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Friends, I will soon prepare an audio tape (MP3 format) containing preliminary instructions for learning the first Freedom Exercise.  This exercise is the basic methodology utilized by our school of esoteric Work and has its own page on the website at   A brief introduction is included below.

For many years, the author of the Freedom Exercise studied with diligence the teachings and spiritual exercises contained within many religions and philosophies – ancient and modern.  His sole desire being to connect with and understand the original source from which arose those exalted states spoken of by various Teachers: Nibbana, Awakening, Grace, or Enlightenment.  He was convinced that all descriptions shared one important commonality. If he could discover and prove this commonality via personal experience, he would come to understand how to design the simplest and most effective methods so to allow others to rediscover and strengthen his or her thread with the original source.

One day, the author was contemplating a Teaching provided by our Master during his sojourn upon the mortal plan.  In Luke 18:16 – 17, he read, But Jesus called for them, saying,

     Permit the children to come to Me, do not hinder them,

        for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

    Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the

        kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.

Instantly, the murky waters of the stream followed for so many years turned crystal clear, the answer resting amongst the smooth pebbles lining its bottom–one shimmering golden nugget.  One verse resting within the many verses of the New Testament–one verse waiting for some traveler of the future to stumble upon with eyes to see, ears to hear, and an open heart. 

Clearly, the answer had been given, so simply, to the world many centuries ago.  For the ancient path to enlightenment and compassion began within the hearts of the neonate.  For the essence of a newly born child remains still within That which is Eternal and Ever-Renewing.  And just as clearly, our author realized the true nature of mankind’s calamity – none of us realized that we had been born into and had spent the first  months of our lives within the Kingdom of God.  How could we remember such beatitude as we lacked language and self awareness?

While, it is impossible for us to consciously recollect our original  psychoneurological state (as episodic or autobiographical memory is not present until about 2 years of age); proper exercises may reconnect each to his or her higher aesthetic center by restimulating the associated and dormant brain centers.

At last, our author had sufficient information to begin designing effective  psychoneurological exercises which would slowly reintroduce each participant to the Kingdom of God within.

In the beginning Freedom Exercises the Institute explains in modern terms how to accomplish the above–using words and terms acceptable to people of any spirituality.   For such was the teaching methodology employed by the Christ–for the Lord preached to all those who cared to listen to instructions for activating the higher aesthetic and cogitative neural networks.  Centers necessary for attaining to the Paths of Compassion and Wisdom. 

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