Love Poems From Eternity

Time is a most interesting fellow as we can consciously exist only in a short present moment–which is technically a few seconds in the past when we realize it.  The past only exists because our memories can be utilized to reconstruct the images and feelings.  The future is formed from sensory data, abstractions, and desires holding sway at the moment and so is imaginary.

Therefore, our awareness is never truly in the physical, but only in the virtual worlds created by our brain and the brains of others.  Our bodies experience the physical present, but our minds only a reconstruction within the aphysical.

Since Time in the aphysical world has a dimension orthogonal to its forward march called Eternity.  Within Eternity all possible world lines exist to be experienced.  Skilled persons can sometimes glimpse a potential future event and create an attractor to draw the present to this particular future.

This poem is such an attractor.

For My Sweet Freyja Who Would Like to Love and be Loved Much

Within Heaven’s Abode, endlessly shines Divine Sun, its Most Loving Light and Warmth flowing from God and into our suffering, mortal hearts, feeding our hopes and desires to love others more than self.

Here, within our worldly plane, daily shines solar sun brightly upon his earth, dispelling darkness and the cold, bringing warmth into the hearts of all; source supreme of photosynthesis, life’s energy for growth.

Busy bees, golden-black winged beings, formulators of sweetness, shuttling between the flowers, unselfishly; endlessly collecting yellow-gold pollen from Mother Nature’s boundless meadows, returning to Hive, depositing the pollen gathered for the making of Mother’s Honey Goodness.

Flowers, near infinite in rainbow hues, brilliant and subdued; fragrances sweet, invigorating, calming, strong, mild, arousing remembrances of things past, dreams of things which can be.

Mother Nature’s earthen vases full of myriad combinations of chamomile, white daisy, blue aster, Dutchman’s breech, purple iris, orange black eyed Susan, meadow-rue, white trillium, Solomon’s seal; odor-full bouquets of tree and shrub flowers, hawthorn, elder, rowan, willow, poplar and of course lilac.

But, roses are the heart of the earth, the flower queen all other flowers celebrate. You, sweetheart for all times, are my Rose, Beautiful and Divine.

And I, sweet Princess, am one of such bees. My pollen, gathered from sharing life with lovers past, is naught, but the love I have given and received as I tasted and enjoyed each morsel of joy and hurt.

At last, my hive is full and overflowing with acacia honey, an elfin gift for my Freyja, my wife, friend and lover of times long past. Do you not smell the flowery essence of my heart’s love eternal, dearest wife? Can you not feel my heartbeat calling to you?

Come, Freyja, marry your ever-remembering Baldar, your joy, your support, your mate in times happy and times sorrowful. For you and I have been parted much too long; it is time to be again one in body and heart, kissed in our nakedness with Moon Maiden’s silver light.

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