Notice – Notice – Notice

Dear Readers:

The Purpose Journey will end in a week of so.  I hope everyone found something useful in my tale of Life, Light, and Love (always include romance).  I will edit the series and produce an inexpensive e-book for purchase.  Institute has no serious sponsors so we do it the old fashioned way.

I have many stories in progress and will share them as I find time.  I think I will share a few poems for the next few blogs–which will be e-books one day.  Never enough time.

Still need to get the freedom exercises on Spreaker  and some of my old broadcasts.  Wish I had some help in Atlanta.  All the blogs series will be available for purchase one day.

The next proposed series is called:  The Canon of Gabriel, Baal Eyt.  It is not a story, but is an exposition of the basic knowledge possessed by the Institute–much of it original.

So take care.  You can contact me via face book, Michael Kell or the Institute Page.



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