Conversation with a Rose-Croix (38)

Alliona and Sophie Take a Stroll Discussing the Djinn (33-3)

January 1, 2017

As Sophie and Alliona walked arm in arm amongst the bare trees, Alliona began, “I am sure you know of the Persian avatar, Zarathustra? In your calendar, he lived around 1200 BCE. After years of study, he saw that the human universe seemed to be perched between two superhuman entities, both the sons of the mythical God, Zurvan, who ruled over Time.

Zurvan was the father of twin sons, the first named Ahura Mazda, meaning Lord of Wisdom, Supreme Creative Spirit, Guardian of Justice, and True Friend. His twin was named Ahriman, meaning Lord of Darkness, Destruction, and Hostility. Ahriman’s sole goal was to destroy the beautiful creation of his brother so to return everything to darkness and chaos will the help of his primary female demon, the incarnation of concupiscence, or lust, Āz.”

“Yes, Alliona, I know of this religion from university,” responded Sophie, “why are you bringing it up?”

Alliona replied, “Because the story is derived from the Great Djinn War, we discussed. The story was given to Zarathustra by a Djinn who feared that the same thing would happen upon your earth and hoped to prevent it. I only mention it to show that most Djinn are responsible and peaceful.”

“I am glad you shared this with me, Alliona. I am beginning to appreciate just how interrelated all conscious life is within our vast universe. I remember once that Gabriel was discussing the Stoic philosophy of the Greco-Roman world and he said that their philosophy was one of corporealism. By this term, he meant that not only did the physical realm function via energy and information exchanges between entities and objects, but that the astral and transastral worlds operated similarly.

“All three worlds possess fundamental quanta of information-energy which over time have formed very complex physical and aphysical creatures and objects, just like your world, honey. Therefore, it is reasonable to postulate that everything in our universe arose from a common functional form and corresponding usefulness. It never fails to astound me how correct my best friend Michael was when he wrote his teaching tale about the Library at Babel. You would like him very much, Alliona. He is another one of Gabriel’s students–probably his most advanced student. He will be an Immortal one day for sure,” finished Sophie.

“Alliona, the Islamic Holy Book, the Koran, talks about the Djinn. Did you know this,” asked Sophie?

“I am not surprised, Sophie, as the Angel Gabriel who communicated the Koran over many years to the Prophet was a Djinn serving heaven. As our Gabriel teaches, neither angels nor demons are allowed to leave their residences. This is why the Divine uses the Djinn as messengers and guardians for your race. People see them as angels for Djinn can assume any form. I know also that your seer Swedenborg discovered that the names of the Archangels do not refer to individual Angels, but to grand societies of Angels involved in different kinds of Divine Work. Unfortunately, I do not think he was aware of the great service being done by the most evolved Djinn.

“Of course, the down side is that the evil Djinn resonate with hell and as they remain in the general astral planes can have negative influences upon susceptible humans. It does have a beneficial side, sister, for our Djinn are able to create conflict within the psyches of your race alerting them as to whether a desire and behavior are inappropriate or appropriate. The Djinn invented the human belief that every person has a good angel and a demon looking after him.  Our Gabriel once told me that this is why the Holy Family took the Djinn into their Service so to help mankind,” replied Alliona.

As they continued to stroll together, Alliona would stop whenever she found a winter plant. She would tell Sophie the technical and common names, describe its yearly life cycle, and explain how to use its medicinal and culinary properties. Sophie was finding herself more and more impressed by Alliona. She was extremely intelligent.

On one of the botanical stops, Sophie told Alliona, “I really do hope that all three of us can be together as a family, Alliona. I want our future children to grow up as siblings. I know that it will break your heart, if Gabriel leaves you again. I know that his love for you is very deep, honorable, and tender. My heart fills with the warmest love, whenever I see you two together. I love both of you, I truly do, honey. We are going to do this, Alliona. I do not know how, but, the three of us are a wonderful family and that is that.”

Sophie saw Alliona’s  eyes grow wet and tears streaming down her cheeks. Sophie said, “Don’t cry honey. It will be OK. Let me kiss your tears away. Come to me.”

Alliona pressed herself against Sophie and Sophie kissed up her tears. She put  Alliona’s head on one of her shoulders. As she gently stroked Alliona’s   long beautiful hair, she remembered the lullaby that her mother would sing to her when she was afraid. She sung for Alliona, realizing that she loved her very much. It was a new feeling for Sophie.

In a few minutes, Sophie said, “Sweet love, time to continue our stroll. I need to learn more about your herbarium. I am sure it will prove useful someday.”

Alliona lifted her head, “I love you, Sophie more than I have ever loved another woman. I want the three of us to be a real family, perhaps, unconventional, but, a family filled with love and goodness. I do have much more to show you, honey.”

Alliona took Sophie’s hand in hers and they started walking. But, in truth, neither wanted to speak about botany. Rather, they started discussing a plan so to convince their beloved Gabriel to make sure that all they would be together as long as the universe existed. The discussion covered many avenues for persuasion. Both hearts were overflowing with love for the other.

As they neared the inn, Alliona put her arms around Sophie and held her close, “Sophie, I have never felt so loved and cared for, other than by Gabriel. I am so happy with you, honey. I would do anything you asked me to do, love, anything. I know that our family will be the best in all the worlds.”

Sophie replied, “I feel the same, sister. The very same. We are truly meant to be together. I love you as much as I love Gabriel.”


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