The Purpose Journey (52)©

At breakfast the next morning, Tristan announced, “Friends, our purpose journey is almost at its end. Gabriel has returned to Nouseum. He asked me to tell you, ‘if you really need his help, just look up into the sky and speak his name. Day or night you will see a fireball in the sky and he will be with you. The same goes for me. All of you having been prepared for the Dark Time ahead. The battle is brewing. Who survives and who perishes remains to be seen.”

“I will leave after breakfast, as I must journey to a small planet called Delos, which is the home world of Asteria, Titan goddess of dream prophecies of the night and readers of the heavens. She is quite the intuitive and I could use some advance information as to what Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith are planning. She is a damn good oracle, but, one must be clever to understand the true meaning of what she relates. She and I go back a long time–eternity has its advantages. Then, I am off to the First Temple to discuss the situation with the Elfin Elders, as the Great City of Light has awakened from their slumber.”

“You all will stay with Morgana and Merlin and complete your Magick studies. I will return in a few weeks. Morgana must remain with you for I will not endanger her or little Eleanor–for the Evil is all about.”

“Our return will be most interesting, as we retrace our steps. First, we return to Wonderland and then to the Islands. They will appear utterly different on the second visit. That is, if all has gone as was planned–though, I am always open to meaningful uncertainty.”

“I am off. If any emergencies come up while I am traveling, Morgana will be able to contact me via Eleanor. Be safe and do not waste the remaining study time. As I said, it is a matter of life and death.” Tristan kissed Morgana and disappeared.

Merlin quickly said, “OK, off to your classrooms. We have much to learn and little enough time.”


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