The Purpose Journey (14)©

After a sound and dreamless sleep, the travelers had heard the breakfast bell and were again settled at the kitchen table. As the meal was not as yet served, Andrew asked Rav, “I noticed that since we began this journey, I cannot remember whether of not I have had any dreams.”

Rav answered, “You are correct. None of you have had any dreams since we arrived at the garden isle. Dreams are forbidden for normal residents and conscious travelers when their conscious minds are operating in a metaworld per se. If anyone could dream in the metaworlds, all the stories would disappear leaving only mental chaos. The only individuals allowed to dream in a metaworld are the awakened Storytellers, Myth-makers, and Poets. Such initiates are awakened beings, inherently understanding how to modify an existing story so that order remains. The basic story and its event history remains intact as they add new substance and meaning to the original storyline. As Morgana told you in so many words, I am such a Poet. I am expanding the context of Camelot. How do you think I brought all of you here? I wrote you into the story of each metaland you experienced.”

The travelers stopped everything and just stared at him in wonder. There was so much more to learn.  “Incredible,” Andrew thought, “Now I understand how Morgana could be rehabilitated so to be the lady she should have been, and all without changing the past.” Andrew looked at Rav and Rav just winked.

As breakfast was to be served in a minute or two, Rav informed everyone, “We are going to stay with Merlin for awhile. This cave seems to agree with all of you as far as opening your mind to comprehend concepts that most human beings cannot even image. I need to capitalize on this most fortunate event. So much to teach you.”

Rav sat down and started chatting with Merlin as the morning sustenance was being placed on the tabletop. Soon, all talking ceased. Each turned to the plate in front of them and focused his or her attention upon enjoying the breakfast foods and drink. Each said a short prayer given them by Rav long ago, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat so not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So Mote It Be.”

After breakfast was over, everyone retired to Merlin’s library. The Round Table and its thirteen chairs had been removed and the library was back to how it was on the first day. One could almost hear a ‘sigh of relief’ from the travelers that no Chairs and Hoods game today. Blabbing is rather embarrassing for sure.

After everyone was seated, Rav stood up. He looked at each of his students, one at a time, saying, “We shall stay with Merlin and Morgana for a little bit longer. They have agreed to instruct you the magical arts of Camelot.” Immediately upon hearing the power word, Magick, each student leaned forward in his or her chair and all extraneous thought vanished. For once, each was fully aware and present in the here and now. Though none of them realized it, Rav had just introduced them to the ‘focused attention spell.

Morgana could not help, but chuckle. With the kindest of eyes, she looked at the group, saying, “Children, my Tristan just cast a ‘focused attention spell’ on you without your knowledge. Notice, how just saying the word Magick, Tristan caused all of your chattering thoughts to suddenly vanish so you were only aware of him. Magick is unbelievably powerful and is not to be trifled with by amateurs. Magick is pure power and can be used to help or to hurt. It possesses no intrinsic valence. Valence resides in the magician. Remember this!”

Rav thanked Morgana for her instruction and began with the students. “Your schedule shall be as follows. After breakfast and up to dinnertime, half of you will be studying in a laboratory with Morgana and half with Merlin. Each session will last exactly seven days. On the eight day you are granted a day off and your instructor shall take you to Camelot for tours. At the beginning of a new week of study, you will switch instructors. Neither will teach you any magical maneuvers or spells as this time is for explaining the theory of Magick and an introduction to the necessary tools for beginners, magical swords, wands, potions and so on. Any questions?”

Celestine asked, “Rav, will we learn different subjects with Merlin and Morgana?’

Rav answered, “Of course. Merlin is going to teach you about the evils and dangers of the Dark Magick. Morgana is going to teach you about the usefulness of the Light Magick.”

Clearly, each student was quite excited to hear that they would learn about the theory of Magick. Rav continued, “After dinner is over, everyone shall come to the library and I will introduce you to a new set of teachings. However, you are prohibited from mentioning Magick after dinner–so do not forget.”

Merlin and Morgana stood up. Merlin called the names of six students. “You six come with me, the rest follow Morgana to the laboratory.” Just like little ducklings, the students made a line behind either Merlin or Morgana.  All of sudden, the students started uttering little duckling quacks and covered their mouths.

As they departed, Rav said, “Nice touch Morgana, love you.  Also, you will not be able to talk with me during the day for I will not be here. I have some important magical work to do in Nouseum. I need to help prepare a returning ritual with the Prince and my friend Caspar.” And with that, Rav shrunk to a point and was no more.

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