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The travelers were assembled around a long oaken table in the kitchen. Along the length of the table were two hand-hewn benches upon which the students, Morgana, and Rav sat. The travelers could not stop talking about being in Camelot and meeting Merlin and Morgana. And to think their Rav was a real magician. Not to mention, that the breakfast was being cooked by invisible beings and smelled delicious.

Merlin sat in a most distinguished arm chair built of dark walnut marked with a knight’s crest on the wooden back and a scarlet cushion for the seat. Rav sat on the bench to his right. Morgana was meant to sit to Merlin’s left, but, she insisted on sitting next to her transworld husband. She was holding onto his arm as if she was afraid he would vanish. It was clear to everyone present, that Morgana truly loved her Tristan.

One of the travelers asked Merlin, “Merlin, whose crest is on the back of your chair?”

Replying, Merlin said, “This old chair is from Arthur’s Round Table and was the chair that Galahad sat in after being brought to Arthur’s court. Galahad’s Crest was a white shield with a thick red cross. The chair is called Siege Perilous. When I created the Round Table and its Chairs, I left a vacant seat for the knight who one day would be successful in the quest for the Holy Grail. When Mordred died and Arthur was taken to Avalon by la Dame du Lac, I returned the Table and Chairs to my cave and I now sit in Galahad’s chair.”

Soon, food began to appear on the table top and everyone was busy eating. There was hot spiced apple juice to drink, white pancakes, white elder (chicken chunks cooked in soup stock), soft boiled eggs, Saxon bacon, nut tarts (small pastries with almond milk custard), rose pottage (almond milk flavored with ground rose petals sprinkled with sugar), oat and rye gruel with raisins and currents, and a treat made with almond milk flavored with ground ginger and pistachio nuts, thickened with flour.

After everyone had finished breakfast, the leftover food, plates, and cups was removed and the kitchen quickly was clean and fresh. Merlin looked at his table guests and began, “Now that you are well rested and well stuffed, I believe it prudent to return to our library with its toasty and soothing fireplace.”

Everyone stood up from the benches and proceeded in an orderly manner to the library, each desiring to sit in the same seat as the day before. Humans are funny about such matters. However, now in the center of the library sat the real Round Table with its thirteen chairs. Merlin seated each student in one of the chairs and he sat in what had been Arthur’s chair.

After all were seated.  Rav sat in Sir Tristan’s chair with Morgana close by on a seat placed conveniently by one Cupid or another.

Merlin began, “We are going to begin with a question and answer game. The name of the game is Chairs and Hoods. You may ask any question you desire–as long as the question is well formulated and related to this journey. If your question is unfit, you will find that your tongue no longer works and all we shall hear is babel. Understand? Good learning experience. First question.”

Sir Kay, began, “Is it . . . blah . . . blah,” ending with a surprised look upon her face.

“OK, you are out of the game. Place the hood over your head with the eyes cutouts in front.”

Sir Gawain, asked, “What is the most important thing for me to learn on the journey for purpose?” Sir Gawain looked around at his friends, happy that he finished his question.”

“Take a card from the pack in front of you, turn it up, placing it face up in front of you,” replied Merlin. “Watch what happens.”

The figure drawn on the face of the card appeared half of life size in the middle of Round Table and began to speak. It was a page boy from Arthur’s court. The page said, “The most important thing for you to learn on your journey is to observe your thoughts and feelings. Feelings arising from the motor state of your body. For until you learn to observe the inner and outer condition of your mind and body, without trying to change anything in the beginning, you shall remain an animal machine,” and with that the figure returned to the card and silence remained.”

Sir Gareth tried a question, “How can Morgana and Rav be in love if . . . uh . . . uh . . .uh?”

This time Morgana, a little hurt, stammered , “You’re out of the game. How could you ask such a question. Tristan is the only person who truly cared about me, the only thing good I ever had in all of my life.” Morgana sat down and everyone saw that she started to cry on Rav’s shoulder. Sir Gareth placed the hood over her head feeling sorry for her inconsideration.

Sir Gaheris took his chance. Carefully, he thought out his question. Finally asking, “You have mentioned the virtual world created by the brains of conscious creatures. But, how does my individual dream world join to the dream worlds of my eleven friends here. How do we actually create your world, or do we?” Sir Gaheris, happy to have finished his question, took a card from the pack in front of him, turned it face up, and placed it in front of him.

The image upon the face of the card was a studious looking alchemist with pointed ears. Moving to the middle of the table, The alchemist began, “Actually, no one has been able to provide a full answer to your question. I believe Tristan has discussed with you, psychoneurology, and how the human brain creates virtual images of its body, the external world, and the two together. He would have discussed the image operators and how neural activity within the human brain is translated into “lived” experience. These virtual images in space appearing real, but not made of physical energies. I am sure he discussed normal diurnal and nocturnal realities and how humans weave these into their normal dreaming and waking realities.

Moreover, each normal human being shares a similarly structured brain and evolutionary past such that humans possess a conjoint species mind more advanced than dogs, lions, horses, and other higher animals.

What you see before you is such virtual world operating under many of the same laws of the physical, as the physical is its parent. It was created by your great storytellers, oral and written, and became a separate virtual world by many humans experiencing the story in their imaginations and dreams so that it came to be felt as real. For you it is imaging, but for us it is real creation.

Human storytellers are the actual creators in the physical universe. Only they possess the capacity to create new virtual worlds which less endowed persons experience as such stories are told again and again. It is this experience which solidifies and gives actual semipermanent existence in the aphysical realms. The storytellers are the true holy men and women in your world–not the gods, angels, demons, or creatures you create so to worship and blame for your lack of personal responsibility.

I might add that for those of you who are not storytellers and bards, what you create in your dreams and imaginations remains in your dreams and imaginations. This is not to imply that the power hungry of your world lack the mental skills necessary for manipulating the belief systems of the unwary so to generate a shared cultural delusion of great strength and damage. But, such world belief systems remain bound to physical awareness. Such power for true benevolence, so much waste in acts of aggression, greed, and hate.” And with a final shake of his head, the alchemist returned to his card.

Rav continued the discourse of the alchemist by saying, with righteous indignation, “It is pitiful that mankind, as a creator species, continually fails to understand and properly apply the gift given by the Eternal, Formless Divinity embodied in the Great Metric, we call the Boundless, the Discrete, the Mother, the ten dimensional Hyperspace. For the physical universe exists only to provide the material necessary so to evolve increasingly complex and powerful biological apparatuses. Apparatuses possessing the ability to express the Divine, Eternal Qualia (the 5Q + 1 or ‘koptic’) in our psychosocial worlds so to live in full justice, righteousness, compassion, mercy, and good will to all living creatures and Mother Earth. Apparatuses possessing the gift of bringing to life, within the aphysical, conscious entities, as my beloved Morgana and essence friend Merlin.

Apparatuses which have the power to consciously recover a prior being pattern or make a new one so to join together these fragments or patterns so to be, once again, Original Soul. For Original Soul, were we, before this physical universe came into being from its immediate progenitor. And as Original Soul, we created a plan for this universe and sacrificed everything for such plan–even causing our own annihilation. For we allowed ourselves to be fragmented and our individual patterns erased without ANY guarantee that we would be found and reconstructed so to be richer than we were. Our love was unconditional and perfect between the one and the many, the many and the one.  Such acts being ones of true sacrifice for a greater Good.”

Sir Percival asked his question, “Rav, did Original Soul fragment in as many pieces as there are fully conscious creatures since life began in the universe?

Rav, replied, “No one knows how many fragments were lost in the beginning and how many potentially conscious creatures the universe can generate.  And do not misinterpret the word ‘fragments’ for such is not meant as a part of something larger.  What is meant is the when Original Soul experienced the end of its time, each immortal being withdrew from Original Soul as a fragment, or an individual pattern’ to be erased from immortality. What is known is that no self-aware creature is born with a fragment of original soul. Human bodies are only vehicles which can consciously evolve so to recreate the progenitor fragments.

Again, do not think of such fragments as Leibniz’s monads, or energy packets, or individual souls, or anything observable. When I use the phrase ‘fragment,’ I am referring to an ‘individual pattern immortalized into the Great Metric’ by the personal development of a self-aware being who returns time after time to the physical universe so to work on himself or herself so to attain immortality for the benefit of all creatures. Lord Buddha would call them Bodhisattvas. Our School use the term, True Man or True Woman, for such Arahants. Sometimes, we use the term Cosmically-Significant Being. If all goes well, each recovered or new fragment awakens to an understanding of what can be adds his or her essence to the other awakened fragments so to reconstitute “an organ’ of a reborn or resurrected Original Man (metaphorically speaking).

It is these beings who willingly sacrificed their immortality at the great Deflation-Inflation allowing a new physical universe to come into being. You will understand much more if you study the Aryan Vedas and the Indo-European religions which followed.”

Sir Percival asked another question, “I think I am following you, but, I do not understand why fully conscious beings would sacrifice their personal existence so to make a new universe?”

Rav continued, “Near the end times of a physical universe, Original Soul has already generated an Intention for the new universe. This Intention is concerned with improving how awareness functions within such universe. Every conscious being joined with Original Soul understands the intolerable pain and suffering which arises when creatures become self-aware, while still possessing the desire for power and hoarding. Each one of these beings has felt and suffered from the “evilness within the species” and feel the intolerable. After, they have reawakened, each and every body inhabited is trained to absorb some of the “unique pain of humanity” so to process it and provide some relief for the collective.

Such beings are as close to being Divine as possible. This is why they are willing to sacrifice personal existence so to do something about evolution, to see if the system logistics can be improved so mankind moves beyond its animal nature with less destruction.  The only deity worth loving is a deity who would consciously sacrifice itself for you.

This is sufficient for today. Let me finish by telling you that some human vehicles are born with an attunement to Original Soul. Such persons develop a compelling drive to become more conscious and awakened and attract the attention of certain awakened beings. If such a person perseveres in his or her efforts to awaken, a new pattern comes to birth in the Great Metric. Once this occurs, he or she is on the path of permanence and immortality. When immortality is assured, Original Soul becomes richer than before.

Now, you have learned something of true Universal Purpose and what your true personal purpose is. Don’t waste my time and the gift of life, kids.”

Morgana eyes were so full of love and awe at her Tristan that the library seemed to be bathed in a light which was love itself. Old Merlin reached over to Sir Tristan, whose seat rested next to his, placing his left hand over Tristan’s right hand, “Bully for you, old friend. Bully for you.”

No one else said a word at the Round Table. They knew inside that the game of Chairs and Hoods had come to a proper end, without losers or winners. The hoods were removed and the cards returned to their respective decks. A great silence filled the room as everyone realized the importance of this journey for the future of all souls, be they human or metahuman, in the physical or in the metaworlds. And each heart felt a bottomless appreciation for Rav; for at last they understood the sacrifices he had made to get each of them to this time and space.

At last Sir Galahad, feeling each heart beating in unison with her own, blurted out, “I love all of you. And I have only one wish, and my wish is this, that all of us swear to ‘forever will and act for each others greatest good always. Just as Rav has done for us and for Morgana.’”

And everyone lifted a golden goblet of honey mead, which had appeared during Sir Galahad’s imploration, and toasted each other and Original Soul.

Morgana whispered something to Rav. Rav turned and lifted his right hand and gently placed it upon her left face, whispering back, “Darling, we shall see if such is possible. For such to transpire will require the strongest magic of all–the magic of the first ones. We must travel to Nouseum to speak with Caspar about this as his library contains all the old books of deep magick. We will see if we can create the baby you so long for.”

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