The Purpose Journey (51)©

Promptly, floating mirrors appeared before each student. Tristan, said, “Now, Gabriel and I are going to readjust the resonant frequency of your ergoegotic centers so that they resonate with a lower harmonic of ours, but much higher than your normal rate. Physicists call this process heterodyning. The new, middle frequency is given as the difference between the higher and the lower. In more esoteric terms, we say the higher fertilizes the lower so to birth and actualize the middle”

“We are going to repeat the earlier experiment and I want each of you to remember how old you feel for each image in the mirror. Following completion of the series of transformations, we will discuss your experiences. No hints,” Tristan instructed.

Tristan allowed each image to remain in view for about a minute. After the last transformation, the mirrors disappeared. Tristan called upon Henry, “Henry, tell me how the second experiment differed from the first, please?”

Henry, answered, “It was most curious. Regardless of the changing images in the mirror or the adding or subtracting from my episodic memory, I felt the same inside. I never felt younger or older or my actual age, as in the first experiment. And the feeling was different somehow.”

Tristan turned to Elaine. Elaine started speaking, “Tristan, I know how Henry felt in this second experiment. I did not feel that I had an age. I just was present. It seemed timeless.”

Gabriel continued asking until all the students had finished, other than his favorite, Calliope.

Tristan had a special place in his heart for Calliope. He had felt when she was born and had watched over her since the convent. He never interfered in her life matters, but came to visit her in her dreams so to maintain hope and persevere. Calliope always believed that the entity in her dreams was her Guardian Angel. Tristan had never said otherwise. Nor had he told her that she had been his little sister many thousands of year ago. She needed to discover such matters herself. Turning to Calliope, Tristan, said, “She who listens well, intuits well. Tell us, Precious.”

Calliope began, “It is as Henry and Elaine reported. One is simply present. When, I say being present, I do not mean the operational self is the entity observing, but, something much deeper. I think this is what you and Gabriel call the ‘true I.’ There is no interference by any ego state, persona or an archetype. The experience is not referenced to the Me. The observer is ageless, indescribable, and absent of any mortally defining characteristics. It is a verb, Tristan, and not a noun. This is what I heard, big brother. It is true.”

The phrase ‘big brother’ caught everyone off guard, even Merlin and Morgana. Morgana blurted out, “Darling, Calliope is your sister? Then, she must possess a real soul.”

“Calliope, how long have you known this,” asked Tristan?

Replying, Calliope said, “Just now. But, I have always felt like you were my big brother since we first met and I entered into this Work Group. Nice to know it is true. Tristan, is my analysis correct?”

Tristan replied, “All of you saw things truly, as they appear from Eternity rather from Time. For Eternity is outside of time and only experiences the Now. The true I simply observes, intends, knows, cares, transcends, and is present as a function and not as a thing. True I is truly ‘no thing.’ It is actively present, but does not exist as do things in the physical world, or in the dream worlds. When fully realized, true I is of the Unborn Nothing. You experienced this personally as Gabriel and I allowed each of you to see existence from our eyes. For us, we observe our worlds from both the ergoegotic center in time and outside of time. When I look into a mirror and see aging upon my face, I am just present and conscious, I know what experiences my operational self has known, and I use them as needed, but, my center of beingness resides in Eternity. It is curious.”

“Imagine, drawing a line onto a piece of paper representing the time line of your life from birth to now. Move five cm perpendicular to said line and make a pencil mark across from the midpoint of the line. Imagine taking a scale and drawing a line from the displaced nidus to the terminus of the line and to the midpoint. Imagine looking down the connecting lines from the displaced point and seeing three events in time in the Now, rather than seeing each separately. This is what it means to be centered in Eternity–though, for practical purposes we only appreciate one Now at a time.”

“A person who is centered in Eternity has gained immortality of soul and will always be as long as the universe exists. A person centered in Eternity completely is present inside and outside of our Universe. The first goal of a man or woman is to attain to Immortality. The final goal of a man or woman is to attain to the Unborn. For the Unborn is even more than Original Mind or Soul. And so, friends, I have told you all that can be told. Your Work is to achieve only the First Attainment and reach the Godhead.”

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