Journal of Lord Yeshua–8

Chapter 8: Healing in Hammat Tiberias

During our midday repast with Isaiah. Martha, and Anne, Martha turned to Ariel saying, “Rebecca, I insist a few weeks before you birth your child, you come back to your home so Anne and I can take good care of you. Will you do this?”

Ariel turned to me asking, “Are we able to promise to be here when I deliver, Husband. I want to be with my family when the baby is born, including, Mommy and you.”

I looked ahead in time and replied, “It seems that this will be so and all of your brothers will be here too. The hardships will not start until much later.”

No one asked about the hardships so I remained silent.

After our meal, Ariel and I left to return to our friends who we found in the little town square in which we met Isaiah and Martha. Each was sharing some of our socioreligious teachings with the locals.

As soon as each brother saw me, they gathered together with the villagers around me. Several families attended with ill relatives. I saw a young woman standing away from the crowd who was marked as lepers are marked.

I said, “Friends, please create room for the woman who is marked as a leper to come to stand before me. The townsfolk moved back as the woman approached.

I whispered to Ariel, “Come, study the skin of this woman, I do not think she has leprosy. I think it is a curable condition with salt and sulfur poultice. Tell me your professional opinion.”

The lady arrived and I said, “Show my wife and me your arms so we can diagnose you properly.”

She showed us her arms and Ariel said, “If you are fain not to be a leper, come to the inn where we are staying and I shall give you a poultice which will cure you. If you are diligent and apply what I give you, Husband and his Holy Family will remove this scourge from you.”

The young leper fell onto her knees and raised her clasped hands together towards Ariel and myself saying, “Surely, the wife of the Son of God has spoken her Husband’s blessing to this unworthy woman. I will be diligent.”

I reached down and helped her up saying, “Be diligent in all things, remember Holy Father and Mother and do as they do, and sin no more. Go, child, it is finished. Come to the inn in the late afternoon.”

The lady left.

I put my arm around Ariel’s waist and whispered in her ear, “A rather common skin condition, eh? One does not a miracle when medicine will do the job. I am very proud of you, mother of my son, for knowing what I wanted to be done.”

She replied, “You are welcome, Husband. My desire to bestow goodness to others to the best of my ability so to honor my Husband. I need not honor or recognition for what I can do. I only want to love you as much as possible Darling so you will accomplish what the High God asked you to accomplish.”

As we spoke to each other, one grandma turned to another grandma noting, ”Look, do you see the Light emanating from the Rav and his wife. She was deformed and crippled yesterday and her husband healed her in the springs. He must be a Prophet.”

Several others were brought to Ariel and she prescribed the proper herbal and mineral remedies. She told them that she was not performing any miracles, but was simply following nature’s laws.

Later, after determining what instruction the townsfolk needed the most, I began to tell a parable narrative.

“A long time ago, a hostile army approached a tiny kingdom of good people. They saw little need for anyone to be hateful, greedy, or ignorant of God’s rules for living an honorable and altruistic life. As their kingdom was not an important kingdom and had never been threatened before, they dispensed with a standing army to protect themselves.

“Now, this kingdom was ministered by a young queen who was interested in why people made war, the nature of weapons, and strategy. Her study was theoretical, but now it became useful. So, she gathered up all the able men and women and told them that they would have to take whatever weapons we have and to meet this army before it gets to the narrow pass leading to our city.

“So, the good citizens did as instructed and took food and water and themselves to face the enemy. In two days, the foreign troops arrived, infantry, cavalry, and siege machines.

“The sly queen asked the town’s leaders to fly a white flag and go meet the leaders of the foreign army and negotiate. If you hear the sound of a hawk, turn around and run for your lives.

“As the town leader’s left to parlay with the enemy, the queen took her horse and rode up a narrow canyon to the top of the rock formation where she knew a gigantic boulder was balanced so to fall if a little rock was removed. It had been placed there by their ancestors hundreds of years before.

“So when the enemy leaders followed by their cavalry were well into the passageway and just below the rock, the queen made the sound of a hawk and pushed the boulder down onto the enemy as the town leaders turned their horses and ran.

“The boulder falling caused a great avalanche of rocks to fall killing all of the enemy leaders and much of their army. As the passage was now closed, the remainder returned to their homeland.

“Everyone returned to town delighted to have been saved by their clever queen. The queen explained to her subjects that their ancestor’s had placed that boulder just in case the city was to be attacked. She learned about in her studies of the ancient times and went to see if it was true and it was.

“The clever queen said there is a moral to this story. No need to ask God for a miracle when one rock is balanced and waiting to save everyone. A good tincture of herbs is easier than waiting for a miracle. So it is prudent to live one’s life as one thinks God wants you, and if you do, it will be a miracle indeed.”

Everyone enjoyed the parable and departed for their homes happy to have met the Rav and his disciples.

Ariel had gone ahead so to prepare the poultice and feed her dogs. The woman came as she promised and Ariel instructed her as to the poultice.

I and the brothers followed. When we arrived at the inn, I went upstairs and Ariel said, “Come, Husband, Mommy taught us always to be clean so come and I will wash you. “

I thought to myself, “Mother asked me to find my sister and she found me. I did not expect to be married and making love to her mother who has adopted me as her son. This is a very strange universe, but it is a curious one also.”

Next thing, I knew was that someone was lifting up my gown over my head and off of me. I felt two female arms around my chest and a head resting on my back.

A sweet voice said, “Husband, Mommy is going to help Ariel wash you for you must always be clean so to stay healthy.”

I turned around, indeed it was Mommy. I asked, “Ruth, you are standing in front of me in a physical body. How did this happen?”

Before Mommy answered, Ariel ran over to hug her saying, “Mommy, how are you alive and here in the physical with our Husband. I am so happy Mommy, for now, we can have a long and happy life.”

Mommy said, “I think it is our babies which did this, Darling. The two babies want to be together, I imagine. Aren’t you excited, Husband? Now, all three of us can make love as much as we want. Plus, I am very well educated in Scripture so I can help think of parables. Come with Mommy so she can wash her two children just like in the old days.”

Ariel replied, “Yes, Mommy. Come here little brother so sister can wash you. I love washing my brother for he always makes washing easy by making sure he is hard for Sister. Right, Mommy?”

Mommy replied, “Your brother is so sweet to both of us. Shall we ask him for pudding, Honey? It is so yummy and sticky. And he always makes enough for his special sister and special mommy.”

I followed them to the bathing area thinking, “Something very strange indeed is going on herein. These two are like little girls when they are alone with me and professional and God-Loving adults when others are around.

“Mother always told me that when a young child tells you that he or she loves you, it is the truth. Not always so with grownups. Mother is the wisest person I know about unconditional love in marriage and beyond.

“They really believe that I was in Mommy’s womb and came out after Ariel. I guess this ongoing reconstruction of reality is the consequence of their unusual life and traumas. The good news is that when they love you, they love you totally, openly, and honestly, just as my Mother said children do.

“I will have to discuss the situation with Thomas and see how we tell our brothers of this most unusual event.”

After finishing up our evening cleansing, Ariel and Mommy took me to bed and put me in the middle.

Ariel said, “Husband, tonight you are only going to make love with Mommy and give her seed all night. For, I want to make sure that Mommy and you have a physical baby also. This way our babies can play together and they can get married one day if they love each other very much.

“Honey, what a wonderful idea, you are so clever and always looking out for Mommy. I would like to give many orgasms to our Husband so he fills me with seed, as I ovulated one day ago and so am fertile. I do wish if you would join Mommy and our Husband,” replied Mommy.

“I always enjoy making love with you, my sweet Mommy. But, all Husband’s seed goes into your womb. Come, Yeshua. I see Mommy’s breasts are so full they are leaking her magic milk. Come, let us drink all of her milk so she can make more,” commanded Ariel.

‘No point arguing,” I thought and so Ariel and I suckled Mommy.

I noticed that her milk had a wonderful taste and was a little thicker than normal human milk so one wanted to drink. I noticed that Mommy’s milk seemed to have an aphrodisiac effect on Ariel as she began to fondle herself soon after she began suckling.

In a bit, I noticed that my member was extremely hard and my testes were drawn up into my groin and I desired to please and come inside Mommy and Ariel. But, tonight was Mommy’s night and so I reached down and felt a very wet vulva.

As I moved to have cunnilingus on Mommy, I realized that I had solved part of the problem. She had taken so much of the aphrodisiac herb over so many years that she produced low levels naturally in her milk and Ariel suckled her for so many years that she now produces the same substance. Most curious, indeed.

It is not often that Father talks to me when I am not with him, but tonight, I heard him laughing, “Son, you are an excellent detective for coming to a correct conclusion for the relationship between Ruth and your dear sister. My advice is to enjoy their love for they really are like innocent children in some ways. So study them carefully. They will meet Mother and me one day. I approve of your marriages. I suggest three find an antidote to give my grandchildren before they are born.”

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