and looked up when the door opened. Smiling he said, “I see you two ladies are getting to be very good friends. I am happy for all of us.”

Like young schoolgirls, both ran to Gabriel throwing their arms around his neck and smothering him with kisses. In unison, they said, “We love you, we love you, we love you, honey.”

Gabriel tried to push them away, but they wanted to kiss him so much. At last he said, “Aren’t you curious, as to my business today?’

They stopped immediately, removed their outerwear, and sat down on a bench holding hands and looking at each other. Before she could stop herself, Sophie blurted out, “Oh, darling, we love you all the way to heaven and we love each other just as much. Alliona and I have decided that we do not want to be separated and so you must have two wives who adore everything about you.”

Alliona looked in astonishment at Sophie and then they both started to laugh. Alliona said, “So much for our devious plan, Sophie. So we might as well tell him everything. And we decided that you are going to make love to both of us so we can have lots of babies from you to love, in addition to Ariel.”

And Sophie added, “And Alliona is going to get a human body and become an Immortal. She is so smart, Gabriel and understands everything.”

Gabriel looked at Sophie and Alliona, thinking, “They really are innocent school girls at this moment. The Society is up to some ‘mischief’ and providing a nice riddle.” He stood up from his chair and walked over to the bench the girls were sitting, asking, “Girls, can you separate from each other so I may sit betwixt you?”

They did as asked and Gabriel put an arm around each waist. He kissed each one on the cheek saying, “OK. I will have two wives to adore and care for and I will give both of you babies to love, regardless of whether the time has come for Ariel. We will be a unified family and I will try to find a way to create a mortal body for Alliona. You will be the very first Djinn Immortal Alliona.”

Sophie and Alliona squealed in delight, jumping up so to hug and kiss each other. In unison they said, “Gabriel, we have the best husband ever. We will love and care for you forever.”

Gabriel said, “Enough. It is time for all of us to go into the kitchen and start preparing some of the dishes for Resurrection Day. I know the girls will be here tomorrow. I want to bake some fruit pies.”

Alliona was startled, “Honey, where did you find fresh berries and apples at this time of the year?”

Gabriel replied, “I spent most of my day shopping in the human realms for exotic fruits, different libations, and presents for everyone in the village. I know just what everyone truly needs and all shall be happy with my choice. Some of the inn rooms are filled with presents. After all, it is a most unusual year for all of us.”

The girls clapped and Sophie said, “I am really looking forward to my first Resurrection Day celebration with our Gabriel and my Alliona.”

Gabriel reached out for Sophie and Alliona, announcing, “I do have a very special surprise for both of you. And I am sure neither of you even considered my surprise with all your conniving.”

Alliona replied, “Honey, we weren’t conniving. We just wanted you to be able to love and live with both of us. That’s all.”

Gabriel could feel the strength of the love between Alliona and Sophie. He began, “I stopped to discuss something with the village Pope. As he is planning to attend the festivities, I asked him if he could perform a wedding before the celebration. He thought he could do so. He asked who was getting married, as marriage were not so common in the Djinn world. And . . .”

Sophie and Alliona started jumping up and down in excitement. Gabriel was sure they would wet themselves. I told the Pope, “Well, do you remember the young lady at the inn last night. The Pope said he remembered you, Sophia, and said he thought you were precious. He knew you could not be a concubine. So I told him that the three of us were getting married and we would create an Immortal family. He had to think about the situation and finally told me, OK. I don’t know of any prohibitions on who can marry an Immortal. Anyway, He said that Alliona had remained chaste every time I left and it was about time that I officially married her. The Pope said everyone who knows her adores her for she has always put the village first.”

Sophie and Alliona hugged and kissed each other and looked with big eyes at Gabriel. Sophie asked, “How did you know we both wanted to be officially married to you. We just told you when we got home?”

Gabriel broke out into a very hearty laugh, “My precious and beautiful darlings, you forget that I can look ahead into the future for a few days. Of course, I knew. I just had to wait until both of you knew. I adore you both. I did not want to interfere with your plans to surprise me.”

Alliona said to Sophie, “I can have a real husband at last. I have waited for so many years for this day. And you will have your heart’s desire too, darling. Come, we must go upstairs and check all my clothes. I know I have some unused wedding garments somewhere for both of us. Gabriel will you do some cooking for us, please. We must be beautiful for our groom. I wet my panties, Sophie, did you?”

“Yes, darling, I was so excited that I wet mine also.”

Alliona took Sophie hand and out of the kitchen they ran, giggling like little girls.

Gabriel sighed to himself, “I do hope I can live with both of them. They are going to be most demanding for some time. I am glad they still are children at heart, good quality if you are going to live forever.” He started laughing, “I knew they would wet themselves.”

He retrieved flour and butter so to begin the crust.


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