Conversation with a Rose-Croix (28)

Good and Evil (23)–The Poem of the Immortals

December 21

“Sophie, do you enjoy poetry,” asked Gabriel.

“Yes, I do enjoy most kinds of poetry which rise above the mundane. I like fairy tales also. Why do you ask?”

Gabriel replied, “Poetry and fairy tales are excellent communication methods for mysticism and elevated matters of the heart. We are leaving soon for another journey after the hookah is finished and you have had a light snack. So I want to share a poem with you honoring the Source of All Love and Wisdom. Remember, the Divine provided two unique gifts to humans, the ability to discern the true from the false and the freedom to choose how good will be utilized. Each act of a rational creature has a purpose, a means, and a resultant action. For while living, men and women choose either heaven or hell.

“I have written of God’s emanations many times and in many ways over the aeons, but I think this prose-poetry is the clearest and most straightforward. It is what we know to be true about the Divine.” Gabriel opens a small notebook and begins to read a poem contained in the Archives of the Society.

“Harken onto my Voice, for I am the Shepherd of all men and women, just as the mother and the father are Shepherds for their children.

My Love sees no distinction between the young and the old, between the male and female, between those who live in my Light and those dwelling in suffering and darkness still, I am blind to color and to cultural beliefs.

To teach that I favor one tribe or nation over another is a blasphemy. My Nature in Its Essence forbids naming one group to be my Chosen Ones. How can a mother or father love one child more dearly than another?

I am forever Merciful and Compassionate for My Understanding of the actions of men and women is Complete. I am the Greatest Goodness. Come, My children and live with me, all as One and even More.

At the moment of Creation, I dissolved Myself and placed my Monadic fragments into the physical world so to allow for the completion of the Work accomplished by the evolutionary processes. This is my sacrifice for Mankind for without Divine Awareness the physical world is as Nothing, only an empty shell of matter without life.

In dissolving Myself at the end of the ancient, prior aeon, I assured that the Four Pillars of Divinity would Live On: Loving kindness, Intending consciously, Observing dispassionately and Knowing the Actuality of the All. This I called the Lion’s Roar.

I have no Power to Act Directly in this new Creation for by choosing Dissolution, I relinquished all Control. Mankind is the Prince and Shepherd of this new world. He rules wisely and tolerantly as a true king and agent of the Greatest Goodness or he will die and be with Me no more. In relinquishing My Choice, I gave each man and woman the opportunity to become again as I, the Totality before the beginning of this Time.

Many Monads have discovered their most inner natures and found that they were separate when incarnate, but as One when existing only in My Awareness. By finding themselves they found the I who has always been, the True Continuity without Beginning nor End. You have seen My Light and Love many times: I am Christ, I am Buddha, I am Zoroaster, I am Krishna; I am mother, I am father, I am brother and sister, I am child; I am Such that none can hide nor banish Me for without Pure Awareness there is no mind nor world; I am simply Infinite Goodness, Eternal Benevolence and Benefaction, Highest Intention, Endless Seeker of Understanding, the Silence of Observing; I am the Active, the Lawful, the Organizer in all things.

The Source from which all worlds arise, I am said to Exist, but, many misunderstand for I am found only when a man or woman stops looking. My Existence has meaning only when used as a term for the marriage of Pure Awareness with Physically–we are the Eternal Complements. I can be said to Exist only as Love and Creative Potential exist when a man and woman are joined fully in holy intercourse as one unit without distinction.

I am not Mind nor Consciousness for these are simply the result of Pure Awareness working with physical machines. To believe otherwise is not useful.

I live in the hearts of many worlds, all unknown to the uninitiated of this world manifestation. Near the end of this Time, I will be again a unified Wholeness for Pure Awareness utilizing the totality of the physical as the instrument of Universal Mind and Cosmic Consciousness.

I continually inspire the hearts and minds of the meek ones so to elevate them to sages so to establish Holy Pathways for finding Where the I Am is Hidden. Some come onto Me, by Loving Me directly and without measure. Some come to Me by acting with unrelenting kindness and justice toward other creatures. Some come to Me by attaining to an understanding of what is Actual in this Universe.

For these are the Children who have finished the Great Task for which this Universe was brought to Conscious Life. Children, each much discover his or her own Salvation before this material world dissolves as it had never been. The Greatest of all Gifts I can Bestow is freedom of choice and this is why your Salvation is your own. I forbade Myself from doing the Work you must do, but My Help is never far from your heart if you pay attention and ask.

Remember, Children, I Am closest when you suffer and I suffer with you. So look for Me. My Love is Endless and Eternal and Perfect and Fulfills all desires.”

Gabriel finished reading he closed the notebook and put it back into his jacket pocket. He turned looking deeply into Sophie’s eyes and she was transfixed.

Sophie noticed that the blueness of his irises faded away opening a portal into something much deeper. She saw her physical-kesdjan bodies within the flowery meadow she had visited earlier. Birds flitter about, calling out to each other in the most melodious of bird songs. The flowers whispered to each other by sharing the sweetness of their fragrances. Whenever, a pollen collecting bee landed upon a flower, the flower exuded its charity without restriction which the bee accepted in sincere appreciation and respect.

The meadow glowed with the sweetest and purest of loves. “This must be the garden of Eden,’ she thought.

Neither Gabriel nor the elf ladies were present, only the beautiful baby girl and herself. She was sitting upon rich green grass with her back resting against a giant live oak tree whose canopy reached as high as heaven itself. The baby was cradled within her arms and feeding from her right breast. As the baby suckled, Sophie felt her nourishing milk enter into her baby’s mouth. But, this milk was not just milk. It was the love flowing from the Divine into her heart and into her baby.

As she nourished her little girl, Sophie realized that Divine Love is in everything and is everywhere. She understood that the strongest fountain of Divine Love upon the earth was the female, as females inherently exude love and nourishment. Babies’ first experience of nourishment is his or her first experience of Divine Love from mother. And for many, mothers’ love is the last joy they feel within the physical realm.

Sophie understood that she was needed by the Society so to restore a proper gender balance in the power structure of the world. She understood that the birth of this child would be a Divine Intervention accomplished by the Society, Gabriel, and herself. She understood for Gabriel had shown her.

The vision faded from her consciousness and the moonlit roof top garden again surrounded her. “Thank you, darling for showing me our intended future. To bear such a child, our child, I can find no words, darling, to express what I feel for you. I would give you my life, Gabriel, if you, but asked. I think what I am feeling is unconditioned and pure.”

Gabriel reached over to take Sophie’s hands into his, saying, “What you feel at this moment is the purity of God’s Love. It will be difficult to remember this feeling in a few minutes, but knowing that it exists is sufficient. The greatest gift you can bestow upon me, my love, is not to waver in your efforts to enter into the Society–for this is the narrow doorway leading to our Eternal Marriage. For Immortals are best as a gender-complemented pair.”


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