Journal of Lord Yeshua–9

Chapter 9: Explaining Why I Now Have Two Pregnant Wives

The next morning, I asked Ariel and Ruth to sleep late, as I needed to explain the new relationship to the disciples. I would send for them after I explained and answered questions.

I arrived at our meal table somewhat ahead of my brothers and sat in a chair. I ordered beer sweetened with figs and honey, bread, cheese, and eggs. Thomas and the others arrived shortly.

Everyone hugged and wished the health of the other and then sat.

I began, “A most unusual event has occurred which I would call a legitimate miracle. In order to explain, I refer all of you back to Ariel’s recounting of her life and her mother’s.

“As, you will remember, Ruth’s father fed her an addicting herbal extract which kept her libido at a very high level so her body desired perpetual fornication, regardless of Ruth’s conscious wishes. After ingesting this potion for several years, her father withdrew Ruth from the potion and they both discovered that her perpetual state of arousal had become self-generating. Is everyone onboard the ship?”

Everyone nodded in the affirmative and so I continued, “You will recall that Ruth began to imagine that she actually chose for her body to desire fornication and sodomy with any kind of creature. In other words, she unwilling consorted with the Zoroastrian demon of concupiscence, Az.

“The magnitude of her abuse and the shame that resulted convinced her conscious mind that there could be no forgiveness and salvation from her abominable sins and so was abandoned forever by the Holy Family.

“But, she did show great courage in overcoming her fears and self-doubt so to escape from her evil father and start a new life. Moreover, Holy Father and Mother sent her a good djinn to marry and to cleanse her of her sins. She was cleansed by the Grace of Holy Mother and Father so one of her eggs could give rise to the physical body of our Ariel. In truth, Ariel is my Beloved Sister, as well as my Divine Wife.

“Any questions or comments,” I finished this part of my explanation?

Barnabas asked, “Rav, did you realize that Sister Ariel was your sister when you first met her?”

I answered, “I was sent to your Cosmos by my Mother so to find my sister, who disappeared a month or so after we were born as twins. No one in the Empyreum or other universes knew what happened. I did not know what body she would be associated with or where she lived as there were no clues, though I knew she was here.”

Cornelius, the most erudite brother, a scribe, speculated, “Rav, based upon all the information we possess, it would be rational to presume that Holy Father, the High God, was responsible for removing Ariel from her bed so she could be born into this world so to help us accomplish our Work. Clearly, he kept his Work secret.

“Moreover, Holy Father mandated that Ruth’s life become as she described it. He needed to test Ruth so to see if she can bear Ariel. Ruth was tested more severely than we actually can imagine, but she was strong and kept her connection with Holy Mother.

“My heart of hearts has the greatest compassion and admiration for Ariel’s mother, both to survive her trials and to bring Ariel into our sorry world. I think she is a saint and the fact that she and Ariel make love to each other so to feel the love of Holy Mother in their hearts is proof of the power of the One Commandment you have taught all of us. Love your neighbor more than yourself.”

All the brothers were astounded at Cornelius’ understanding of Ruth and Ariel.
I looked into Cornelius’ heart and said, “Cornelius, it is as you said. I must thank you from my heart for it makes the next part of my story easier to accept.

“As all of us know, Ariel loves her mother in such a pure way and her mother loves Ariel similarly. Ariel wants her mother to be free of all shame and guilt as to her past and I felt a great compassion for them both so I took Ariel to visit with her mother in person. Before, we left Ariel told me that her mother loves me as Ariel loves me and feels like a mother to me. Ariel wanted me to marry her mother and give her mother a spiritual daughter so not to be alone.

“After we arrived, I could see that Ruth was deeply in love with me for making Ariel whole and happy. So, I agreed to take Ruth as my Beloved Wife in the Golden Isles. Of course, Ruth and Ariel wanted to make love and so I had to give Ruth seed many times during our visit.

“I thought this would be the end, as Ariel was happy with me in this world and Ruth was happy being married in the Golden Isles.

“But, my understanding of the full import of Ruth and Ariel was hidden from me until Ariel and I returned. Ariel was bathing and someone standing behind me lifted my gown over my head and I turned to see Ruth with a physical body.

“So to put it simply, I have two wives who are pregnant, one with a boy and the other with a girl. Clearly, Holy Father has a grand plan for all of us.”

Daniel was the wit among the brothers so he piped up, “God gave us mortals two eyes, ears, hands, and feet, so I imagine that a Son of God comes with two wives as he can handle both and we can hardly handle one.”

Everyone had a good laugh and I asked Salome to bring down my wives.

Unbeknownst to me, Ruth had brought some pretty dresses and makeup with her and so she and Ariel made themselves, as respectfully pretty as they could.

As the doorway was behind my back, I could not see Salome come into the room with Ruth and Ariel. When the brothers saw them, two of them said, Wow,” and the eyeballs of the rest stood out from their faces.

I turned around and saw two of the most beautiful women on this earth enter into the room, separated, come up to me, curtsied, and kissed me on one cheek or the other. They turned to the brothers and curtsied and sat down on the empty chairs on each side of me. I am sure I was blushing and my face was bright red. I eventually said, “Gentlemen, I know they resemble each other astoundingly, so the taller and more bosomy one is Mommy, I mean Ruth. You already know and love Sister Ariel.”

I quickly sat down as Ruth looked at Ariel and said, “I told you Yeshua would not know what to say if we dressed up and made our hair,” and turning to me she said, “Husband, do you like our perfume. We think we smell very sweet like a tasty fruit.”

Both of them started laughing which was quickly followed by all of the brothers.

Thomas trying to suppress another laugh said, “I think Wife Ruth has a wickedly funny sense of humor. Personally, I am glad she is with us for everyone’s sake. Plus, I double any promises I made to you in the past. I say, let’s eat.”

As the food was being brought to the table, I turned to Ruth and said, “I cannot call you Mommy in public.”

Ruth answered placing her hand on my right arm, “Of course, not my beloved son. You should call me Ruth, Wife, Beloved, or any other words of endearment which no one has ever said to me, other than you.”

I turned to look at Ariel and saw she was so happy and excited to be with Mommy and her little brother. I decided that they lived in a world where Mommy carried me in her womb as she carried Ariel. How cares which one is correct, Life is really lived in the Imago World of Dreams.

I turned back to Ruth who was still looking at me and said, “I am glad you are with Ariel and me. I love you as much as I love Ariel and I love our baby as much as I love Ariel’s baby. I adore making love with you, Honey. You do not realize it, but I returned your body to a virgin state so that you never actually had intercourse with anyone other than me. So our marriage is sacred, Beloved,”

I saw crocodile tears forming in Ruth’s eyes as she realized that I performed a miracle by rearranging her past. Yes, the memories remain, but they seem only like a bad dream, a horrible nightmare, as she realized that she was a virgin and pure when she gave herself to her Husband and so her baby was also pure.

Ruth bent over and kissed me on my right cheek whispering into my ear, “Husband, now I understand why Ariel surrendered her will and her desires so to fulfill God’s Plan by serving you. You are the only man I have ever loved and I will be a true wife and lover to you and to Ariel, I am happy and free because of your genuine love for all creatures, and for me as your eternal wife–for Ariel told me that you would love and care for us forever. Finally, I must tell you that you are the best son in the universe and Ariel thinks you are the best brother too.”

I did not know what to say, other than, “Sweet Wife, you are my true wife and will always be loved by me. I will never have any other wives, other than you and Ariel unless Mother and Father have more surprises in store for us. I love you, Mommy with all of my heart and soul and am so very proud of you.”

Being that both were happy and satisfied, I turned to my meal and general conversation.

After breakfast was finished, I began to tell my morning parable.

“A long time ago, a man owned a fresh spring of water from the mountains. Being a rich farmer, he decided to sell his spring water to his four neighbors who were also rich farmers. The farmers decided on a price for the water and the cost of building pipes from his farm to his neighbors. The man required that each neighbor supply the fired clay pipes to him to lay in the ground.

“All went well for several years when the neighbors noticed that the water was contaminated and not good for the domestic animals and plants, they wanted to nullify their contracts.

“The farmer immediately closed all the clay pipes leading from the spring as he decided that the poison was in the pipes and not in the spring and told his neighbors that he would provide new pipes at no charge if they maintained their contracts. However, he would buy the fired clay pipes this time and his neighbors must pay for labor. Everyone agreed.

“The man himself took his water directly from the spring and used irrigation ditches to distribute the water. So all of his crops and animals prospered.”

When the parable was done, I asked the first question, “Why was the clay pipes provided by the neighbors contaminated and poison”

Ruth raised her arm and I nodded. She said, “The contaminated clay pipes represent the four deadly sins, pride, wrath, envy, and covetousness, each sin being the primary one worshiped by each neighbor. We know this for each provided a pipe founded on his core worldly love.”

I replied, “Wife, you are correct. Here is the second question; what does the spring represent?”

Barnabas answered, “The spring represents the manifested source for the powers of light, life, and love coming from the High God.”

I replied, “Correct, Barnabas. The third question is to identify the good farmer who wants to bestow on all human beings all the blessing of the High God?

Ariel raised her arm and I nodded, “Husband, the good farmer is you. Every day, you bestow the light, life, and love that you channel from the Holy Family. But, most people do not want to love and receive love from the Holy Family. They are only in love with the pleasures provided by the physical world, such being the contaminated clay pipes.

“Very good, Ariel. Clearly, you and Ruth are well versed in the Holy Writings of your nation.

Thomas asked, “Rav, why did you not included concupiscence, gluttony, and sloth as mortal sins?

“Listen carefully, these three sins are related to activities that people need to survive and have offspring. These sins are no more than overdoing a natural necessity. Gluttony for food, lust for relief and procreation, and laziness so not to waste energy. Each of these sins has a good side if they do not become addictive.

“This is why the Holy Family welcomes into the outskirts of the Golden Isles women who became harlots by oppression or necessity. In fact, a repentant harlot is accepted happily into the love of the Holy Family, while a religious hypocrite is doomed to permanent death.

“How do you know that what I just told you is true? Have I not accepted as my wife a woman who was sexually abused and made to serve men and animals under the influence of plant substances?

“Has not the Son of God given to this woman a daughter whose grandmother and great-grandmother are of the Holy Family?

“Have you not seen me seeking solace at her breast when the suffering I must bear is too much for a human being?

“If anyone here cannot love Ruth and Ariel, who are sinless in my eyes and my heart, then rise and leave for you are not worthy to be with such angels.”

None stood up as they understood.

It was good that I said what I said in public for it served as the final healing of Ruth and Ariel. They could sin no more. Plus, I better understood the next phase of my holy ministry.

A general discussion was held which I did not record. I was well pleased with all of my disciples and I loved each more this morning that yesterday.

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