Poems of the Hearth (3)

21 Feb 2014 Dr. Michael Jon Kell©


The Honey spread,
in rhyme sweet and prose transcendental,
nurtured and immortalized by poets of old,
is as the ever-radiant, multi-hued sparkling of diamond,
fed by ever-giving sun on a blue cloudless morn,
that feeling burning within our hearts, we call Love.

Some say that Love is the Honey
shared between lovers enmeshed in hot embrace,
souls lost in orgasmic bliss,
where even selfness is sacrificed.

Others tell that Love is the Honey
overflowing in Mother’s heart,
letting down her milk so it flows
for an infant suckling at her breast.

I have heard that Love is the Honey
of kind words and helping hand,
that the worker bees of God spread
amongst the downtrodden and oppressed,
poor souls laboring in the fields of greed.

We are mistaught to believe that the Honey,
that nourishment necessary for the health of a human heart,
can be taken from us by force or ill fortune,
a day stormy or a night dark,
a lover’s departure or untimely death,
and we suffer so very much.

We torture ourselves in silent words and wet tears,
needlessly fearing that one day, for sure,
our sunlight, our Honey will disappear,
and we shall be alone forevermore.

I say to all of you, my dearest friends,
be the day stormy or the night dark,
be thee absent of lover or friend,
feeling abandoned and void of hope,
you mistake the sunlight for the diamond-sun.

For, in honest truth, sweet friends,
“Does the Sun hide from you on a day stormy or night dark?”
“Cannot you share a moment of love with a departed friend?
“Have you not found another mortal lover after long suffering?’
“Does not the moon shine again each and every month?”

True, what we so enjoy is the Honey’s light and warmth,
and this is what we miss when we think Love has gone.

But, sunlight is only the child born to the diamond and the sun,
and you, dear friend, are the Diamond, as God is the Sun.

The Honey only appears to come and go,
because you forget you are the Diamond.

So dry up your tears,
allow Hope back into your heart,
open heart’s golden shutters to Honey’s Sweet Source.

Become a bee working in our imperfect garden,
helping pollinate flower after flower,
sparkling once again with Honey Sunlight,
resting after sundown in Love’s Hive,
fulfilled, not alone and well-fed.

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