Conversation with a Rose-Croix (27)

Good and Evil (23)–Space, Time, and Love

December 20

Gabriel answered, “Sophie, some questions appear straightforward, but have complex answers. Other questions appear complex, but have simple answers. Your question appears simple, but is quite convoluted. It will take some time to answer your question, as I must first answer many questions you have not as yet asked me. However, we must begin with some questions from me to you.

“I have divulged sufficient information so to explain why I brought you to Damascus many years before you were born. During our time together, your greatest desire was granted and so you know of a potential future of shared perfected love and caring. You have been introduced to the Work you must do so to manifest the love you desire. But, aren’t you curious as to how I brought your body to Damascus many years before you were born,” asked Gabriel.

Sophie answered, “I am curious, but I knew you would tell me.”

Gabriel laughed, “I see you have faith in your Gabriel. And by faith, I am referring to an unshakeable confidence that I will tell you what is useful for your development. This is a good omen. So I shall explain.

“Each physical universe exists within a ten dimensional pocket of space within the Metric. Each universe is isolated from all other universes and for all practical purposes can be visualized as a thermodynamically isolated systems, as far as physical, astral, and upper world energies are concerned. Applying the Egyptian names normally used by our Society, these energies are respectively, the Gebonic, the Atonic, and the Ptahonic. Geb, the god symbolizing the fertile Earth and the material energies; Aton, the god symbolizing the radiant sun and the aphysical, spiritual energies of life and consciousness; and Ptah, the god symbolizing Creation and the eternalizing, transconscious energies forming the souls of the Immortal Ones far beyond the highest levels of the spiritual worlds.

“These three energies are to be understood to exist as a hierarchy. The lowest being the material energies and the highest being the soul energies. For material and spiritual co-universes to function appropriately, only the gebonic and atonic energies are necessary in the beginning. The ptahonic energies are only necessary after a universe produces creatures capable of making a soul arise.

“Complex physical creatures can only arise in universes in which macroscopic matter, animate and inanimate, is restricted to observable energy exchanges in three dimensions. You might laugh, but it is said, ‘the first couple asked God to give them riddles and puzzles to mentally solve together and knots to tie and untie with their hands. God granted the first couple its wish and so was forced to reduce the ten spatial dimensions to three spatial dimensions, as knots cannot exist in either two or four dimensions.’ Though the wisdom exists in a story, its truth is not diminished.

“Physical and spiritual co-universes are made of energies, but such energies are concentrated into material and spiritual objects. This is why people possess physical and astral bodies. If such bodies existed atemporally, the universe and its creatures would not change as energies could not be exchanged between them. Therefore, a functional universe requires the addition of temporalities so that energies can be anabolically utilized so to produce more complexly cognitive creatures. This is the actual reason why the energy fields coming into the universe in the inflationary period must adiabatically expand into it allocated space so to cool and allow for the formation of gebonic and atonic quanta.

“The great kabbalist Luria, who is a good friend of mine, foreshadowed my explanation as he described Creation using the Hebrew word, tzimtzum which means contraction, constriction, and condensation. In other words, the infinite, Ein Sof, contracted His light so to allow for a conceptual space which is finite and available for separate physical and spiritual worlds. Later Kabbalists wrote, ‘Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite Or Ein Sof filling all existence. When it arose in G-d’s Will to create worlds and emanate the emanated . . . He contracted Himself in the point at the center, in the very center of His light. He restricted that light, distancing it to the sides surrounding the central point, so that there remained a void, a hollow empty space, away from the central point . . . After this contraction . . . He drew down from the Or Ein Sof a single straight line [of light] from His light surrounding [the void] from above to below [into the void], and it chained down descending into that void . . . In the space of that void He emanated, created, formed and made all the worlds.’

“Luria could have said more, but the basic anthropomorphic mind set of the 16th century kabbalists,  required that he employ humanistic forms. Today, we can speak in terms of geometry and energetics, rather than ethereal forces and human concepts. Moreover, as science was virtually nonexistent, no one would have appreciated the physical connection.”

Sophie interrupted, “But, Gabriel you have not told me how you brought me here and why we can experientially spend days, and maybe months, exploring the astral and that it is still the same moonlight night in Damascus. Can’t we skip ahead, just a little to the answer?”

Gabriel admitted, “I did get carried away with my explanation and yes, we can skip ahead. Normally, our mental life is predicated upon actual or perceived separation in space and in time. In the physical worlds, space and time objectively exist. In the astral-spiritual world, we retain the perception of space and time for we need such to function as individual kesdjan bodies. Therefore, our adventures in the astral can be done in perceived space and time and so I can compress or expand space time as much as necessary. What I have done, my dear, is to place your conscious awareness outside of time and into its orthogonal eternity.

“The fact that your physical body is with me some seven decades before you were born, before your parents were born, is quite extraordinary, my dear. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a full revision of spacetime has been accomplished with someone who is not an Immortal. I have succeeded in removing you as a creature in the 21st century and placed you as something new in the 20th century.”

For a short moment, Sophie saw a flash of satisfaction in Gabriel’s eyes which passed quickly. She remarked, “Gabriel, whether I love you in the 21st century or the 20th century is the same to me, as being with you is beyond time and space. In addition, now I know that you are physically here with me, as an Immortal and as a man. I love Damascus and its moonlight. Will we marry in Damascus?”

Gabriel smiled, “Yes, honey, I am in my physical vehicle. For some unknown reason, I was not able to transpose myself into your time period and so the only available alternative was to transport you here in your beautiful entirety, darling. What you thought was my physical vehicle in the future was only a very clever illusion. Soon, you will learn why I did what I did. Yes, honey. We shall be physically married very soon, maybe in Damascus.”

On hearing the word ‘marriage,’ Sophie could not restrain herself or the love within her heart and body. She stood up from her chair and sat on Gabriel’s lap. She felt compelled to kiss Gabriel and brought her lips to his. The moment her lips touched Gabriel’s, she felt a warmth spreading over her whole body, as if she had stepped into a warm tub. Then, Gabriel kissed her and the vision of holding in her arms the little baby girl with the golden aura filled her mind. Now, she understood about the meadow and the elves. But, she did not know why. The vision lingered in her mind and when it left she was sleeping on Gabriel’s lap.

Gabriel said, “Sophie, I would love to continue with your lessons, but you really need to return to your chair and enjoy the hookah. OK?”

Sophie returned to her chair in the happiest of moods. She had kissed Gabriel and it was wonderful. She reached for the hookah hose, inhaled, and blew a smoke ring.


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