Conversation with a Rose-Croix (29)


Good and Evil (25)–The Law of Correspondence 

December 22

After separating their kesdjan bodies from the earthly kelim, Sophie took Gabriel’s hand and found herself standing in a flat clearing on the side of a mountain. Gabriel said, “We are within the Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine. I am going to ask you to observe how the earthly details of this clearing changes, as we watch the progression of the seasons. As you observe and describe what you are seeing, I want you to find the correspondent factors in the heavenly realms in the upper spiritual or astral world. OK?”

Sophie replied, “I will do my best.”

Gabriel asked, “Sophie, it is wintertime at this moment. Look up into the sky and tell me what you see.”

“Gabriel, I see blue sky and no clouds. The sun possesses its normal yellow tint, but it is not very high above the horizon. The air is cold, but tolerable as the wind is not blowing. I do not see any birds in the sky.”

“Sophie, extend your hands in front of you and describe them to me.”

“I can see my outstretched hands very clearly, as the light is good. But, they are cold for the sunlight does not seem to warm my hands,” answered Sophie.

“Good, Sophie. I want you to remember how the light from the sun in winter can be very strong, as to seeing, but is not warm. Tell me about this clearing and its trees and animals.”

“Gabriel, all around us are hardwood trees without any leaves. Their trunks and branches are greyish brown. I do not see any moss growing upon the trunks or branches. Some of the trees have clumps of grey-green mistletoe, so you must kiss me, honey,” as she puckered her lips.

Gabriel replied, “Be serious, I promise to kiss you later. But, entrance to our Society is paramount at this time.”

Sophie laughed, “OK, you meany. I see a red deer buck and his doe nibbling under the snow. Two small white hares are eating together not far from their burrow. The animals have thick winter coats. The snow is very powdery and dry. The forest is quiet without any birds singing or wind blowing. I do not see any greenery anywhere.”

Gabriel replied, “Sophie, remember that during the winter, most plants become dormant and animals must search continuously for food. The reason being, that the sun is too low in the sky to provide much warmth to the earth.” Gabriel saw that Sophie was shivering and he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, “Is this better, honey?”

Sophie snuggled as close as she could. Gabriel, felt very toasty to her. She looked up at Gabriel saying, “I do understand that I have been acting like a schoolgirl for the past few days. It is most strange, as normally, I am very focused on the Work and the Society. I am sure it is because of the bond you made with me, Gabriel. I never considered being a mother in this life, but now I want to have our baby more than anything else. Every time, I think of our baby, a warm flush comes over me and I crave for you to be inside of me. I really cannot control my feelings and physiological responses.”

Gabriel replied, “What is happening with you is not unexpected, after a mortal woman pledges her soul-seed to an Immortal. Do not worry, my dear. I will compound a potion which will allow your cravings to subside until they are needed. Sorry, I should have been better prepared, but all this is new to me also.”

Sophie unclasped herself from Gabriel, as the season was now spring. “Gabriel, the snow is gone and the trees are showing fresh green leaf buds. The dormant grass is turning green here and there. The doe is pregnant and will calf in another month. The sun seems brighter than before and I can feel its warmth at last.”

Gabriel said, “Excellent. Using your seasonal observations of the effects of the sun’s light and warmth upon the earth and its creatures, tell me about the Divine Sun and its light and warmth. Sophie, do not reason, just open your mind to intuitive knowing.”

Without stopping to think, Sophie blurted out, “The physical sun corresponds with the Divine Sun, or the original emanation of God into our universe. The Divine Sun has the form of a Pentacle, or five-pointed Star, with smaller Suns at each corner and one in the center. The central Sun radiates the Quale of Presence to Creation. The Suns at the corners of the Pentacle radiate into the Creation, the Five Qualia of Intuitive Knowing. Selfless Observation, Transcendence, Intending or Volition, and Unconditional Love or Caring.

“I see two Divine Triads, the first union being Love, Presence, and Transcendence and the second union being Observation, Knowing, and Volition. I see that the first Triad can be simplified to Love and the second to Wisdom. It seems that Swedenborg was unable to appreciate the finer details of the Teachings of the Society.

“So the Divine Light radiates as two Divine Triads, or Trinities. The Wisdom Triad allows conscious creatures to observe themselves and their interactions with others, direct knowing provides the ability to discern truth from falsity, and the volition allows us to act for the greatest good. This Triad is the illuminating Light of the Divine Sun. However, illumination is without Warmth.

“Winters correspond to people who are well educated and intelligent, but cold inside toward others. Such possess no altruism.

“The Love Triad provides the sense that we exist as entities, but can join together with others. Transcendence is the feeling that we can become even more. Love is the pure essence of Goodness and joins hearts. As the poets dost say, Love is blind as it is the expression of feelings for closeness and sharing.

“Summers correspond to people who are genuinely warm toward others, but are careless in their relationships and earthly activities.

“I think that springs and autumns correspond to times when Love and Wisdom are properly understood and applied. In spring, the earth prepares again for life and so requires the addition of warmth to wisdom. In autumn, many animals enter into mating seasons when warmth and wisdom are best joined.”

Gabriel replied, “Excellent, my dear, excellent. Today, you saw with your inner rationality as your connection to the Noble Organ was opened very much. You passed through another door on your path to the Society. I think you have earned a most passionate kiss.”

Gabriel took Sophie into his arms and bent to kiss her. When his lips touched hers, the warmth and wetness returned ever stronger. The strength in her legs seemed to drain into her feet and she would have fallen had not Gabriel been holding her. Her body seemed to be merging into Gabriel’s. The kiss seemed to remove her from the astral world, placing her into a world she could not describe adequately–the only word was Love.


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