Stop Bitching, Start Doing

I fail to understand why people cannot see that life is a random affair.  It is unfair, violent, and full of egoism. It is the nature of our species and the major error of Creation.  All my life I have opposed injustice and unfairness, even though personally I do not like our species.  I have saved thousands of human lives with my research in medicine.  Lost millions of dollars through greedy persons which would have gone to save more lives.  Been reviled, lied about, and persecuted unmercifully.

Still, I refuse to give in to evil demons in our world.  I know that the doctrine of Karma is a hoax to appease the common man.  And do you know what I learned?

I find little anger within my heart, anymore.  I will not love my enemies, but I can fight against them without malice or hate.  I have made peace with the flaws of our species.  I fight without caring what the consequences to myself will be–though, I have preferences still.  The evils of the world are not mine and I refuse to own them or be consumed by them.

I know I cannot love as God would want me to love, unconditionally.  I know I shall never be fully perfected.  I am a lover of women, carnally and spiritually.  So many faults.  And you know what?

None of it really matters for I promised God that I would work to help him at a young age and never go back on my promise.  And I have kept my promise.  I did not promise so I would be famous, rich, or powerful.  I did not promise so I could go to heaven.  I did not promise because I wanted any reward.  I promised because it was necessary for all beings and it seemed the only real gift I could bestow upon God who gives all.

So stop your bitching and complaining.  Forget karma.  Make a decision to find some Good Works to do for the sake of your neighbor and for Our Common Father.  If you are angry because the world is greedy, you are greedy.  If you are angry because of the living Satans, you suffer from egoism.  Give it all up, friends. You do not have to do the impossible, just do something to relieve the suffering of another–not to reduce your suffering, but because the God of your Heart and Realization asks you to do so.

Forego hypocrisy at all costs.


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