Songs of a Gallant Heart (1)

While, I prepare this mortal instrument for the upcoming Work, we shall move into the world of Courtly Love and Romance as shown in poetry from the Institute.  Courtly Love comprises the Fifth Way to Illumination for it deals with the Higher Sentient Center, rather than the lower center of lust.  The poetry is often expressed via romantic adventures as such can correspond to the higher Love.

Hope you enjoy, consider joining with the Institute

Ciao Michael



The world is on fire,
no water, no chill,
no rest, no peace,
just people burning with desire.

The world is a wicked game,
a wicked, wicked game.

Is there no one to save me,
no one to love me,
no one to return my life?

Am I only dreaming,
only dreaming of someone like you.
Are you really real,
are you the one,
the one I want to fall in love with?
Are you?
Or is it just the wicked world once again?

I want to fall in love with you,
I want to be with you,
I want to give my heart,
my body, my mind, my soul
my all to you to love.

All I want is to be with you.
All I want is two hearts in love.

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