Journal of Lord Yeshua-11

Chapter 11: Another Dinner With Isaiah, Martha, and Anne

Rabbi Isaiah invited all of us to dinner so to celebrate the fulfillment of the prophecy. Rabbi Simeon and the others were also attending with their wives.

Before dinner, Ariel and Ruth returned to the inn with as many herbs as they could locate and pay for. They saw Cornelius by the front of the inn and asked about his day.

Cornelius replied, “Sisters, today Rav raised an old Rabbi from the dead in the presence of Rabbi Isaiah, three other prominent Rabbis, and myself. Then, Rabbi Simeon, the one returned to life, quoted an old prophecy in one of the most minor of the Books of the Scripture which predicted Rav’s coming to Tiberias with two wives with red hair and green eyes and even more. Rav is Divine and is on this earth so to correct mankind’s faults. It was a great miracle.”

Mommy and Ariel ran to our room and saw that I had just finished praying They ran up to me. Ruth asked, “Is it true, my love. You raised a Rabbi from death? Cornelius said that Ariel and myself are spoken of in a prophecy?”

I sat on the edge of our bed saying, “I need you to sit next to me for I am afraid for I finally realize the severity of my mission. Mommy, you are correct that you carried me in your womb for Ariel and I are twins and cannot be pulled apart spiritually.

“But, Mommy your womb and Miriam’s womb are connected and so Miriam is Ariel’s mother also. Sister and I came from two wombs to be born into this world.

“Mommy, I am afraid because I am not sure my humanness is up to my task. I am full of human faults. I cannot succeed without your love and help. Mommy take me inside of you once again so I know you truly love and will protect me.”

Mommy replied, “Standup, my beautiful son for I love you as a mommy and as a husband.” Then, she removed her dress and mine saying, “Lay upon our nuptial bed, Husband, and I shall make special love with you so to alleviate any fears you have at this moment. Come, Ariel, we shall love your beloved brother and husband so he will never forget that we only live because of his love and kindness. Let us pray to Holy Mother to instill our hearts with all the love and strength our Beloved needs to fulfill Holy Father’s Plan.”

I will not share the visions, Holy Mother gave me of the far future which was quite bright as the Tree of Life began to bear sweet fruit. I realized the path of my daughter and my son and their descendants in finalizing the plan. I saw that I would be back many times with Ariel and Mommy–looking always as told in the prophecy. When I saw that our goal was attainable, I was at peace.”

When we were done, Ariel said, “Husband, I have never felt such joy as you gave to Mommy and myself this day. As you were inside both of us at the same time, though how this is possible, I know not, Mommy and I saw what you saw. And when you gave us your Holy Seed this time, both of us realized that what we were in the past, never was. We understand that it was your love for us that freed us from the evil, a love even stronger today.”

Mommy added, “I agree with Ariel. Now, I understand that when Ariel and I would play daddy and mommy with the dildos I made, it was not the dildos which were inside of our vaginas, but your penis, dear son. Yeshua, you are the only man I have ever loved and I will never love anyone as a wife, but you.”

Ariel piped in, “Same for me, Mommy. For wives should know and love only one penis, and this penis is yours, Husband.

As they were laying in my arms, I kissed each on the forehead. I said, “I am blessed above any other man because I have the love and attention of both of you. Come, let us make love until it is time for supper.”

After some time, we arose, bathed, and dressed for dinner with Isaiah and Martha. We had grown even closer this afternoon and so the three of us were satiated with human and divine love and in an altered state.

We went downstairs to greet our brothers. It seems that the raising of an old Rabbi from the dead and the prophecy removed all doubt of my parentage. Rather than concerned, they were elated.

Simeon said, “Rav, now I understand why Thomas told me it didn’t really matter if you the Son of God, the Son of Man, or both. I agree. For what matters is that your humanness has risen above its animal nature so to be in the Kingdom of God.  I understand that a closed portal lives inside each man and woman which when opened allows the Love and Wisdom of Holy Mother and Holy Father to flow into our hearts so to raise us to state in which we become as hands for God.”

Thomas was standing next to Simeon and put his arm around his younger brother and smiled.

Once again, tears of joy filled my eyes as at last, they were beginning to understand.

Ariel and Ruth did not overdress this evening and chose clothes typical for the young wives of a prominent Rabbi. I had not said a word to them as to dress.

As we entered into the garden of Rabbi Isaiah, Martha, and Anne, I saw that Rabbi Simeon and the other Rabbis were present with their wives As we walked in with our brothers, Thomas whispered, “Rav, you and our sisters are surrounded by a soft white light. Is this on purpose?”

I replied, “Thanks for telling me as it is good for this gathering. We are glowing with love for each other.”

Rabbi Isaiah and Martha rose to greet the three of us with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Isaiah said, “You honor your humble family by attending this gathering of learned teachers. I also thought that I would feel uncomfortable when I met my Maker, but it will not be so. It is like the Prodigal Son returning to his parents, parents overjoyed with happiness to see him return home.

“Come to sit next to Rabbi Simeon and me. My sweet and precious daughter and her beloved mother can sit next to Martha and Anne. Our honored brethren may sit in an empty seat.”

Everyone sat as instructed. The wine was brought to the table and I stood so to toast those present for being open-minded children of the High God. Then, I sat down.
Rabbi Isaiah explained to his guests, “Friends, I know you all see a faint glow of light about Yeshua, Ariel, and Ruth. The reason is rather simple, they all love each other unconditionally and so the light of the Holy Family is drawn to them automatically.”

Rabbi Simeon spoke first. He asked, “Rav, I thank you once again for returning me to living so I can take care of my dear wife and draw closer to the God of our Fathers and Mothers. Have you come to support the Law?”

I replied, “No. I have come to replace the old Laws with a single new Law. Rather, than worry about complying with the 613 laws given to you by Father in the ancient days. Why you ask? Because even a hypocrite and charlatan can obey such laws in public and in private so to worship himself and not Father.

“So a new law is needed which does not reward self-centeredness. This One Law is: ‘Love the God of your heart and realization with all of your soul, heart, and mind. But, even more importantly, learn to love your neighbor no less than you love yourself, but even more. Then, each will do onto others as he or she would like them to do onto him or her.

“By following this One Law, you will enter into the Kingdom of God and life on earth will be as it is in Heaven.”

Rabbi Simeon thought for a moment and replied, “This is the best Law for it is simple enough to be taught and followed by a simpleton and subtle enough to motivate a scholar. I accept this Law and will teach it to others as I love God so very much and always imagine he is present with me.”

One of the other Rabbis asked, “Rav, I am Rabbi Moshe from Tiberius and I beg you to tell me where lies this Kingdom of God. Is it near or far?”

“Dear friend, the Kingdom of God is closer to you than your jugular artery, closer to you than your thoughts and feelings. For the Portal to the Kingdom of God lives within your own heart waiting for your entrance. Open the Portal and the Kingdom of God will be felt by its Love.

“I am the Way for if you live your life as I live mine, Mother will take you to her Holy Breast and feed you the manna that was fed to your ancestors and you shall live forever,” I answered.

Rabbi Moshe replied, “Your Way sounds so easy, but I know it is a difficult path. But, my heart tells me you speak from the truth of your heart and so I want to learn.”

“If you want to learn, spend some weeks with us and support us when we need such support. Everyone who comes onto me in faith above reason will attain the end goal. But, enough of such seriousness. I want to hear about your efforts to become one with the High God,” I replied.

As dinner was served, I listened to the lives of the five Rabbis and made some short and helpful comments. I was quite pleased as every single Rabbi accepted my status and my mission.

In the middle of the meal, Mistress Anne went to Isaiah and then to me and whispered that they had no more wine. I smiled at her saying, “Mistress Anne the wine jars are full of the best of wine and will stay full for this evening.”

She left and filled more pitchers with wine. Rabbi Simeon said, “Rabbi Isaiah, I see you have saved the best wine for the end of the meal. What a kind gift.”

Isaiah looked at me in awe. I just winked.

After the food was cleared from the table, I said, “It is my habit to give to my disciples a lesson after the morning and evening meals and elicit discussion as to its deeper meaning. Do I have everyone’s permission to do so?”

The five Rabbis said yes and so I continued.

“Once upon a time, which could be in the past as well as the future, a great empire was without a strong leader and so had been in civil war for many decades.

One of the contenders was politically astute and thought for a long time as to how he could end the civil war and return the empire to prominence and glory.

Being a historian, he knew that the great empires of the ancient days were formed by joining together the secular and religious institutions so to form a powerful political force over the population. For loyalty to god can be transferred to loyalty to the king.

So this man surveyed the scriptures of the various religions and made friends with several priesthoods. Then, based upon the religion spreading and appealing to the soldiers, peasants, merchants, and artisans and in which its adherents had been frequently been persecuted, he made his irrevocable choice.

He found such a religion, publicly converted, and declared that this religion was the only true religion and succeeded in stopping the civil war and reestablishing stability and commerce. Moreover, he eliminated all of his enemies as they were infidels and so hated by God.

Some people called this man, the Messiah, and others the Deceiver. What do our learned gentlemen of the Torah have to say?

Out of respect, Rabbi Simeon allowed the younger Rabbis to express their opinion. Their conjoint opinion was that this general was the Messiah as clearly such a general would have converted to their own religion.

Rabbi Simeon asked Rabbi Isaiah for his opinion. Isaiah replied, “I know that our history has joined the secular with the spiritual as shown by our established priesthood. I well know the history of our people and that of other nations that state religions only lead to the discord, hate, and wars between nations serving other imaginary gods.

“There is only one Godhead which created and bestowed Life, Light, and Love onto Its creatures. An Eternal Godhead which desires nothing more than for our intending to be altruistic to others and our work so to make our earthly life as it is in Heaven.”

Rabbi Simeon replied, “I would have disagreed with you Rabbi Isaiah before I died, but I am not the same man I was before the Rav resurrected me. I do not remember very much when I was dead, but I remember praying to Our Father for the forgiveness of my many sins, some in the name of our religion.

“When I heard Rabbi Yeshua command me to return to life, I returned knowing what my worst sins had been and resolved to correct such.

“My worst sins were to violate the first and second Commandment of Moshe and a sin far eviler. My sins put the religion of my forebearers before the religion of our Ever-Loving and Ever-Forgiving Father and Mother beyond the Highest Heaven. For there is only One Religion given to mankind, though understood incompletely by peoples of other language and advancement.

“But, far more evil was that I despised those who were not as God-fearing as we  Pharisees. I felt that the divinity within this corporeal body was better than what lived within my neighbors. I did not love them as the Father and Mother request that we love the divine within. Now, I know that I can hate the sins they do, but not the person.

“I know that we have eaten dinner with the True Messiah, the Gift of the Godhead’s only begotten Son, so to bring all Nations back to the One God and One Religion so that each man and woman possesses sufficiency, dignity, equality, and altruism. The Messiah comes to bring Truth, Love, and Peace to this wayward herd without violence, hate, and war.

“Rabbi Isaiah, I place my person so to stand next to you so to bring about a final age of peace and justice for all. For we must become the Hands of Our Kyrios and die if necessary.  Moreover, I would gladly forfeit my very being to fulfill God’s Plan.”

The disciples were spell-bound hearing the two elder Rabbis support and understand Rav’s mission on earth. All saw this as a miracle.

I arose from my seat and lifted my arms towards Heaven. A white dove descended so to perch upon my right wrist. The Voice of Mother said, ”This is Our Beloved Son and Ariel Our Beloved Daughter by essence.  Ruth is our Beloved Daughter of the Earth.  They have come to bring Man closer to Our Hearts and create a Just Society which will last until the end of time.”

The Holy Father continued, “The Truth is as told by Rabbis Simeon and Isaiah. Soon, both will come to sit next to Us and the other righteous and God-fearing men and women. As to the others, the choice to help or hinder is one to be made by your heart. Mother and I bless all of you, male and female equally.”

The dove left my wrist and flew back to Heaven. I sat down. I said, “I will baptize each, who so desire, into the One Religion of Pure Love and Wisdom. I do not need water or any other earthly substance.”

In their excitement, Martha and Ann came first. I stood up, kissed them upon their foreheads, “Saying, the Holy Father and Mother have come into your hearts, tell others the good news.”

I was a little surprised that everyone at the table humbly came forward to be baptized, the last being Ruth and Ariel.

Ariel said as she kneeled, “Husband, baptize Mommy and me so that the Holy Parents know we are your true wives and supporters. It will give both of us great joy.”

So, I baptized Ariel and Ruth and everyone sat down for a few minutes of silent meditation.

Soon, it was time for us to depart from Isaiah and Martha. The three young Rabbis were to come to Tiberias and study with our family.

As our group walked back to the inn, Ruth asked me quietly, “Ariel is your true sister, not I. Why would your Holy Mother call me, daughter?”

“Sweetheart, you were chosen by Father to bear Ariel and raise her. You were a perfect mother and protected her the best you could. This is a great reason for me to marry and give you a child. Not to mention that you are beautiful in your heart and body and I adore pleasing you when we make love. I am your son too.

“So, I asked Mother whether she and Father considered you a genuine daughter. Mother said it is so. Now, you know.”

Ruth placed her arm under mine saying, “I would go back in time and suffer a thousand things worse than I did, just to hear you tell me that you love and desire your new sister,” then she laughed.

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