Poems of the Heart Series (2)

June 19, 2012  Dr. Michael Jon Kell©


Calliope, will you love me always?

Will you love me when others don’t,
when all the world is aflame with hate,
when all and everything seems against me?

Will your heart hold true,
when the winds of Satan blow strong,
when all the world is covered in ice?

Will your soul continue to proclaim,
that my Legolas is true and still pure,
even amidst the hate mongers lies?

Will you still love your darling,
even after the world steals all that I own,
when only hope and my love for you remain?

Will you love me when I am old,
amongst others more young and desirable,
remembering how I was so long ago?

Will you still dream of our times of lust,
after your youth has moved onward,
when I just hold your hand?

Will you still love me longingly,
when my soul rests for you in heaven,
God having separated us temporarily?

Will you find me once again,
when our lives start anew.
will your heart remember your Legolas?

Oh, Calliope, will you love me always,
as I love you?


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